Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Investor Concierge Deals

At their presentations, the Nouveau Riche University folks claim that they will teach you how to become financially independent by investing in real estate that provides positive cash flow-- meaning that you will get cash each month because the amount the property rents for is more than the amount of the mortgage payment and the other expenses associated with owning the property. This is a well-known and very popular method of increasing your wealth, especially because if the value of the property increases while you own it, that increase is also yours (if you sell the property). And your renters are essentially buying your house for you, since it is their money, not yours, that is going to pay the mortgage.

Nouveau Riche's database of properties that you may buy is called Investor Concierge, and you can go look at sample deals in the database by visiting InvestorConcierge.com (if you click on the "Guest" button next to the "Login" button on that page you'll be able to see some sample deals). Each of the properties is displayed on a fairly detailed page listing the price, possible financing arrangements, total amount of cash required to close the deal, and estimates of the cash flow possible.

Examination of these sheets shows some very exciting figures for the nouveau real estate investor: the "Estimated Market Value" of the property is frequently 10% or so more than the purchase price, producing instant equity ("Estimated Equity") of $20,000 or more! And the yearly positive cash flow is $2400, all for a property you buy with a cash outlay of only $12,000. Why, you've made $8,000 as soon as you close the deal, right?

Upon closer examination, the flaws in the deal begin to surface: that $2400 a year in annual pre-tax cash flow is only $200 per month, and doesn't include any maintenance or allowance for any vacancy of the property. As long as you don't have any big maintenance needs, you might possibly break even-- and all the while, you're building equity while your tenants pay the mortgage, right?

Wrong. The deal Nouveau Riche shows to you invariably is built around an interest only mortgage-- you won't build any equity at all for the first 10 years, after which your mortgage payment will jump up to a much higher amount. If the deals were structured with conventional principle and interest loans, none of these deals would have any positive cash flow at all.

"But I still have instant equity, right?" Probably not. The "Estimated Market Value" is not an appraisal, but rather just someone's guess at what the property might be worth. And if it is worth that, why isn't it being sold for that? Can you really buy these properties and immediately sell them for 10% more? I doubt it.

"Okay, but the market will go up, and I'll be rich!" If the market continues to skyrocket, it's true, you will be rich. But across the country, in nearly every housing market, this is not what is happening. The correction has begun. The real estate "bubble" will deflate, and then likely stay constant for a while. All the while you'll be paying interest only on a property that is slowly becoming worth less than your loan is for-- a loan you have to pay off if you want to sell.

After all, if these were truly good deals, why would the founders of Nouveau Riche want to train you to take advantage of them? Why not just invest in the properties themselves? The sales presentation claims that the founders made their fortune and now altruistically want to help others make theirs. If altruism is the motivation, then why charge $16,000?


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adam said...

Listen Son. I have a buyers list. The two properties I am working on already have buyers. I am not getting "suckered" into anything. If something were to happen that it came time to move the property and I didn't have a buyer set up then its all good too. I make 20K a month with NR on the marketing side, so holding on to the property and making payments on it for a few months while I either find a buyer, or find a tenant would not phase me.

That, my friend, in a nutshell is what NR is all about; Create a cash producing business where you are making 20K-30K a month so if you need to sit on a property for a while, it wont hurt.

We all know the banks and lenders do not want the properties of homeowners that are upside down so they (the bank) like you stated in your post, are very eager for an investor to come in and take it off their books.

That being said, the upside down homeowner is happy as punch to avoid foreclosure. And the buyer, weather it be another investor that wants to try and fix n flip, resale, buy and hold, or get a renter for himself and try and cash flow on it. Or if it is just a buyer that wants a good deal on a house for 80 cents on the dollar, everybody is happy.

Thank you for your concern though

adam said...

Listen Son. I have a buyers list. The two properties I am working on already have buyers. I am not getting "suckered" into anything. If something were to happen that it came time to move the property and I didn't have a buyer set up then its all good too. I make 20K a month with NR on the marketing side, so holding on to the property and making payments on it for a few months while I either find a buyer, or find a tenant would not phase me.

That, my friend, in a nutshell is what NR is all about; Create a cash producing business where you are making 20K-30K a month so if you need to sit on a property for a while, it wont hurt.

We all know the banks and lenders do not want the properties of homeowners that are upside down so they (the bank) like you stated in your post, are very eager for an investor to come in and take it off their books.

That being said, the upside down homeowner is happy as punch to avoid foreclosure. And the buyer, weather it be another investor that wants to try and fix n flip, resale, buy and hold, or get a renter for himself and try and cash flow on it. Or if it is just a buyer that wants a good deal on a house for 80 cents on the dollar, everybody is happy.

Thank you for your concern though

Anonymous said...

Proceed, Adams’ not really doing investing. They always say they are “working” on something or “about” to buy something. My friend who got scammed into this has been “working” on all sorts of different things over the last year, but hasn’t done one transaction. That’s just their effort to cover up that this is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

So Adam, you’re just going to let Justin show up and register with another shark and let him have the commission right? I’ve been to one of these seminars. The whole point is to get the potential prey registered to you in case they decide to donate 20k to NR so you get half.

Since you obviously are only out for Justin’s well being, why don’t you offer to register him to you and give him back the 10k commission he’s about to pay you and let him only lose 10k instead of 20k?

Anonymous said...

Proceed, you’ll love this one. A friend of mine joined a year ago and tried desperately to get me to join. I used to do mortgages so it only took me 5 minutes of research to convince me not to.

Anyway, a year later, I asked him if he’s done any investing. He said "yes". I asked him what he did and he said “hard money loans”. Now keep in mind that this person has a negative net worth to begin with. So I asked him how it worked.

Ready for this? He told me that he had 10k taken out of his 401k and loaned it to someone (another NR person) who paid him back the 10k plus 3k more a month later. I said “Why would you do that? That’s like being a loan shark.” And he said, “She couldn’t get the money anywhere else.”

I said, “Don’t you think that’s a little risky” and he said “no”. (I think the roulette table is a sound investment to him too). I said “What does this have to do with real estate investing or NR?” And he said “If it wasn’t for NR, I would have never known I could use my 401k for this kind of investing!”

There it is! That’s the kind of brilliant education you get from NR!

Anonymous said...

Justin, here's the info Adam won't mention to you, read the post from Dean: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=1887580515569936272&postID=4664173666500576410

NR is so close to being completely exposed. Everyone has to read this post.

Anonymous said...

Congrats DEAN, Way to give up on yourself and your investment!

The fact is 76% of people that buy the “Regents Tuition" and attend the college obtain proporties.

96.2% of the people that decide to do the marketing side of NR and reach certification make the $20k back that they invested in the first place.

Dean obviously did not reach certification before he gave up on himself and his investment

numbers don't lie!

Anonymous said...

Numbers don't lie. The people that make them up do.

Please give us the name of the impartial third party company that did the research and came up with those numbers.

It must be getting tougher and tougher for you sleezy guys. Nobody wants to touch real estate anymore and more and more people are beginning to expose NR for what it really is.

My prediction is the company files for bankruptcy in the next year.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! And I suppose Nouveau is responsible for your mother's cancer too! I've heard it all now! GROW UP FOLKS! You either see the opportunity OR YOU DON'T! Get over it already. I'm estatic with my education. My first college saved me over $10,000.00 in tax liability with what my CPA didn't know. Wonder what I'll save when I go again. You all must have had a few too many bad Amway experiences. Like anything folks, it's what you make of it...

Anonymous said...

Wow! It cost you 20k to save 10k! Where do I sign up?

adam said...

LOL who is the fool that wrote:
"It must be getting tougher and tougher for you sleezy guys. Nobody wants to touch real estate anymore."

That phrase is exacly why I am a very successful investor.

Dude watches too much CNN!

LMAO what a intellect

Anonymous said...

Adam, I'm confused. You said you were "working" on some things. Not that you'd done anything. Your claim to fame was conning others into joining, you mentioned nothing about making money through investing.

It's so funny, you guys act like buying an investment property is such a profound concept only offered through NR. I sold homes for 8 years. There’s really nothing that challenging about buying a home. Making money during a tanking market, now that’s another thing.

I know you feel really empowered by the B.S. they’ve been selling you. If you fit the NR mold, my guess is that you barely graduated high school. But Adam, all I can say to you is if you’re making so much money through real estate investing, why are you worried about what other people think about NR. Wouldn’t you rather have less competition for those phenomenal deals offered by the investor concierge? Surely you wouldn’t want others snatching them from underneath you.

The more you guys blog, the more you prove that public opinion is the only thing you guys care about. You need other people to join to keep they pyramid going.

And finally Adam, since you questioned my intellect, I have a college degree in finance and real estate, I have a Series 7 license (my guess is that you have no idea what that is), and I have a real estate broker’s license in addition to being a top producing real estate agent for 8 years. I would LOVE to have a debate with you about investing and NR. You let me know when you are ready.

adam said...

The reason why I questioned your intellect is because you think the market is bad for investors. I did not say that to offend you and i appologize if I did.

Can you make it to one of our meetings this week? I think it would help you understand NR. If you came down and did some research, you would see that we are not creating competition in any way. The Investor Concierge is simply a site that offers us property deals. The 2 deals I am working on are not off the Investor Concierge.

I do make $20k a month... I post to this blog so people that are intrested in joining NR can get some positive info. To many people talk bad about stuff without knowing the facts. NR is not a MLM. It isn't for everybody but it sure as hell isn't going bankrupt anytime soon.

Come down and talk with us so you don't feel like you need to spew off little sayings like "pyramid" or "scam" or "MLM" etc...

Let me know when you can make it

Anonymous said...

I’ve been to one of the seminars back in October and subsequently made my first post on Oct 16th at 10:33 in case you’re dying to read it. In addition to that, I reviewed my friend’s materials. That’s all I needed to set me off to warn others.

In addition to the many things that shocked and disgusted me, the one that really made my jaw drop was when the person hosting the seminar referred to the investor concierge properties as “bullet proof”. That’s not only a complete lie, that’s dangerous to be telling people that.

I know that really offends NR people when you refer to it as MLM or a pyramid, but all I ever hear how anyone makes any cash (yourself included) is from getting others to join. Call it what you want, but that’s still the point of this whole thing. Real estate investing is just the carrot to try to bring legitimacy to the program.

And finally, if you are making 20k a month that’s obviously great money, but does it bother you at all that you’re convincing others to join to become real estate investors like you but you’re really only making money selling tuition packages?

adam said...

I look at it like this.
If you are making $20k+ a month it almost forces you to use the education you get from NR and put the money into real estate, otherwise the government is going to take half of it.

I don't feel guilty at all. I have never had a student of mine fail at this business. If they fail, then I fail. I have created many success stories along the way. I'm not out to take peoples money, and every person that signs up with me goes through a screening process. I would love to get you in touch with some of them so you can hear first hand how much their lives have changed. My most current students annual income was below the poverty level and she was on a state assisted living program when she contacted me. Now she is doing some wonderful things and her life is so much better.

This will be my last post on this site. I hope I was able to help some of you out with your questions. I have had 4 of you contact me personally so I know I was able to answer some of your questions. Please feel free to contact me via my web page.

I hope all of you find happiness and success. Good luck to all

Anonymous said...

The honorable thing to do would be the following: Only sell the marketing part of the program and skip the so called education. After all, that’s the only thing that’s worked for you anyway so why would you tell others to invest in the education aspect when it hasn’t done anything financially for you? From what I understand, someone could sign up for just the marketing for pennies in comparison to the 20k for the whole program.

Do you offer that option to people when you are telling them how you are really making your money at NR? Unfortunately, my guess is that the 10k commission on selling the whole package is more important to you than doing the right thing.

Under your current system, you (and others like you) are purposely misleading the public to give up 20k to be a real estate investor like you when you haven’t done any real estate investing. All I’m asking for from you guys is honesty and to stop misleading the public.

Parker S. said...

I was reading through the last few posts and it looks as though Adam is doing real estate as well as the marketing that the company offers.
I am here in Utah, I have been investing for 7 years. I am intrested to see what Nouveau Riche has to offer.
I contacted Adam through his webpage to see if I can attend this seminar he is advertising. I have not yet heard from him but I will be sure to post my thoughts if I attend the seminar that his company is having this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Parker (or is it really Adam?),

Make sure you take my advice and only sign up for the marketing program.

Adam may have forget to mention that option to you.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's my take on NRU. I signed up for it approximately 1 year ago as I thought the college would be a neat experience. So, after 1 year of membership, here are my thoughts...

While it's certainly not a "scam", they're also certainly not in the business of real estate - they're in the MARKETING business. I went to the college last August in Phoenix, and while there WAS relevant information taught in a few of the classes I went to, it's really not anything that couldn't be found in a $20 book at Amazon.com. Of all the people I met down there, a very high proportion didn't own ANY investment properties besides their principal residence. And, oddly enough, they're handing me their business cards with "Real Estate Investor" as their title under their name. Kinda odd...how can you call yourself a "Real Estate Investor" if you don't own any investment properties, or, which was also the case in a few of the younger members, if you still live with your parents!

The college experience was a pretty good one overall. Positives included one specific class and instructor (Multi-Family Dwellings, John Dessauer), where deals were literally made in class by a couple people with John's help. John was fantastic. Unfortunately, his class was also the first I had ever taken, and the remaining 4 that I took for the week didn't even come close. Another positive was the people. Enthusiasm, charisma, and smiles are everywhere at the college, and people are generally excited to meet new, like-minded people. So those are all good things. It's a fun experience, overall.

In terms of the negatives, between airfare, food, transportation, and lodging, it's a VERY expensive week. Also, the "text books" given by each course are of very poor quality - spelling mistakes, cliches, and the fact that they're only about 20-30 pages on about size 20 font make me wonder if they were put together the night before. It really doesn't do much for the perceived value of the education.

In conclusion, while not a "scam" per se, I would definitely advise not to invest in their offering. What I've actually learned since then is that RE is all about long-term, economic fundamentals. Things like average income growth, in-migration, a diversified economy, a business-friendly landscape, these are what drive real estate values, and these are available to you free of charge, every day, by keeping track of your local environment. You do NOT need to spend $16,000 to become an "educated" or "sophisticated" real estate investor. The people who are successful at NRU are those who have taken advantage of the MARKETING opportunity, not the REAL ESTATE EDUCATION. I've bought 9 cash-flowing properties this past year, and it had nothing to do with what I learned from the college; it's all about long-term, economic fundamentals, getting in at the right price and in the right area. That's it!

Anonymous said...

*To continue from my last post*

...one thing I forgot to mention was the Investor Concierge. This has got to be the biggest joke of the program. It defies all common sense, business logic, and is a COMPLETE conflict of interest.

Lastly, when I joined, I had ZERO desire to ever market the product, I joined strictly for the education. By posting here, and by advising potential "recruits" against joining, I hope this serves a sort of "greater good" way of marketing - there are many, many, MANY better things to spend/invest that kind of money on/in. Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

First, i do not believe its greed to want to live in a way without financial worry. And I am not affiliated with NRU. I am not considering going to NRU, so this comment is not coming from them. I have done research, because I have a friend that does it and I help with appointment setting. I search out information on companies because I will not participate in scamming people. I think you all need to look at the cash gifting programs for the scams. How many of you are doing that crap?

It is not a get rich quick scheme. Second, you actually have to work at it.

I think people become disillusioned when they realize that they actually have to work, thus continuously look for the negative.
It is that group that will continually struggle for success in their life.

I suggest the skeptics really look at their inner selves to see what fear is really holding them back. I believe that it definitely extends beyond issues regarding NRU.

I have adamantly sought out information online and read the pros and cons ( which have really been people stuck in "fear")

In pjs? Yes you can do your phone work in your pjs but it feels so much better to shower first and get ready for your day, as opposed to being frumpy.

This is not a bad time to invest in real estate. What I would like to see is some of these people by notes of those going under (the hard workers who pay mortgage every month and ave good credit and good jobs)and help them out.

When you are seeking an answer, there is only one who can offer you the truth, I suggest you seek Him out and he will guide you well.

As far as getting information from other people - well, the negative is probably coming from people who have not been successful at much.

Anonymous said...

In addition.

Its all Network Marketing kids!

Melalueca, NR, Shaklee, Quixtar, Herbalife, now health care discounts, like Ameriplan, ASI, Cyberwize, etc Arbonne, the list goes on.,

the bottom line is that people are making money!!! They all follow similar models and have been doing it for years!!!

Do you want a piece of the pie or not? If not get a life, there are those that want to be successful, send their kids to college, buy a new car, pay for services for special needs children (because our Insurance Dogs, don't help)

Posting negative crap is about you and your dillusion and you OWN lack of success in your life.

STOP LIVING IN FEAR AND REALIZE YOUR REAL POTENTIAL. I read resumes everyday, people that say I made $700M in sales for my last company last year. "What did you make last year?" 50,000.
If thats not a pyramid I am not sure what is.

Ken said...

I’ve noticed a consistent theme from NR people: The only reason people don’t join is fear.

Does that mean those that join are braver than those that don’t join? Is that a good argument for risking $20,000? So I guess the NR logic is that the larger the risk the larger the reward therefore you should maximize your risk to maximize your reward.

Is there no downside to risk? Isn’t fear sometimes a good thing? Should we ignore the fear that keeps us from taking that same $20,000 to Vegas and putting it all on the table? I’ve heard of lots of people winning big pots of money in Vegas. Does that make it a sound decision?

Join NR if you think it’s the right thing for you, but deciding not to join a business that encourages its members to mislead and flat out lie to the public is not being fearful, it’s called being smart.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this website before I become their next sucker. I'm amazed at the gullibility of Americans. What ever happened to the concept of hard work? These "Get rich quick" scams are a likely example of why fundamentalist Muslims hate America.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how many desperate housewives attend these conferences with their BlackBerries and excessive botox.

Anonymous said...

I am having great success at showing this blog to people who are considering NRU. I don't have to make any statements that can be construed as positive or negative. I merely refer people to this site and they read the utter non-sense written by a small group of wanna-be educated people.

After reading posts by the likes of Adams and other NRU brain dead zombies everyone concludes that this organization is for the crazy members or our society.

The consensus is usually in the form of surprise at the GED level sophistication and mindless memorization of clichés.

The NRU scammer's glowing ignorance
is the best insulation there is to protect the consumer from these thieves.

Keep writing NRU high school flunkies....

Anonymous said...

LOL what ever makes you feel good dude. what a fool

Anonymous said...

This is the response you get from a NRU salesman. He calls me "Dude" and "Fool!" What is this high school? Perhaps this guy should stop posting here and go play on his myspace page.

These NRU guys couldn't try to look any more idiotic if they tried!

Anonymous said...

My friend who joined a year ago, tried desperately to get me to join. I attended a seminar back in October and met his mentor. I just found out that the mentor (who pushed hard for me join under my friend) is now actively looking for a real job.

I'm feeling really guilty. If I had only joined, she would have 10k more dollars and might not need a job. How did I pass up such an opportunity!?

Anonymous said...

No kidding! You should have given her $10k to learn how to buy a house. Then you could have borrowed money to buy a depreciating asset. Or you could just give your money to charity, at least you could sleep at night.

Good for you for seeing these scam artists for what they are.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I was given for joining NR was the high rates of return offered by real estate investing. I thought I'd do some research and this is what I found.

According to USAToday, over the last 25 years, here are annual rates of return for different investments:

S&P 500 13.3%
3 month T-Bill 5.4%
10 year T-Bond 7.1%
Real estate 4.7% and falling

I'm sure an NR guy will say I'm stupid because I haven't considered leverage, but you can also use leverage to buy other investments including stocks. And leverage isn't always a good thing. Not only does it magnify gains, it also magnifies loses. Just ask the millions of people losing their homes.

My recommendation: Take the 20k NR wants you to give them and put it into any of the other investment opportunities and you’ll be better off.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject-to techniques they tout at the NRU? I know someone who can't stop talking about this technique and how there is no risk involved, etc. But I don't understand it completely

Anonymous said...

One of NRU's ways of attracting suckers is to rename existing real estate investment strategies and re-market them as their "secret technique" that will help you become a millionaire. Set your alarm for 3:00 in the morning, turn on your television and channel surf. You will find dozens of so called real estate guru's selling books, tapes and seminars that contain secret techniques. Worthless information designed to separate you from your money. Keep your money.

There are no real estate secrets or tricks. Making these claims is a way of brainwashing potential victims.

NRU is criminal at best.

Anonymous said...

My friend who I have mentioned before on this blog has now abandoned NR in favor of a new MLM health drink scam.

Of course the NR spin to try to save face is not to admit that he's done with NR, instead when asked his response is, "I'm always looking for good real estate deals".

Translation: I'm too embarrassed that I wasted 20k and encouraged my friends and family to do the same so I’ll pretend that I’m still active.

I have a feeling in this market, there are many more just like him. Like all MLM scams, NRs party is almost over.

sina said...

Don't you worry NRU Investors, this person or people saying bad words about NRU are bunch of loosers or maybe they're dead broke and the only thing they get is the 60 free minutes from the public library so they can type in their ignorance low life mentality in the net hahaha. I feel sorry for anyone who does'nt get the desire to go for NRU investment university, you just stay there and get my flush down the drainage system before it reach the ocean. lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Another eloquent posting from an NRU alumnus.

Real universities have qualifications for acceptance. If NRU did, the classrooms would be empty.

These people are borderline retarded.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to say out of the 8 people I know scammed by NRU this is where they're at in there lives right NOW.....

3 of them are now working more hours at their job than they did before they signed up for NR.

1 bankruptcy

1 had to rent a room in there home to make extra $$

1 got a 2nd job to help pay bills

2 were not so much effected just $20K in the hole

1 made $4k from a shared commission of bring someone in.
(he's the one now filing bankruptcy)


What a ride it was too see this all happened to them in the past 2 years I wrote many blogs on here regarding what they were going through. Unfortunaley they were all friends in the beginning & now they are not so close.
I never hear them talk about NR anymore. THANK GOD!!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking back a couple years and reflecting on the mindless propaganda from these NRU fools. I was arguing with them that investing in a worthless education and then buying property in the beginning of a declining market was ridiculous. They would say, "There has never been a better time to buy, property is on sale"! What fools! Now look at them. The properties that they purchased in Michigan two years ago are down nearly 50% in value. Nice job NRU; negative returns for the student and the college cashes the student checks and laughs all the way to the bank.

NRU is organized crime

Anonymous said...

Correction; In the above comment I called NRU a college and the suckers students. NRU is not a college and the suckers are not students.

Apologies for the error.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the chatter from the defenders has come way down. The "real estate is on sale" argument hasn't been working. I wonder what they'll try next: vitamins...or soap...or energy drinks?

I love it when a con gets exposed. I just feel bad for the innocent people in desperate situations that NR fed on for the last few years.

Avian Flu said...

Well the NR people have descended upon our fair city of Glendale, AZ once again for their "college". It's the same people as before and a few noobs who've been suckered into the program. I work in the hotel industry and see the same people over and over and yet each one never seems to get anything out of the program...yet the program keeps getting money from them. haha

well at least these "students" bring their tourist's money to my fair city.
wait...i mean they spend money at my hotel and that's it. since my hotel offers a free breakfast buffet to its guests, the NR people take what they can before leaving so there's no need to spend money on food at restaurants. well hell, there's no need to spend money at the hotel either since they sleep 6 people to a room. Split $199 per night six ways and that's a bargain! Of course during the summer our rates are only $79 per night, so the savings are phenomenal.

Damn, maybe the NR people should start a travel agency and charge $20K for tips on sleeping-on-the-cheap!

Anonymous said...

I am the unfortunatly the ex friend of someone who bought into NRU. They have pretty much alienated any friends and family that didn't buy into the program and they keep repeating the same propaganda over and over and over again to the point I think I'm listening to an infomercial. They have yet to actually make a dime off the actual real estate deals instead they have been trying to recruit people into the system by saying how great it is and they have yet to prove it actually works. From what i can see so far this program teaches you just enough about business, taxes and real estate to be a danger to yourself and everyone around you. They're new friends have this amway salesman/stereotypical used car salesman vibe that makes my slimeball meter peg. If you're thinking of getting into this I would ask some very direct questions to who ever is trying to recruit you about how much they actually make on real estate investing and how much from signing people up. I've read the magazine and I really love how great they make it all sound and how vague they are on any actual details and nowhere in any of the articles does it talk about any of the risks. I've also seen the script they use in telephone interviews for potential inductees with all the canned responses listed for either strangers or people you know.

Anonymous said...

Wow all these posts sound about the same as what I've seen happening to my ex friend in the comment above. They're about to close this deal or that deal but never seem to close any of them and I think it's just a show for any potential suckers they're trying to recruit. They've gone from being someone who had some ethics and moral character to someone who's always trying to find an angle to make a buck no matter who they hurt, it's all justified as long as they can live like those people in the infomercials. I think they're exploiting the S-corp structure to avoid paying some taxes as well, lord help them if the buy into that ESOP crap.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Everybody.

I must say I'm not surprised to see negative comments regarding NR.

Like any business, the majority fail. Few survive.

I actually own a small marketing and advertising company in LA and my partner owned all the Dominos from Hermosa to Long Beach and now he owns all the Quizno's in Torrance, Ca.

We've both seen many people try and fail. As well as succeed.

10% of businesses make it the first year. 10% of the previous 10%make it the second year. 10% of the 10% from the second year, make it the third and it goes on until you hit the fifth year. Typically, around that time you get more stable.

So... is it right to doubt somebody's vehicle to wealth. You can. Either you really love them or you're not a true friend.

It doesn't make it right. There's too many crabs (crabs in a bucket pull each other down when trying to escape) in this world.

It has always made me shake my head because the people you think would be most supportive, typically, aren't.

Anyhow, the person taking the initiative to be an entrepreneur is taking a risk. A risk that many people don't have the courage to take.

NR is the same thing. It's a business. Learn how to work it and learn.

If you don't, it’s like any other business. You'll fail.

If you learn, apply, work efficiently, work hard, and just do it; you'll do great.

If not… You'll be the hotel boy. Live the dream.

I'll say this- my name is David Santini and I have three deals working that I, with my partner found from the NR education. They will close.

We started last week. Hmmm.... You'll get what you put in.

You put nothing in… you get nothing. With risk comes reward.

It's a different mentality from W2 to owning your own business.

Well… I hope this makes sense.

BTW- if you think 20k is a lot. You need to change what you are doing. My partner is selling one of his Quizno’s. It loses 15k/mo.

We’ll make up are invested 20k on 1deal. At least by 3x.

Best wishes and Good Luck to all that take on NR or any business venture.

Anonymous said...

Here we have another NRU salesman making basic, distracting statements and trying to pass them off as some sort of business wisdom.

We have our NRU salesman make useless claims about his success and his partner’s success. This is a distraction technique used by NRU. Ignore the statements that these sharks use about their backgrounds. These claims are usually lies and are designed to impress you into thinking that successful people are involved with NRU. The NRU salesman’s claim that he has a sandwich shop adds no value or legitimacy to the argument. It is simply a distraction.

Also, pay attention to these elementary stories that the NRU tries to pass off as wisdom. Here we see this guy going on and on about the 10% survival rate for new businesses. These are common knowledge issues in the real business world. Using these first day business school revelations is a dead give a way that this person is a novice. Beware of these want to be impressive, little distractions.

Another give a way that these people are neophytes is the poor grammar, sentence structure and spelling skills. Most of these NRU people are border line illiterate. To me that is another strong indicator that they are scam artists. Most successful people know how to spell!

The bottom line is that NRU is a fake university that is not accredited by anyone. The education is extremely poor quality. The students and fake faculty are uneducated people with a primary motive of getting your money. Charging $20k for a fake education is a crime. There are alternatives to this school that are far superior, legitimate and nearly free. The investor concierge is filled with junk properties that are in highly declining markets. There is no positive cash flow on these properties. And finally, the only thing that these people care about is cashing your check!

Beware of the NRU criminals!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have issues with what my friend was doing, which was starting to get potential recruits before they even took the classes because they knew how this scheme worked ahead of time and just saw the tuition as paying thier dues to have the rights to recruit people and rake in the dough (pretty much flat out told me this too) and then afterwords immediatly tried to recruit all of thier friends and family into it so they could make thier money back without even applying any real estate techniques to actually make the money. If it were me doing some program or another i would make sure I was successful at implementing my learnings before sucking anybody else into it. Anybody that wasn't onboard was pretty much alienated, can you say financial timebomb and I need to get as far away from ground zero as I can at this point.

LC said...

Thanks for setting up this website! It was the first hit I found when I went to a meeting (that I was not informed would be a NRU pitch) and I ended up writing up a series of my own blogs on the topic. http://lanaleprospere.blogspot.com/search/label/Expose

Conscience said...

This message goes out especially to those who were tricked into this ponzi scheme. It really is a painful experience to lose $8K, $16k or $20K and more. Some even losing friends and family with the money. But I must say you guys are heroes because rather than feeling comfortable robbing others into what is unjust and immoral you have choosing to warn others. I can only say God will reward you for doing this and that all that has been lost will be gained back if you believe. I was also introduced to this scam but I could see trouble from a distance and ran. All I will say to anyone planning to join is to run run run. Money is not everything. It is better to have a dollar that is legit than have millions that is made from fraud.

Anonymous said...

Another NRU trick revealed!

My friend who was the biggest believer in the world a year ago, reluctantly confessed that he is no longer focusing on NR. "It was much harder to get people to join than I thought”. But here's the beauty of NR, when asked if he regrets doing it, he says, "no, it's the best thing I ever did. I'll have this education the rest of my life."

My guess is that they prep the new converts when they sign up by saying, "the worst that can happen to you by joining is you'll have an education you can use for the rest of your life." That keeps the simple minded from saying disparaging remarks when they fail.

Of course they leave out that you can have gotten the same education by purchasing a couple of books.

I don’t normally like seeing people fail, but I do love seeing a scam get exposed. NR’s days are numbered.

Drakorus said...

Okay, even if every single NRU advocate on this blog alone is a script... Most of the posts that are against them are just prefabrications that I've seen everywhere anyway. It's not a flood of new information it's just old pointless shit. Unless someone has a direct personal experience with a true CREDIBLE (Sorry dudes CNN is not a credible source, morons.) source. Shut the hell up and move on.

Drakorus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Drakorus, fortunately I don’t fit the right profile to join NR (I’m educated and informed), but one of my best friends was suckered and tried to get me to do the same. So, no, I don’t have first hand experience with NR and I doubt you’re going to get a lot of people who do have first hand experience admitting they were scammed out of 20k, they’re too embarrassed.

My friend was successful in scamming another one of our friends, a year later, neither of them preach the word of NR anymore. Both are on to other things, $20,000 poorer. I doubt they’ll be posting what a scam this is after they’ve spent the last year begging others to join.

Drakorus said...

And where are you deriving your idea from hmm? Have you actually researched -EVERYTHING- you can about it? Most of the 'highly' educated people you talk about follow herd theory and that's it.
I'm not even in it and it's better than listening to the news everyday which is a crockpot of idiocy anyway.

Anonymous said...

I went to one of the "informational" seminars that followed every seminar cliché in the book.

The presenter spent 10 minutes telling us that Americans live beyond their means and have too much debt. NR’s solution? Borrow $20,000 on a credit card and give it to them and go even further into debt! That was all I needed to hear.

I also read the materials that NR gives you that encourages you to mislead your friends and family so they'll join too. And the only two people that I know personally that joined have both failed. What else do I need to know?

Pete said...

Nouveau Riche has been a blessing for me. I was able to buy 4 income properties at the age of 23. My next project will be an small apartment complex. I will be leaving my corporate job very soon. Thank you nouveau for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...


You must have attended your first NRU seminar recently. Your claims of buying property, your next bigger deal and leaving your Corporate job are typical of the NRU novice salesman. You need to be more creative with your lies.

If you read other blogs you will find that every new NRU recruit is taught to make the same claim as you. We have heard it, literally, thousands of times. And it is always the same.

If you are going to make something up don't insult our intelligence. Or at least be creative and make us laugh or entertained. You are not a good salesman. But don't worry, in time NRU will teach you how to improve your lying skills.

Try to rip-off your friends first before your family. You can always make new friends but if you burn your family relationships you will regret it for life.

Good luck with your career as a thief.

Proceed with Caution

Pete said...

Proceed with Caution,

No i'm being serious here. Ever played the game cashflow 101? Well my monthly expenses are only 1600 bucks. My properties cash flow at 750 a month. I'm almost out of the rat race so I can focus more on investing full time. My software engineering job sucks. I sit in cubicle all day. If you give me your e-mail address I can e-mail you photo copies of my deeds, proof of title, etc..

here are the addresses to the properties. Do a title search. They should be under my LLC
"sanchez investments llc"

2943 Woodside Dr, Jackson Mississippi

1107 Killarney St, Jackson Mississippi

136 Ferguson Dr, Jackson

3118 Woodview, Jackson Mississippi

This business is not for everyone. Only for those who are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. Everyone must understand 80% of people in any organization will fail. But You need to stick it out and find out what it takes to become part of that 20% that do succeed. I think it mainly has to do with your personal growth. Are you reading positive books, listening to audios, training yourself every single day etc..

Anonymous said...

Please stop playing board games and take an accounting and or a financial planning class.

The two worst places to buy property in the United States are Michigan and Mississippi. Mostly because the unemployment rates are above 7%, the worst in the nation.

The other unique issue with these two states is that even though the state median home price is under $100,000 homes are for sale in Jackson and Detroit for under $5000 In Detroit the city will give you homes for free if you bring them back up to code. I'm sure that Jackson is doing this also.

What people don't realize is that NRU buys these junk properties and flips them to their brainwashed minions! NRU is just a real estate broker that buys and sells or brokers property to the only suckers that would buy them; their students.

Another thing Pete you have purchased 5 properties in one of the most declining value areas in the world! You are going to lose up to 50% of the value in the next few years. Your 5 properties could generate up to $100,000 in loses in order to make you $9000 a year in so called passive income. Plus, this TINY passive income will be consumed by repairs and vacancies.

Pete lets discuss this passive income. If you will refer to your final HUD you will see that the renters in the property have been subsidizes from proceeds of the sale of the property. What that means is that someone else is paying their rent for them. Hmmm...Who could that be? Well, you brought money to the table and gave it to escrow and they gave it to the renter! So it is your money! The passive income that you are receiving every month came from you. In fact you have financed the rent money that you gave the renter! You are paying interest on your money to give to an otherwise dead beat renter to live in a home that no one else wants in Mississippi!

Please stop with the comments regarding this in not for everyone. Also the boring GED level statistics on 80% of the people make it, blah, blah, blah...It's not clever and anyone with a community college education already knows this!!! We have heard this thousands of times. You NRU idiots all repeat the same information over and over again. You make yourselves look like mindless parrots. PLEASE STOP IT!

The US bankruptcy laws have become stringent, so Pete you need to start meeting with BK attorney's now before your properties become huge liabilities and ruin your life!

Pete has proven here that the education at NRU is no where near college level and is taught by some of the biggest fools in the nation.

Don't become a Pete. Stay away from these NRU idiots.

pete said...

why so negative? This is all we see on TV and life. So much negativity in this world.Instead of picking up people to better their lives, we push them down. The reason I joined nouveau riche is because I want to retire my parents, be my own boss, and join the peace corps helping people. I see my dad going to work everyday at 4 in the morning and I've cried at night because I know he should be at home doing whatever he wants to do and not having to worry about going to work to pay the bills. This is my dream and it will be fulfilled. Some people do it through business, stocks, real estate. Some choose to do it through nouveau riche. If this education is going to help me achieve those dreams, when did that become so bad. we must protect those dreams from those who want to steal them at whatever cost.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Pete! We've heard that same rhetoric before. The Peace Corps? Hahaha. Better check with your cohorts before you try that same B.S. on us. I’ve already heard that line in one of your N.R. seminars.

Stop trying to sell the American Dream when you are just trying to scam people out of money. We’re all smarter than that. Every MLM scam starts with the same thing, “Do you want to retire early? Do you want to spend more time with your family and helping others rather than worrying about your next mortgage payment?” It’s tired and old. Try something new.

You N.R. disciples are so transparent that I’m embarrassed for you. You’re about as legit as the 55 year old, 250 lb woman pretending to be 25 and 110 pounds in a chat room somewhere. Don’t insult our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

More non-sense from the NRU. Absolute non-sense! Whenever you corner them with facts they resort to the only thing they know. Mindless distractions in the form of cliche's or in this case an emotional appeal.

It doesn't matter how much these salesman try to tug at your heart strings or accuse you of being negative; the fact remains that they are scam artists.

When discussing financial planning or investing, stories about crying and your mommy don't apply.

If you stick to the facts and leave out the emotions NRU doesn't make sense.

Also notice that NRU never refute the claims made against them. They are not intelligent enough and their propaganda doesn't hold water.

Beware of NRU!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A lot of reading. People sure do love or hate NRU.

Where do I put my money all those who hate NRU?

Where do I buy real estate that's making money all those who love NRU?

So is it or isn't it a university? How can they award degrees if they're not a university?

The way I'm seeing the numbers is: Real Estate keeps dropping. I see the rest of the news also: Banks collapse, Pension funds go broke, Wall Street implodes, Layoffs and downsizing are rampant.

Guess tomorrow is the best day in 7 years to buy stocks - they're all on sale - just like real estate.

Of course it will all get better, but WHEN? How many of us will survive that long?

What are you guys doing? I get what the NRU people are doing, piling money into real estate and marketing to their family and friends. What are you other guys doing?

I don't care if it's stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, MLM, or a job - I just want to know what's IS working because I don't see or hear about anything positive and my job ISN'T doing anything but paying today's increasing bills.

What is the answer guru's of the blogoshpere?

Doesn't the stock broker or mutual fund salesman have the same self-serving interest when he recommends stocks or funds for me to buy?

Doesn't the mortgage broker have a self-serving interest when giving me a loan?

How is it that a realtor is looking out for my best interest when their commission is based on how much I pay for the house?

Don't counselors and doctors get paid everytime you see them. Isn't it in their best interest to keep you coming back?

Why are pill companies always telling me that they now have a pill for something that I never knew I had until they made a pill for it?

Don't our employers deliberately pay us less than we're making them so they get rich on our labors - isn't that exploitation - or is it leverage? Work - scam or not?

I pay for those books and CDs. Why don't the authors just give them to me since they're making so much money doing their thing?

Why does college tuition keep going up? What, is education being improved to version E2.008 this year? Why do so many people pay $40,000+ to get $20,000/year jobs? Education - scam or not?

And, so many people love their God so much that they're willing to kill everyone else who doesn't love their loving God. Religion - scam or not?

And what about politics - Everyone's right. Everyone else is wrong. Why do you spend hundreds of millions to get a job that pays hundreds of thousands? Government - scam or not?

Good thing I previewed my post - I almost left out the Gay & Lesbian thing: marriage - scam or God ordained?

Blogosphere guru's to the rescue please.

Guess I have more pent up anger (and free time) than I thought - must be some financial post-traumatic stress disorder from seeing my real estate lose money AND watching my stocks, mutual funds, and IRA lose money too!!! Maybe I should try futures next - I'm sure there's $24.95 books and tapes I can buy about that also.

Maybe the real answer was cash out and buy $20k of lottery tickets or bet it all on black.

It was fun reading the posts and writing my own. I tried to include something for everyone. Have fun with it.

No, really, what is working?

Anonymous said...

12 SEPT 08 article from The Arizona Republic newspaper about Nouveau University:

Ex-Univ. of Phoenix chief now CEO of Valley school
by Russ Wiles - Sept. 12, 2008 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

Laura Palmer Noone, former president of the University of Phoenix, has been named chief executive officer at Nouveau University, a Scottsdale school with a small-business and entrepreneurial focus that admitted its first student last month.
Noone retired from the University of Phoenix, a unit of the Apollo Group, in 2006. She serves on the Arizona Board for Private Postsecondary Education and the Arizona Family College Savings Plan oversight committee.
She also is involved with the Child Crisis Center, Banner Health Foundation of Arizona, Fresh Start Women's Foundation and the American Heart Association.
Nouveau was founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo with the intent of offering practical knowledge for jump-starting students' careers. It offers associate and bachelor's degrees in business.

What's the counter argument to this public news?

Ken said...

Hey genius, that’s called a “press release” written by NR and submitted to newspapers. The papers just publish whatever is written. They don’t check it. I’ve written 100’s of them.

You NR guys are really remedial. I guess you subscribe to “if it’s printed, it must be true”. No wonder you sign up. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ken. I would also like to respond to that press release. There is a claim that NRU is a college or university and that they offer degrees.

That is absolutely false. NRU is a fake, make believe university. They have NO accreditation. They are not recognized by the State of Arizona nor the US Department of Education.

Making claims that they are a university is criminal. Claiming that they offer degrees is fraud.

Someone please send me a link to that press release so that I can forward that to the Phoenix district attorney's office.

NRU equals crime!!!!

Anonymous said...

#6 on this web page:


Anonymous said...

There is no NRU. There is Nouveau Riche and Nouveau University. Two entities.

Nouveau University is licensed to award Associate and Bachelor degrees.

One less thing to debate. Always good for everyone involved to stay up to date and current.

Just Curious said...

I'm just curious, for all of the folks out there who are non-belivers of NR, How do you suggest I make a sensible monthly income? because working 9-5 just ain't cutting it.

I hear alot of bashing NR, but those that don't belive in NR products are not giving any advise on what are other options there is to make a good monthly income legally? or maybe I skipped that blog.

Someone, please advise!!

Ken said...

Hey “Just Curious”, is this the anti 9-5 argument we’ve hear a hundred times? Are we going to hear a new cool acronym for J-O-B like Just Out of Bankruptcy or some other crock of B.S. they’re selling you sheep at NR?

I’m sure there are a lot of people lining up to be real estate investors in a tanking market where no institution is willing to loan to non-owner-occupied properties. Even the Feds are saying that prices will drop another 10-20% percent even after the latest bailouts. My gut says you’re probably only listening to Piccolo and Snyder, two people who have a vested interest in you buying their B.S.

Are you going to try to tell us that you can get a decent loan on a rental property with no money down? I’m in the industry and it’s hard to get a loan for someone with good credit and good income on an owner occupied property. I’m sure you’re still claiming to get loans done with stated income and bad credit, right?

Be honest, you’re just selling tuition packages and selling a dream. That’s all. You know nothing about real estate investing. You’re just pissed because your timing was off by a few years.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out again that NRU is not a university. When they claim to offer degrees they are lying. Please use your brain and don't listen to what these NRU idiots tell you. Verify things for your self. Call the United States Department of Education. They will tell you that NRU is not accredited to award degrees.

They are a fake university that charges excessive fees to provide people with make believe education.

NRU is a criminal organization.

Anonymous said...

What did the Phoenix District Attorney's office say about Nouveau University's claim to be able to award Bachelor and Associate degrees? You were going to report them and I'm curious what the answer was.


Anonymous said...

"proceed with caution" is 100% wrong, and has been since at least April 2008. Nouveau University is licensed to award degrees. Here are two URLs showing Nouveau University is licensed. The first is from the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education. The second is from bizjournals.com and just reemphasizes the FACT that Nouveau University is licensed to award degrees.
Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education
As of 09/16/08, Arizona Private Postsecondary Institutions, PAGE 31 of the document (the listings are alphabetical so scroll down until you get to Nouveau University)
7077 East Marilyn, Bldg. 130 - Scottsdale AZ85254
480-840-5071 Fax:888-483-3878 Dr. Melissa Hartman, President
Accounting................................... Associate of Science
Accounting................................... Bachelor of Business Administration
Finance...................................... Associate of Science
Finance...................................... Bachelor of Business Administration
Marketing.................................... Associate of Science
Marketing.................................... Bachelor of Business Administration
Real Estate Investing........................ Associate of Science
Real Estate Investing........................ Bachelor of Business Administration
Small Business Management.................... Associate of Science
Small Business Management.................... Bachelor of Business Administration

Excerpts from this September 2008 article:
A former president of the University of Phoenix was named president of the fledgling Nouveau University in Phoenix. Laura Palmer Noone, who served as president of University of Phoenix from 2000 to 2006, said the challenge of working at a completely different kind of educational venue enticed her out of retirement. "I believe in the vision of this exciting new university. This university offers a great opportunity to create a real difference in people's lives," Noone said….According to records on the state education Web site, the newly named Nouveau University received its license to operate as a post secondary school in April.
SO – the former President of the University of Phoenix is now the President of Nouveau University.
What now “proceed with caution”? What else are you wrong about on this blog?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

NRU is a 100% ignorant.

When selecting a college or university in the United States, your need to choose a school accredited by one of the six regional accreditors. These regional agencies are recognized by both the United States Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). They are the same regional accreditors that grant most brick-and-mortar public and private universities their accreditation.

To determine whether or not a school is regionally accredited, find out which state the school is operating from. Then look to see what regional agency grants accreditation to schools in that state. The regional accreditation agency for Arizona is recognized as a legitimate accreditor. Here is a link to their site. You NRU freaks can call the NCA and get educated on how accreditation works in the real world. You will also find out that NRU is NOT accredited!!!!!

North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement(NCA)

Also, you can find out instantly if a school is accredited by a regional accreditor recognized by the United States Department of Education by searching the United States Department of Education database. Below is a link to their search engine. And NRU is NOT accredited. PER THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION NRU IS NOT ACCREDITED!!!


As far as the State of Arizona is concerned NRU has a license to operate a NON ACCREDITED institution. Really this is a business license for any type of business that wants to charge a fee for teaching something, anything! You can start an auto detail vocational school in your garage and have the same license. It has no more value than a city business license.

What this really shows is that these NRU people cannot research or comprehend something as basic as university accreditation. If they have proven themselves so incompetent regarding accreditation how can you expect them to teach someone about real estate investing.

NRU = Lies and Corruption

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Proceed. What I find amusing is why the NR followers care that the public recognizes the school as being accredited. My understanding is the education is to turn you into millionaire real estate investors, not resume filler to land you a legitimate job.

I now know the real reason why they care. It’s the latest NR spin. My friend who hammered me to join a year ago has now failed and is on to something else. When asked about NR, his spin is that he got a great education out of it to last a lifetime. How his story has changed. A year ago he said he joined to make a killing as a real estate investor. What he’s really saying is: I got burned, I lost 20k and tried to convince you to do the same and now I’m embarrassed that I was so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Yes proceed, nicely done. Another smoke screen and issues dodged.

So, Nouveau University does award legitimate Associate and Bachelor degrees. Hard to dodge that one so you divert the reader to accreditation. Perhaps, as the higher education expert you are, you could share with readers what exactly accreditation means and how a school goes about becoming accredited after they are licensed. Your accreditation smoke screen will dissipate as well. Please do explain for everyone what accreditation is all about.

One must conclude that you also view many other reputable schools, like the University of Phoenix, to be illegitimate. Are we to take your opinion as fact or would a more credible person, say the former President of the University of Phoenix, who is now the President of Nouveau University, possibly have just a slight edge in credibility and knowledge of the education process over you.

What exactly is your source of creditability? What do you do that enables you to pass such authoritative and emotional opinions about an organization of over 22,000 people. That was asked in an earlier entry, which you dodged as well. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, which you are obviously emotional about, but please don't pass that off as factual to the readers here.

You still fail to grasp the distinction between Nouveau University and Nouveau Riche. There is no NRU. Please get this simple fact correct. Redefine what it is you are so emotional about, and then direct your opinion comments appropriately. These are two entities, two business models, one mission.

With all your research, I am surprised you have not informed the readers that the CEO of Nouveau Riche, Jim Piccolo, was personally invited to the White House to sit on the U.S. President's Council on Financial Literacy, along with 39 of America's other highly successful business owners and entrepreneurs. The purpose was for these successful businessmen to give the Federal government insight on what it would take to fix the financial literacy problems and financial challenges we face in America today. I suspect that the White House researched the creditability of these invitees, including Jim Piccolo, to a degree just slightly above what you can do. That of course, is just an opinion.

Is your criteria for success in Nouveau Riche that everyone who enrolls must become a multi-millionaire and real estate tycoon in their first 90 days? We call that a Lottery Mentality and know it won't happen. I read numerous people who stated here that they have been successful with Nouveau Riche. Those statements are simply belittled by you and others, as if they were all just marketing lies. Yet we are expected to judge this company of over 22,000 people on one or two "friends" who you and others claim "failed", yet the friends don't state that themselves, as gospel. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people who have not been successful in Nouveau Riche, just as there are people who are not successful in the National Football League. That doesn't make the NFL a scam though.

What is your criteria for success when someone enrolls with Nouveau Riche? Are you looking for a guarantee of millions of dollars and real estate in the first year? Obviously, you won't be getting that. Who does make those kind of guarantees? By your standard, Wall Street is a scam as are any other investments. Again, I think it would be a good time for you to tell us what exactly it is you do and just how successful you are.

Please research and explain for us the facts about start up businesses in America. Give us some U.S. Government statistics on how many businesses survive their first year and how many survive their fifth year. Please include profit and loss figures as well as average start up costs. Include franchises as well, particularly their start up costs. It will open our readers' eyes and deflate your $20,000 hype about the Nouveau Riche start up capital. Publish your research on this topic for us; cited of course.

I do appreciate the notion that people looking in sometimes think they have the answers. Unfortunately, they fail to hear the words being spoken inside so they make unintelligent comments. It's most likely simply because they haven't received the information needed to make an intelligent comment. If you heard you would understand that Nouveau Riche highly discourages anyone from immediately quitting their job. This recommendation comes from the CEO and co-founders all the way down. The idea is to educate and empower students to learn how to become successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Once they are successful at this, and have a good financial reserve built up, then the option to quit their job becomes viable. Do you even have that option?

Clearly the current financial and business education people receive has some flaws. Just look at the statistics on today's retirees. Again, what financial track are you on? Throw out some of your numbers and tell us what it is you're doing. If you're a successful business owner, with millions secured away somewhere, let us know. If you're a broke 30 something with two jobs and $40,000 in credit card debt let us know that also. It will help readers make a more informed decision if they know more about the source of the information.

I suspect your real grief is over the commission plan. There are few other areas of work, legal that is, that allow people to earn 5 and 6 figure incomes a month. Clearly, not everyone will do this. It is achievable with Nouveau Riche just like it is achievable with other businesses. One might extrapolate from your opinions that you find all direct market and sales jobs to be a scam. Is this so? You may also spew forth words like pyramid and MLM. Before doing so, research the definitions so you make an informed comment, not an emotional and opinionated comment. Let me point out as well that the job you are so proud of is most likely a pyramid scheme. There's one company president at the top. Under the president are some vice presidents. Under them are some senior managers. Under them are some salesmen. Under them is office staff. And of course, what organization would be complete without getting down to the lowly, yet indispensable, janitors. Your job is a pyramid scheme. You just don't get paid nearly as well as successful direct marketers and salesmen.

Having a job is a good thing for many people right now. It's what finances most entrepreneurs dreams until those dreams become realities. For guys like you though, there is no dream. There is nothing beyond the 9-5 every day for the rest of your life and the opportunity to tell other people their dreams are meaningless. Jobs are exactly what people like you need for security. Not everyone can handle life as an entrepreneur. Where there is greater risk, there is potential for greater reward and greater loss.

Seems that you now owe the readers some research and some answers. Please avoid the dodge, misdirect, emotion, and smoke screen.

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious that you have drank the NRU Kool-Aid. You guys really need to learn to cultivate an original thought. Everything, I mean everything that you have ranted and rambled about on your post has been said by the many NRU minions hundreds of times before. Do you guys all memorize the same script? Please, I beg you to try to think for your self for once!!!

First of all, I don't really care if you can't legally call your seminar factory a university anymore. You can call it Nouveau Riche or Nouveau Riche University or We Have All Been Suckered University; I really don't care. The bottom line is that it is not accreditated. Go check for your self.

Secondly, it is not my fault that your school is not accreditated. So stop attacking me and call the US Department of Education or the NAC. Get over it!

In order to not sound like a scatter brain, attention deficit, idiot like the typical NRU salesman please limit your comments to NRU.

When you are able to intelligently discuss NRU then please feel free to post your thoughts. But if you are going to continue to post all the mindless propaganda and self help books info that you have memorized than please go somewhere else and don't waste our time.

We have all heard it before. Use your brain if you have one!!!

Anonymous said...

PS - Your false prophet Mr. Piccolo would not pass the government security clearance to enter the White House. If you have been convicted of a felony your do not get a welcome kit!

Piccolo was convicted of a felony long before he started stealing money at the NR school for idiots.

Nice try...

Anonymous said...

You should change your name to dodger. Will we get nothing but emotional outbursts from you? You are demonstrating an inability to address relevant comments and facts. It appears to many that you are the one stuck on a single entry script of your personal mantra that NR doesn't work. Why would anyone simply take your word for this when, as you and others readily state, so many people say it does work? You appear unable or unwilling to address relevant topics on the matter. We suspect this is because you are simply not informed. This is not an attack, merely an observation based on your uninformative replies.

You can wish all you want and even throw another verbal tantrum about Jim Piccolo and Nouveau Riche. This will not change the FACT that he was invited to the White House and participated at the White House in the President's Council on Financial Literacy. Jump up and down all you want and yell as often as you like that it wasn't so - nevertheless, he was there. This is yet another demonstration of your inability or unwillingness to represent your contentions with anything but personal emotion and a blind disregard of FACTS.

You know nothing about accreditation do you. We originally mistook you for someone who knew but just didn't tell the whole story and would have the courtesy to inform our readers once we pointed this out. Nouveau Riche does not claim that Nouveau University is accredited. It is not, yet. We state that it is not accredited at this time. We state that Nouveau University is in the accreditation process. We also state that it can award Associate and Bachelor degrees. You remain the one confused. Nouveau University can award Associate and Bachelor degrees. This is a FACT that you originally stated was a lie, yet it clearly is FACT. You were the person who confused the issue and made false statements, albeit now most likely from a lack of information rather than a withholding of knowledge. Let’s sum it up rather simply for our readers: accreditation takes time. It is a process that every school that seeks accreditation goes through. It does not happen overnight. Step 1 in the process is becoming licensed to award degrees. Step 2 is accreditation. Nouveau Riche is in step 2 of the clearly established process. Again, you can throw a verbal tantrum but that won't change the facts.

We’re still curious about several things you have dodged. We will list them separately so you can address each one.

1. What did the Phoenix DA's office have to say when you "reported" Nouveau Riche for their "crimes"?

2. What is it that you do that is so successful you are capable of passing judgment on an organization of over 20,000 people?

3. How are you more credible on the subject of Postsecondary Education than a former University of Phoenix President and serving Nouveau University President?

4. Explain how a job, say with any major company, is not a pyramid organization.

5. Explain how direct sales and marketing is a scam. Are you saying all salesmen are participating in scams?

6. Do you know the definition of a pyramid or ponzi scheme? Please define and then explain how these definitions are applicable to Nouveau Riche.

7. What are the statistics on business start up costs and survival rates for year one and year five in America?

8. Are you incapable of addressing more than one item of information at a time or do you simply have nothing else to say?

9. Define what it is that you feel “doesn’t work” with Nouveau Riche.

10. Do you claim that Nouveau Riche works for no one but Jim Piccolo?

11. Are you unable to grasp the utility of analogy in debate?

12. Throw out your numbers and strategy for success. Let us see if you have anything going for you.

13. Is it now also your position that self-help books are scams?

If so many Nouveau Riche students have said something is true, why is your opinion more valid for everyone else? Just because something has been said or written hundreds of times before does not make it false. It also does not make it true. That’s why we call discussions like this “opinionated”. We appreciate your opinion and the emotion you put behind it. Just don’t tell everyone here that your opinion is the one and only fact. Open your mind and attempt to receive and evaluate different and new thoughts, statements, and facts. Acknowledge that other people can have legitimate opinions that differ from yours. Anything less clearly demonstrates a close-minded person. That is why we ask you for facts. That is why we provide facts. We already acknowledge that Nouveau Riche will not work for everyone. We acknowledge that some will quit, some will plod along, and others will build vast fortunes through this education and business. Can you not comprehend this?

It is rather bold of you to generalize that 22,000 Nouveau Riche students are all “idiots”. One might draw that conclusion about you simply for that very statement; not in the sense that your IQ is less than 25 or you are of a mental age of less than three years old (those definitions are no longer used), but that you just are not very intelligent based on your writings. We don’t think that’s the case, yet. We think you just don’t have the information you need to make an intelligent and factual statement. Again, your opinion alone doesn’t make you an idiot.

As we continue what will hopefully become factual and intelligent discussion on this matter you should clean up the language you use and the unsubstantiated allegations you make. We yield this blog to our most enlightened opponent for your reply.

Anonymous said...

Attention Potential NRU Victims:

The above post is a classic NRU rant. Posts like these are valuable in that the author does the job for me. Unknowingly he makes himself and NRU look like the total fools that they are.

The original post here was regarding the FACT that NRU is not accreditated. They have a license from the state of Arizona to run a NON-ACCREDITATED organization. As I said previously anyone, I mean anyone can get this license. Don’t let them distract you by mentioning that they have a former University of Phoenix employee on the payroll. This is another red herring designed to cloud the reality that they are not a real university.

Please do not take my word for this and most importantly don’t take the NRU salesman’s word for it. Verify it for yourself. Please contact the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement(NCA)


Call them and ask them how regional accreditation works in the United States. And if you feel that you need more information contact the United States Department of Education. The link that I have posted below is a great search engine tool that the US Department of Education provides. You can search all of their approved, legitimate and accreditated schools in the United States. You will find out that our NRU friends are lying about their accreditation. They are licensed in the State of AZ to grant NON-Accreditated degrees.


Call the Phoenix District attorney and ask them if falsely advertising as a regionally accreditated University and charging $20,000 for it is a crime. Do you really think that they are going to give this a thumbs up? What you will see is that NRU doesn’t advertise as an accreditated school. They know that they are not accreditated and that they cannot claim that they are. What I have seen is that the NRU salesman make the false claim and keep the details vague.

This vagueness brings me to the above post. When you corner a NRU salesman with a fact you will almost always see the same reaction. They always ignore what your are saying and try to distract you by vomitting the same series of questions as you see above. They are all meaningless topics when it comes to the issue at hand, which is that they are an unaccreditated university designed to steal your money and train you to go out and steal your friend’s and families’ money. Don’t let them distract you with these red herrings. The lack of education, lack of original thought and inability to stay on topic is a strong indicator of the low quality characters NRU attracts.

With this all in mind why would anyone want to do business with such mindless hacks? The NRU salesman post above accuses me of being an accreditation expert! You don’t need to be any kind of expert to verify that they are not accreditated. If NRU cannot understand such BASIC concepts how can they teach anyone about investing? The answer is that they can’t!

Either NRU does not possess the basic intelligence to understand how accreditation works in the United States or they do and they are lying. Whatever, it is this is proof that no-one should do business with these uneducated, hack, used car salesman.

PS- Also, don’t let them impress you with this supposed White House visit. NRU is famous for distorting the truth. Google this and you will find claims that Jim Pick your Pocketlo was invited. But if you use your brain all the references only appear on blogs where anyone can type in this rumor. Funny that this information only appears on blogs and DOES NOT APPEAR ON ONE REPUTABLE NEWS SOURCE.

It seems that NRU is again, just like they do with the accreditation.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about any of this accreditation stuff anyway? NR is just a scam that they are trying to inject some legitimacy to by making it sound like a college.

The fact is that real estate is without a doubt the worst investment to buy right now and the heyday of zero down and stated income loans are long gone.

NR's tactics have now been exposed and made irrelevant by a market that needed to flush out all of the irresponsible buyers which I'm sure includes a lot of NR disciples who are now getting financially destroyed.

Party's over NR. Time to switch to vitamin sales.

Anonymous said...

Here is more proof for you NRU idiots!!!! This is from the Arizona State Board. I summarize the important parts at the end of this post so that you stupid NRU cows can figure this out.

Accredited vs Non-Accredited

Institutions or persons operating programs accredited by accrediting agencies approved by the United States Department of Education who are seeking to operate vocational or degree programs in the State of Arizona, may apply for and obtain a REGULAR VOCATIONAL PROGRAM LICENSE and/or a REGULAR DEGREE GRANTING LICENSE.

This next part applies to NRU

All other institutions or persons seeking to operate vocational and/or degree programs in the State of Arizona, must first apply for and obtain a CONDITIONAL VOCATIONAL PROGRAM LICENSE or a CONDITIONAL DEGREE GRANTING LICENSE. Conditional licenses are the first licenses issued for persons operating non-accredited vocational programs and/or non accredited degree programs.

NRU has a Conditional Non Accredited License

Now pay attention here you moron NRU idiots. The following is from your NRU website!

March, 2008 – Nouveau University receives conditional licensure from Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education to offer Associate of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in accounting, finance, marketing, real estate investing, and small business management.

Conditional licensure is for non-accredited organizations!!!

NOW DO YOU GET IT! I cannot believe that these NRU salesman on this blog are so stupid that I have educate them that their school is not accredited. They are too stupid to figure this out for themselves and they are going to teach people about investing!!!!
The State of Arizona doesn't determine accreditation.

Lets review for you NRU salesman who are reading this jaw agape and still confused!

1. Per the Arizona State Board your Nouveau scam school is not accredited.

2. Per your own Nouveau web site you have a conditional license which is reserved for non accredited schools.

3. Per the United States Department of Education your Nouveau Idiot factory is not accredited.

4. Per North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which is the actual agency that determines who gets accredited in AZ

Are you thin brained car salesman starting to understand what I am saying now?

I have never in my 25 years of being in business seen such incompetent people.

This is more proof of how ridiculous NRU is and why you everyone needs to stay away from these cheats.

Please tell everyone that you know to avoid this criminal organization.

Anonymous said...

In response to the post regarding "Who cares about accreditation?"

I agree with you but I still believe that these people are out there selling this as a actual education. They lie to potential students and tell them that they are getting a bachelors degree from a real university.

That is lying and criminal. All I hope for is that someone reads this before giving these street criminals their hard earned money.

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dodger; we have agreement about licensing for awarding degrees and the current accreditation status of Nouveau University. It took work and reflection on your part but you finally conceded those points. What you stated in your posts about the licensing and accreditation are the same as we stated in our earlier post as well as what you yourself pulled from the Nouveau Riche website. If we had been “lying idiots” that would make you a lying idiot since we agree. We accept that neither you nor us are “lying idiots” on this matter and appreciate you confirming your agreement.

You did state earlier that you were going to call the Phoenix DA’s office and report Nouveau Riche. We simply wanted to know if you followed through with your commitment to do this. What was their response to your call? That will lead into the next major topic we need to achieve agreement on: defining pyramid or ponzi schemes. We will reach our agreement on this subject if you lay out your definition and then attempt to explain how it applies to Nouveau Riche or what facts,not your emotion or opinion, that allow you to state that Nouveau Riche is a “criminal organization”. This is a serious charge which you should be able to factually back up or refrain from making.

We are more than happy to address each issue with you one at a time if that is a more comprehendible means of discussion for you. Will you in return agree to actually address the issues in an intelligent, non-emotional manner?

We are glad that you disclosed you have been in business for over 25 years. That would likely put you in your 40’s or 50’s so you should be able to provide us with a good status of where you are financially and what investments are working for you. Your response is another small step towards answering the questions that have been posted for you. We know you read the questions because you mentioned them in your post. It appears that you just want to dodge them. After all, any time someone raises these questions for clarification you employ a tactic that we see and hear over and over, that is dodge them and fall back on your mantra of emotional ranting about how they are mindless. That’s not a factual based argument, that’s reverting simply to your opinion. Often, opinions are formed simply due to a lack of factual information. So, rather than discuss opinions, let’s get to the facts that are forming them. Inquiring minds want to know about your background. We are still seeking your source of creditability to pass judgment and sweeping generalizations on so many things, including a 22,000 person organization, with such an air of authority.

Please elaborate on your business or businesses you’ve been in and your successes as well as address the other questions so we can continue moving forward. Again, we can tackle them one at a time if you prefer that format. Many a Nouveau Riche person has stated facts about the successes and experiences they’ve had with Nouveau Riche. What we still don’t know is anything about your creditability or your source of such deep anger. Perhaps you did participate with Nouveau Riche but lacked the commitment to see it through? You implied that you have a lottery mentality towards business opportunities and maybe this one didn’t come through for you. That’s another reason we keep asking if you followed through on your commitment to call the Phoenix DA’s office and report Nouveau Riche’s “crimes”. Perhaps we will find additional areas in which you agree as well. It will help though if you narrow what one can extrapolate from your responses to less sweeping statements than those that imply the National Football League, self-improvement books and coaches, jobs, salesmen, and education are scams. We’ll get to those as you work through your emotions and answer and discuss the questions posted now that you have reached agreement with us on the licensing and accreditation status.

The blog is yours again our new found friend.

Anonymous said...

The NRU salesman has finally admitted that his scam factory is NOT ACCREDITED. NOT ACCREDITED!!!

Now we see the NRU salesman trying to divert us away from our examination of the bogus NRU organization by trying to move the focus to me. This is another red herring designed to throw us off track. We will not let that happen.

Who I am or what I do has no bearing on the fact that we have proven that your school is not accredited.

We are also not here to debate self help books or any other distractions. This blog is dedicated to NRU being a scam.

Got it? Can you understand this basic concept? I imagine that you cannot focus on anything for more than a few seconds.

So now that we have concluded that your school is NOT ACCREDITED by anyone in the world, lets move on to the next item of false NRU propaganda.

Please tell us another lie regarding NRU so that I can prove you wrong just like the accreditation issue.

Pick anything from your hand clapping seminars? Pick a topic or a lesson and I will prove it wrong.

We are waiting you NRU mindless sheeple!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Attention Readers: Below is an article from the Arizona Business Journal. It also refers to Fortune Magazine's disgust with NRU.

Read it. I couldn't agree more!

Scottsdale school has the answers ... for itself

One of Fortune magazine’s recent editions carries a story about something called Nouveau Riche University. It is located in the non-French speaking quarter of Scottsdale but they seek students from Tucson and nationwide.

It is presented as a school for prospective millionaires, people who want to get rich quick in real estate. After all, real estate is on sale right now. Fortune was too polite to come right out and say it is a scam. Is it? You decide.

For tuition of $16,000, they teach you how to drain all the equity out of your home and invest it in other real estate. Don’t know how to find screamin’ deals? No worries. They will find them and sell them to you. Yes, their affiliated brokerage, Investor Concierge, keeps the commissions on sales as well as fees for management, etc. Probably they will help you sell your investments, too, for a commission. You keep any profit, you bear any loss.

As a real estate brokerage, it is a brilliant concept. Brokers usually have to advertise and scratch for clients. This operation has a group of captive clients to deal with who actually pay for the privilege.

But it gets better. This whole operation is a multi-level marketing scheme. You not only get to sell your sucker $16,000 tuition, but a 15-volume encyclopedia of real estate for $3,500. You, of course, eventually get half of the take on recruiting and sales to new students.

The Internet is rife with experiences of students, most bad but a few claiming exceptional gains. There are also plenty of listings by students trolling for more students to sell the course to. In every such Ponzi-type scheme, there are always a few allegedly successful stars, typically those who got in early when there were plenty of students they could recruit. I call them Judas goats. In case that term is unfamiliar to you, a Judas goat is a goat trained to lead other goats to slaughter.

The show biz aspect of the razzle really showed up one night when a bunch of their stars roared up in their Ferraris to impress the suckers. According to Fortune, the cars were rented for the evening, and these high rollers owned no investment real estate themselves.

Along about now I hope you are asking the classic question, "If these guys are so good at making money in real estate, what do they need me for?" Well, I’m going to tell you.

They need you to suck all the equity out of your home and any other trove of money you might have and put into their real estate deals and pay them their fees. They need you to sign mortgages so properties can be bought at your risk. And mostly, they need you to sell the deal to other students.

Note that you pay all the costs, you put up all the money, you bear all the risks. They collect non-refundable fees and commissions. The "university" assumes none of the risk. Now when this house of cards collapses, and it will as sure as the Lord made little green apples, you can be certain it will not be the owners of the institution who file for personal bankruptcy. You’ll have plenty of time then to read that 15-volume encyclopedia which you are unlikely to complete before then.

Is this school legal? State law (32 ARS 3021) requires such a school to be licensed by the Arizona State Board of Postsecondary Education. It is not. Is it accredited? No. Seven of its courses have been certified for transfer of credits by the American Council on Education, which itself is not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Is this really the way to get rich quick in real estate? For the owners of the school it is. For you, probably not. As they continue to dazzle you, as they get you to throw good money after bad, just keep asking yourself, What do they need me for? You will soon see.


Anonymous said...

We do enjoy our conversation with you dodger. You're better than a comedy channel. Don't you realize that the article you just posted is wrong? Read your material before you post it. What kind of creditabiliy could that writer have? You should have caught that yourself after you "proved" Nouveau University is licensed.

Did you "prove" anything about accreditation? Read the blog trail and you'll see that was stated before you made your incorrect statement and had to "audible" your statement at the line of scrimage. You can clearly appreciate that anyone looking at the Nouveau website can read the licensing and accreditation status. All you did was figure this out for yourself, after the fact. You yourself then clearly established and agreed that Nouveau University is licensed. Why would you then post an article with wrong information? Please don't back-peddle on the progress we've made so far. Even your own research above notes that the Nouveau Riche website states Nouveau University is not yet accredited. It's clearly stated in the public domain. Accreditation is simply a process that requires time to complete.

What did the Phoenix DA's office say about the Nouveau Riche "crimes" you reported? Did you even follow through on your committment you made to do this? You said you would. Are you good for your word? We will call them and report our results here if you can't or won't. Basically, we're calling you out on this. No entry about this by you on Thursday dodger and we will call on Friday.

There is no "other lie" for us to state. "Other" implies that there was a preceeding lie. No such statement was made. Your camp is the one with uninformed opinions that lead to inaccurate statements. We won't accuse you of lying; we realize that you are just writing from an uniformed state of mind.

We've asked repeatedly now for you to answer legitimate questions to establish your creditability and gain insight into your very emotional opinions. You continue to dodge with often heard, unoriginal responses, that uninformed people tend to make when challenged to facts. Just because you verbally jump up and down, throwing an emotionally charge tantrum won't make your incorrect statements more factual.

No need to refer to "sheeple" again. It applies on your side of the fence much more than on ours. We're surprised you'd even open your camp up to this. 99% of the "sheeple" are employees and have a job so they can work the rest of their lives and have nothing to show for it 45 years later. Our government statistics clearly show this data. As we stated earlier, there is nothing inherently bad about having a job. We need employees. We too are "sheeple" but we are in the 1% that step up to the plate and make a difference in our own lives and the lives of those other breed of "sheeple" we entrepreneurs and business owners give jobs to. Again, our own government statistics show this as well.

We'll forego your individual creditabilty for now, as you clearly don't want to discuss this (one is only left to ponder why), so we can focus on your most serious accusation.

You have publically stated that Nouveau Riche is a "criminal organization". Do you mean a pyramid or ponzi scheme? We are assuming this is what you mean since you have only made a vague, yet serious, accusation. We ask you again, what is your definition of a pyramid or ponzi scheme? It is customary for an accuser to state the crime and define why it is applicable to the party accused and present facts, not opinion, on the matter. You have made this accusation, in the public domain, so we need you to back it up with facts. We may be able to inform you, or your own research will reveal it for you, and this entire accusation can be dealt with if you'd just explain your understanding of what constitutes a pyramid or ponzi scheme and then relate that to Nouveau Riche. There's no way you can dodge this as a "red herring" question since it's at the heart of your statements.

As with the licensing and accreditation errors you made, we may be able to again provide you information that will allow you to have an informed opinion.

Court is in session. Your opening remarks counselor?

Anonymous said...

Turns out dodger has no creditabilty, won't follow through on his own word, and continually provides inaccurate information filled with nothing more than emotional opinions. Those who claim Nouveau Riche is a "criminal organization" or a scam and those who'd like to know if it is should read on.

First, in Maricopa County, Arizona they have a County Attorney's office. It's not referred to as a DA's office. Please don't flood the switchboards or email addresses below but here's the contact information if you feel you need to verify our creditability:
Website: www.maricopacountyattorney.org
Email: MaricopaCountyAttorney@mcao.maricopa.gov

The County Attorney's office has no files or records on any investigations or actions concerning Nouveau Riche. They referred us to the State of Arizona Attorney General's office.

Webite: www.azag.gov
Email: aginfo@azag.gov
Phone: (602)542-5025

The Arizona Attorney General's office has no records of any legal issues with Nouveau Riche. Complaints are kept confidential so they wouldn't tell us if there even were any complaints. However, again, they had no record of any legal actions concerning Nouveau Riche so if there were compaints, they were not acted upon by the Attorney General's office.

Feel free to visit both websites and do your own search on Nouveau Riche. The AZ Attorney General's website even has a "Scam Alert" tab that you can search. Nothing there about Nouveau Riche.

Guess there is no need to listen to dodger or his associates unless you just value their opinions, inaccurate statements, and false accusations.

Nouveau Riche has been around since 2002. Neither the Maricopa County Attorney's office or the State of Arizona Attorney General's office has had or taken any legal or criminal action against Nouveau Riche.

Now we know why dodger posted nothing yesterday.

Case closed.

We will enroll any of you who are influenced more by fact than by opinionated emotions. We clearly state up front with this offer to enroll you that when you do enroll you will get a very solid business and real estate investing education. You will also have to put work, time, and most likely money beyond your education amounts into making this a successful buiness for yourself. What business doesn't have start up costs?

We do not guarantee any results - do you guarantee us your level of effort?

There is no "get rich quick" promise here. Do not quit your job the day after you enroll. You will not become a millionaire real estate tycoon after your first class. You will not become a millionaire the first time you offer someone else the opportunity to look at Nouveau Riche. You might even never make a dime in comissions or real estate. However, you might make a lot in one or both. At least you will have that opportunity and those options. We do.

SO - want to get started and have us as your personal student advisor? Send your name and phone number to us at this email address:


We look forward to getting you started.

Thanks dodger for making all this clear and possible.

Anonymous said...

If you read this last post, you can see that NRs propaganda has really changed in the last year.

When I went to one of their seminars, it was ALL about getting rich quick and selling tuition packages to others. I guess the slow economy and tanking real estate market has really taken it's toll.

People aren't lining up to pay 20k for an education package that consists mainly of hype and cheerleading anymore? Who would have thought.

Anonymous said...

Slow economy, tanking real estate, taking a toll? Not in our experience. We enrolled in Nouveau Riche in November 2007. Hype at presentations? Yes, in our opinion. Many others don’t see hype, they see opportunity. We saw both. Since November 2007, when we got started, we’ve focused on the facts, just like we’ve done on this blog. None of us in our real estate investment LLC have quit our job. None of us have turned into real estate tycoons or millionaires in the past 11 months. However, we are better off financially and now own several pieces of real estate when 11 months ago we thought we could barely afford our own homes. We’ve added to the economy by employing real estate attorneys, accountants, property managers, mortgage brokers, title companies, and construction workers. We’ve contributed by purchasing a new company car and two computers. We put money into the economy while making money and providing housing for others.

So, our real estate facts in this current “tanking” real estate market:

No we will not send you our addresses, HUD-1s, or copies of our checks. No we will not give you the name of the family in the foreclosure deal we did below.

Purchased new construction 4/2 single family home. 30 year, fixed rate, 10% down. Purchase price $128,000. Current assessed value today is $168,000. Deal or no deal? Mortgage $835. Rent $1,300. Property management $130. Net monthly positive cash flow $335. Deal or no deal? $335 shows up in our business account every month now while the mortgage is paid down by renters. We keep the appreciation and equity and the tax benefits.

Purchasing two new construction duplexes. Both still being built. These are in Mississippi. Some say worst place to invest. We say opposite – best place to invest. Federal and State incentives make these very profitable investments. Even without the Federal and State incentives these will have positive cash flow each month based on current rents in that market and rents in the area are increasing each year. Economic growth and development is phenomenal. Visit this website to start your own research: www.gozonephd.com. Our non-Nouveau Riche investor friends are investing in this area as well, for the same reasons. Insurance protects our investments for the next “storm of the century”. Our purchase price, per duplex, $231,500 with 10% down. These will be 30 year, fixed rate mortgages. We will enroll these duplexes into the SRA program and receive $73,000 per duplex from Mississippi. Even if they are not enrolled in the SRA program they will still have positive cash flow each month. The $146,000 from Mississippi will eliminate all of our investment LLC member’s consumer debts. That’s right – one real estate deal, in today’s market, will make us consumer debt free, just like they teach you can happen. Only thing left will be our mortgages and that car payment. Renters will be paying the mortgages on our investment properties. We’ll have a lot more of our own money to pay on our own mortgages and make new investments. Is this a forward looking statement? Yes. What a great thing to look forward to, in this “tanking” real estate market.

Purchased commercial land at a tax deed sale. Assessed value of land $9,800. Purchase price at tax deed sale $1,200. We own the land free and clear with no monthly payment on it. No maintenance issues and no vacancy issues. Property taxes are minimal compared to current and future value. Land is next to a major mall in a major city. We’re holding this for future appreciation.

Friend told us he and his family were in foreclosure and were 9 months behind in payments. Ask if there was anything we could do. We did some research in our Nouveau Riche CD/DVD collection and on-line Short Sales classes. Next morning, with him, we made 4 phone calls and in 3 hours had their foreclosure “shut off”. Their attorney had recommended bankruptcy to delay the foreclosure. Not only did the foreclosure get turned off, we got a reappraisal at 2008 value (less than their 2006 purchase price) and a new, 4% interest rate. They are in their house today. People always ask what we charged them for this. We didn’t charge them a dime, they’re friends. We know that his family thinks our $20,000 investment was worth it. So do we.

Not too bad in 11 months in a “tanking” real estate market and we’re just getting started. We do subscribe to the theory that this is a good time to invest in real estate. It’s on sale. Really, interest rates on properties for less than half of your credit card interest rate. We do not invest to the brink of our financial ability. We keep a cash reserve to cover possible future vacancies – but we also do the research ahead of time and invest in areas with 1% vacancy rates or less. Could the markets go lower? Yes. That’s why we buy so we already have profit built in and that’s why we have the cash reserve on hand. All investments carry risk. Your job is to learn how to minimize your risk. By the way, we all own stock and mutual funds as well. This is also a good time to be buying solid companies, even if their prices have dropped recently. Again, we call that “buy low, sell high”. Do the research first.

Don’t buy real estate today if you’re not comfortable buying when it’s down. Use the time now to learn about structuring deals, researching, mortgages, financing, and setting up your real estate business so that when you are comfortable investing you’re ready to take action. No one forces you to go out and buy anything. No one forces you to make a bad deal that you will lose money on. It’s up to the investor on each deal they do that determines if they will make or lose money.

How have we been able to do this in this slow economy? Our Nouveau Riche commissions of course. The “no one will buy this” argument has not been our experience. Many people, in fact it seems, most people, will not enroll. Fortunately for our economy, there are still people out there who see this as great opportunity. Here’s our numbers for people who have “lined up to buy” since November 2007 – you do the 50% commission math. We’ve had 26 individuals or couples enroll through us or onto our team since November 2007. Here are the education packages they purchased (all did the $75.00 marketing):

Bought the full $20,000 package – 8
16,000 package only – 1
$3,500 & $1,695 package combo – 4
$3,500 package only - 3
$75.00 marketing only – 5

We do not sell hype. We do not sell get rich quick. We do not sell quit your job. We do not tell you to get new credit cards, up your current limits, take out loans, or sell your car or jewelry. We never did and we never will. We do talk about these and other ways of possibly funding if you want to. We sell an opportunity to do more than what you are already doing. We are a product of our product. Add us to the list of who bought the full $20,000 package as well because first, we had to convince ourselves. In 11 months we have made back well over the $20,000 we invested, both through real estate and through the commissions in today’s “tanking real estate” market and “slow economy”.

We tell everyone that this takes time, work, and money. We tell them they will not be rich overnight, although that could happen. We advise everyone to keep their job until they are financially ready to quit, and then to keep that job for at least another 3 months to be sure. We point out that none of us have quit our job yet.

If you see hype at a presentation we definitely take that wind out of your sails before enrolling you. Emotion doesn’t make for good business decisions. We don’t want anyone on our team that is just there because of hype and emotion.

One thing we no longer do is sign someone up just for the $75.00 marketing spot. Why? Our experience is that those 5 people have done nothing after paying the $75.00. They have come to no events, no training, no calls, and not done a single thing with real estate or business. For them, it was just another poorly spent $75.00. We now tell people to wait until they have at least the $1,695 to get started before we’ll enroll them on our team. We do not want you to spend money unless you are committed to earning it back, either with real estate or commissions. $75.00 doesn’t seem to provide that level of commitment for people. If you want to start for just $75.00 someone else out there will sign you up. If you stick with it, it will probably be the most profitable $75.00 you ever spend.

If you want to get on our team and have an opportunity to work, learn, and invest time and probably more money, for the possibility of having more than you do now, get a hold of us. It should be clear, we make no financial or investment guarantee. Will you guarantee your level of effort once you start? You will run into many more “no’s” than “yes’s.” You will hear plenty about “scam, crime, it won’t work, you wasted your money, real estate is terrible, the economy is terrible, what were you thinking”, and plenty of blogs like these. So, don’t think it’s all roses and everyone will throw between $1,695 and $21,270 your way because you ask them to or that your first deal will make you a millionaire. Ask yourself this time tested cliché though, “is what you’re doing getting you where you want to be?” How many more jobs or hours will you have to work each month to generate an additional $1,000 to $10,000?


Let’s get you started. Try our education. Try our commission plan. If not this then do something else. With us you will get a solid business and real estate education. Join our team and we will work with you to help you succeed. You’ll be the one ultimately responsible for that though, just like in any other business or investment you might get started in. We personally have team members on the East Coast, West Coast, and in Hawaii. Location is not an issue with the internet, phones, websites, conference calls, et al the other technology resources available now. The economy and the real estate market are exactly perfect for getting started based on our experience.


Get started doing more than the 7am – 6pm job that leaves 99% of Americans broke at retirement. Since you’re going to be broke at retirement doing what you’re doing anyway, why not try the Nouveau Riche education and marketing and have a shot at breaking the cycle of being broke. That’s not hype, that’s our government’s financial statistics. Feel free to research that.

Bottom line: Get started doing something and do it in an educated and informed way.

Anonymous said...

In our post above we had a typo on the number of people who purchased the $3,500 & $1,695 combo package. The number that did this is 1 not 4.

I know - attack everything now. Why'd we even make this correction since no one but us could even verify this? Because that's the fact.

Anonymous said...

It is kind of sad that for someone who has been in the banking industry since the 80's still doesn't know why the banks want to shortsale a home.

ex: a bank provides a loan for 200,000, the guy cant afford it and the house is about to foreclose, the bank says oh crap now I have another house to get rid of, oh wait... I know, lets sell the house for 150,000 because it was just appraised for 220,000 by our own hired appraiser! and lets lose $70,000!!!!

look genius I am not part of nru, but for someone who does shortsales, you really need some serious education.

A bank makes money on loans. why doesn't the bank sell the peice of home for 220k instead of losing 50k? because they need to get rid of it. and "shortselling" the home is the fastest way. for them to make money. a 200k loan will typically make a bank 600k before it is paid, also the biggest reason why a bank shortsells is: because a bank is no longer allowed to lend 1.6 million dollars in loans per government regulatoins if they take back a 200k loan. so turbo let's do some math...

1.6 million x 3 = 4.8 million in income lost because of a stupid 200k loan.

now, I can see why you would like to think it is a sucker deal for a bank to lose 50-70k. on what they term a sucker deal home even though the investor is making 70k on your loss... ok I lied, that just sounds ignorant.

truely what happens is this... the learned investor pulls one over the sucker working at the bank who thinks it is a bad deal. and the investor makes a killing. the sucker at the bank is left in his/her stupidity so that the bank doesnt lose them because they need some one dumb enough to keep an hourly job while watching someone who has just as much knowledge as they do. make more on one or two "sucker" deals than they will make in an entire year.

But I must give you credit for making an attempt at an arguement in short sales,... as you might learn something down the road... maybe...

p.s. all the comments here are out of frustration of reading so many newspapers and such written by idiots. I rarely ever speak out, but you actually got me to post something... congrats!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you guys are truly insane!

I called five NRU adds and emailed several others regarding your hack school. The question that I asked was regarding accreditation and most didn't know what that was. But as soon as I said that I needed to go to an accredited school most told me that it was accredited or didn't know what I was talking about. And believe me this isn't easy because they are so deceptive. So your NRU salesman are indeed lying to just make the sale. That looks like a criminal conspiracy to me. I will forward this to the email contacts that you gave me. Thank you for doing that work for me. I have been busy making an honest living.

Also if you read earlier in this post someone is posting about Picollo claiming that NRU is accredited at one of the brain washing seminars. So it appears that Piccolo has displayed even more proof of his lack of ethics.

I have also been told by a NRU salesman that NRU requires that you use their lender as a condition of any purchase of property from their investor concierge. That is a RESPA violation. Illegal on a federal level.

I am sure that there are many more violations.

Why would anyone in their right mind pay $20,000 to learn how to buy a short sale in a declining market? Pay money to learn how to buy a house in a buyer's market!!! Banks are flooded with REO's. More now than at anytime in history. YOU CAN CONTACT A R.E. AGENT THAT HAS THE LISTING AND NEGOTIATE HALF THE FEE TO BE PAID BACK YOU THE BUYER! Better yet you can spend $300 go to a real school and get your real estate license and earn the 3.0% commision yourself!

Since NRU likes to vomit their clever sayings all the time I am going to add one myself.


PAY NRU $20,000 to teach you how to buy a house in this market. Or buy one on your own and get money back in commission. Pay $20,000 to a bunch of ninnies or make money? You decide.

Just google REO and you will find tens of thousands of REO bank owned property in your area you can buy tomorrow! You don't need to pay these hacks anything.

NRU is just a real estate broker disguised as a school. Save your money and stay away from these con artists.

If you don't believe me type NRU Scam or nouveau scam into google and read the crazy rantings of these people! Do you really want to do business with such unprofessional people.

Go take a community college finance class and marvel at how stupid NRU will look by the time you finish.

NRU is a joke!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back dodger. Glad you’re still with us. You seem to have wandered a bit in your last post. It read as if you couldn’t focus on a single item. You should try and stick to your own standard that you mentioned earlier about staying on topic. Guess it’s taking you a couple of days to recover from the facts and “red herring” issues you couldn’t dodge. We are sorry you have to work so long and hard after 25 years of being in business that you can't find the time to sign on to a blog for a few minutes or to look up your own information about something you are so emotional about.

Sounds like you're not doing too well financially; why would you want to talk about that? Really, you’re working so hard and so many long hours you couldn’t sign on here? How does that make you feel after 25 years of work? How long will you continue doing that? Do you have any investments that are working or will you be another one of our government’s statistics at age 65? Sounds like you’re broke and have nothing going to get you out of it – exactly the kind of person everyone should take advice from? With your buying logic and advice a person gets one uninformed house purchase. Nouveau Riche will show you, and others, how to turn that $20,000 into much more than one house. As we stated above, our $20,000 has turned into a SFH, two duplexes, and commercial land not to mention the money from commissions. Your call though; one uninformed house purchase and no money left or multiple properties and money left over.

Did you even know about the Maricopa County Attorney's Office before we told you? Of course not, that’s why you referred it as the Phoenix DA’s office. We doubt you will follow through on your word to email or contact anyone about anything. You lack creditability. Yes, we're goading you into actually doing something about the "criminal conspiracy". Get on with it our humorous friend. You be the first person since 2002 to crack this case open. Don't forget to make use of the State of Arizona Attorney General's Office - we provided you those details also. You will need to provide facts when you call or email, assuming you can find the time in your work filled schedule, otherwise you will just be embarrassing yourself. Let us know how it turns out.

Please do mention the alleged “RESPA” violation and this “criminal conspiracy” in your report. Why do you keep making such moronic statements? You don’t even know what the definition of a criminal conspiracy is, do you? How could you know that when you can’t even define something so simple as a pyramid or ponzi scheme? Remember, once you make your unsubstantiated report you open yourself up to a myriad of charges that can come down on you for your false reporting. We look forward to you finally being held accountable for your slander and lies. Let us know how it turns out.

We will follow you “off topic” simply to address the next statements you’ve made from a position of uninformed ignorance. Our distinguished friend, there is no requirement to use any service provided by Nouveau Riche. Next you will claim we have to use their accounting firm, legal firm, and mortgage company. All of that is not true. We can use whoever and whatever we want for our real estate deals and business. Will you also try and tell us that we can only purchase properties through the Investor Concierge? Again, not true. All these services are available if we choose to use them. Remember about how people looking in think they know what is going on but totally miss everything because they don’t hear what is being said? That’s you our friend.

Clearly you have done little to no research on what Nouveau Riche offers. You sound tired from all your hard work. That’s what probably led you to make a statement about paying $20,000 to learn how to “buy” a short sale and buy a house. First, not sure what you mean by “buy” a short sale. Informed people talk about “doing” a short sale. A short sale is a way of buying a property. One who knows something might talk about “buying” a property using a short sale. What do you mean? Second, log onto the Nouveau Riche website and take a look at all of the education Nouveau Riche offers. Why don’t you list out the many different courses that can be taken, the different topics in the Collections series, and the modules of instruction in SEEK. You have no idea what the $20,000 actually gets two people do you? Make a list, check it twice, and post it for everyone. Then let’s talk about what education a person’s $20,000 purchases. Third, just a couple years ago you’d have been complaining about people not paying for an education to buy a house in such a seller’s market. You’d have said, “Why pay money to learn how to buy a house now? Anyone can buy a house and make money selling it again in this market.” Now you say, “Why pay anyone to learn how to buy a house at such a great price in this market? Anyone can get a good deal now.” Just when does someone, in your respected opinion, need to learn how to do this? How many profitable real estate investment properties do you own since it is so easy to “just buy or sell a house”?

Your arguments are mindless and repetitive. Come up with something we don’t always hear. Problem is, a couple of years ago people were doing what you recommend, just buying houses on speculation the market would continue going up. Had there been more educated investors instead of people just rushing out to buy something we might not be in the financial situation we’re in today. Nouveau Riche isn’t about “today” only. Nouveau Riche is about Buyer’s Markets, Seller’s Markets, Flat Markets, Wholesale, Short Sale, Lease Options, and many more real estate and business topics we’ll let you research and post. We already know from the whole licensing and accreditation discussion we had that you learn better when you look it up yourself.

What kind of uninformed statement are you making about getting money back on commission from the purchase of a property? Are you saying someone should take money from a hard working real estate agent? Why do you want to nickel and dime a real estate agent? People, that’s how the agents make their living and pay their bills. If you scam them out of a portion of their commission you’re taking food off their family’s table. NEVER ask a real estate agent to work a deal for you for less than their full commission! Why would you even suggest that dodger? That must be coming from your scarcity mindset.

Don’t go getting yourself and others in trouble. Do your research before spouting off. Go find out about how you can get money back at closing legally as well. We won’t address this any further with you until you demonstrate you know what you’re talking about and how it is done legally. By the way, have you ever been to real estate school? Do you know what they learn for that $300? If real estate agents know so much about real estate investing, why don’t they buy all the good deals? Real estate agents provide a valuable service and should be gladly paid their full commission on every deal they work. Real estate agent “school” doesn’t teach about investing. It teaches about specific laws and you must pass a general level test and a state test in order to become licensed. Please don’t advise people to become licensed real estate agents and have them think this will teach them how to be a real estate investor.

Now you say Nouveau Riche is “just a real estate broker disguised as a school”. You were definitely tired when you made this statement weren’t you? Why else would you say something so uninformed? Do you know anything about all the services Nouveau Riche offers? Why don’t you falsely say that Nouveau Riche is just an accounting firm, or a legal firm, or a mortgage firm, or a credit repair factory? Your uninformed statement makes you sound unintelligent again. Well, at least we have your acknowledgement again that Nouveau Riche is a school.

If anyone who reads this blog would like to get on our professionally run Nouveau Riche team, including you dodger, just send us an email. We're the informed leaders you're looking for and we will answer all your questions and concerns factually before enrolling you. Try our real estate and business education. Try our commission plan. Don't fret over not having $20,000 today. You can get started for much less and therefore have a higher ROI.


We will point out again that there is no NRU dodger. You are confused at even the most basic level of comprehension about Nouveau Riche. Again, we state for you the fact that there is Nouveau Riche and Nouveau University. At least get this simple fact straight as it could help you orient yourself and your comments to what it is that you are so emotionally charged about. Once we identify your issue we can address it with you. Is what you’re really upset about the fact that you know so many people who could afford the $20,000 education but after 25 years of long, hard, work making a living you couldn’t? There are options that involve less money to get you started if that is what you can afford and are upset about. We’re happy to help you achieve the ability to enroll if that’s what you’re really looking for. We’ll work with you along the way and eventually you’ll be able to get the real estate and business education you seem to be longing for. Then you’ll have the opportunity to not be in the 99% broke statistic at age 65.

Finally, if you think everything that you or anyone does a Google search on is going to provide 100% factual information you truly are naïve. Just look at your posts. The fun and dangerous fact about the internet is that errors in logic and fact like yours can be posted just as easily as our logical and factual posts (our opinion is just as valid as yours).

Please stop making moronic statements. If you can’t carry on an intelligent discussion get off the blog and free up some of your not so valuable time. Stop just typing whatever unsubstantiated claim that sporadically pops into your brain cell. It was humorous at first but now even we are starting to feel embarrassed for you. We know your emotional opinion so move on to facts or get off the blog and spend your new free time getting rested for getting back to your long, hard working, making of a just getting by living.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take this time to point out what we can learn from the above NRU salesman’s post.


First of all he seems to get very angry at the idea of negotiating fees with your real estate broker. In fact the NRU salesman demands that you NEVER negotiate fees. I find this particularly humorous. Always negotiate all fees. The idea that you should go to a used car lot and buy a car at whatever price the salesman asks is crazy. NRU claims that you should not negotiate because that is how the salesman puts food on his table. These people need to go to a real business school; not a fairy tale school in make believe land. Oh and make sure that it is accredited because NRU is NOT!!!

There is a growing industry across the US that specializes in listing property for reduced fees. In some cases the fee is as low as one percent. Also, many agents who represent a buyer will credit back part of the commission to the buyer at closing. This is not illegal. What NRU sales boy is confusing this with are credits or referral fees that would affect the APR. Those are illegal. But give him a break he hasn’t learned that yet; he is a neophyte. NRU doesn’t want you to know that you can negotiate fees because their motivation is to get as much money from you as possible.


Another distraction that NRU employs is the “ad hominem” attack. This is another fallacy in logic like their red herring arguments. Whenever someone disagrees with them they use one of many different distraction techniques. In this case they accuse me of not being successful. Ignore this. It has no bearing on the validity of the information being presented.


Paying $20,000,000 to learn how to purchases real estate in any market is ridiculous. Learn this information for next to nothing. Part of NRU’s scam is to take basic information that anyone can learn for free and turn it into some top secret information that you can only get from them. The constant talk about short sales is proof. There is nothing new or secretive about short sales, lease options, credit repair or any of the other fantastic promises that they make. This is all basic information that you can learn anywhere for nearly free or get paid for learning it. Arm yourself with a real estate license or broker license and go out and learn the business on your own. It is not difficult. They make their money by tricking you into believing that you cannot learn this information on your own.
Remember don’t let them try to impress you with their fast, used car salesman talk. They are employing these sales tactics to get paid directly from your tuition.

PS – Our NRU salesman rattles on about the internet not being reliable or factual. Well I searched for REO and came up with dozens of banks sites listing their properties for sale. I have listed below the link for BOFA. You can pick a bank and search your area of interest and call the agent directly. It’s that simple and free. I bet the next NRU post will claim that BOFA in addition to the internet is not reputable!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back dodger. There are some grown-up words in your post finally. We apologize for compelling you to spend your limited free time looking them up.

Hey, what did the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and the Arizona State Attorney General’s office tell you when you reported Nouveau Riche? You forgot to update us in your last post.

This is about you dodger. It’s about people who spout off about things they don’t know about. It’s about people like you who have no creditability yet jump up and down and scream the loudest. You’ve held yourself out to be a reputable and knowledgeable source yet you’ve established no creditability and you offer unsound advice on topics you have only superficial knowledge of at best.

We do get upset when you recommend scamming a hard working real estate agent out of their justly earned commission. You want to list with a 1% agent or flat fee agent then do that. You want to get 6% commission work then pay the agents their full commission. You go ahead and scam your real estate agent into getting paid less for their work than they should but don’t advise other people to do that with their real estate agents. If an agent offers to take a lower commission, feel free to accept. Most will offer a lower commission once you do several transactions with them, without you even asking.

By the way, do you negotiate with the gas attendant for a lower price at the pump, your electric company on your bill, your grocery store cashier, your phone company on your phone bill, or your doctor for your visit? I mean, you do always negotiate all fees don’t you? Your attempt to distract our readers’ is laughable. We must believe you do understand that there are appropriate times to negotiate and appropriate times to pay full price. Would you like your employer to come and negotiate a lower paycheck for you while asking you to do the same tasks?

Do you want your agent to focus on your property? Then pay them their full commission. You might even want to offer a higher commission rate if you’ve got a good real estate deal. When you turn a $73,000 profit on one deal, paying the agents involved a higher commission than normal doesn’t hurt and it sure builds your team up. People can afford to do this dodger, if they’re an educated investor. You see dodger, there is plenty of room for everyone to get a piece of a good deal. Your skimp and scam recommendation will get you a bad reputation and no one will want to work with you. You will get no referrals and no repeat business. You will do one or two deals and then no one will work with you. Working honestly and sharing the wealth will have deals coming to your door without you even looking for them. Your call though; one uniformed, skimped and scammed people deal and no money left over and no friends in the business or an educated, profitable, fair and honest deal with money left over and a good reputation in the business. People, you decide which makes the most business sense.

Your recommendation, dodger, may get a lower commission price but it will also get your listing less attention from your realtor. Why would a realtor show prospects your property for a 2% commission when they can show an educated investor’s for a 3% or 4% commission? Your property sits on the MLS with no showings or offers and you wonder why. The educated investor’s property sells. Which makes more business sense; sit on your unsold listing with a 2% commission, lowering your asking price every month, until it expires, or sell the property in a couple of days and pay the full commission?

Now this may really surprise you dodger but most educated real estate investors do a majority of their real estate transactions without involving their real estate agent. You can do that when you are an educated investor much more successfully than an uneducated investor. Your uneducated status is what allows you to advise people to squeeze their agents. We teach real estate investors to find, fund, and close real estate deals without any real estate agent involved. An educated real estate investor will not need a real estate agent for many of their deals and will therefore pay no commission. This clearly makes better business sense than your uneducated, reduced, 1%, or flat fee commission rate. That’s another way an educated real estate investor will increase the profit without scamming anyone out of their duly earned commission.

Why are you asking people to do work for you and then paying them less than they should receive? Your problem is you make your statement from a position of scarcity and lack of business sense. Perhaps after 25 years of being in business that is why you still have to work so long and hard earning your living. You recommend nickel & diming a real estate agent into a lower commission so you can save money on your one purchase. That’s because you pay too much for the property to start with. That’s because you are uneducated in how to do more than one real estate deal. Your idea of a real estate deal is get a realtor, make a purchase offer $10,000 less than list price, agree to $5,000 less, go to closing, get the house, feel great about saving $5,000 until you find out your paid $25,000 more than you should have.

The way you should make your money, dodger, is negotiate the acquisition or sale price, not squeezing your agent’s commission. Once you start closing multiple deals with your real estate agent they will offer to reduce their commission. It’s due to the volume you produce for them. Same principle applies to Title companies and home inspectors. You just don’t know this happens because you’ve never done multiple real estate deals. We believe a person should get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. That’s what we teach. Your recommendation comes from a scarcity mindset and is focused on one purchase only. People, if you use a real estate agent, pay them their full commission.

We continue to acknowledge your agreement with us that Nouveau University is in the accreditation process.

By the way dodger, you continue to demonstrate ignorance of Nouveau Riche. Any person desiring to enroll in Nouveau Riche’s business or real estate education can negotiate with their “NR Salesman” for the best price they can get. Negotiate all day with that “NR Salesman”. They can part with any amount of their commission they feel like. If you were a decent negotiator you’d have been able to work something out and wouldn’t be so angry about being stuck outside, looking in, not knowing a thing about what goes on. After all, you negotiate on everything, right?

You have no idea what Nouveau Riche teaches – you’ve never been there. No need for you to comment on something you’ve never participated in.

We clearly tell everyone at our presentations that they can go to the library and check out real estate books for free. We clearly tell people they can participate in the $500 million dollar a year real estate “boot camp” programs. We even tell them they can do it on their own. Totally up to them. Why do you make statements about things you have no knowledge of? Do not comment on things you have absolutely no idea about. You compel us, at times, to believe you are a buffoon.

People, go get your real estate agent’s license if you want to be a real estate agent. It won’t teach you how to be a real estate investor. If it did, why don’t real estate agents own all the properties? Why do educated investors walk away from deals with huge profits, gladly paying their real estate agents full commission? Why does dodger tell you to go to real estate school? According to dodger, save your $300.00 and go get educated all on your own, for free, at the library.

The BOFA website is great. Thanks for posting that for everyone. There are, as dodger states, many sites like this. People, make sure you know how to invest in these properties and not lose money. These are bank owned properties. That means they didn’t sell while they were listed (if they were listed), they didn’t sell during the pre-foreclosure period, they didn’t sell at auction, and they haven’t sold yet as a REO (bank owned property). Know what you’re buying when you decide to buy a REO and make sure you get what you want and can do with it what you thought you could. Realize there are a lot of educated investors who have already looked at these properties and decided not to buy them. There might be a reason. There might be good deals as well. You have to do your due diligence well. Study extra hard at the library tomorrow if that’s the route you choose.

Want to be on a professional team that sees and creates value in real estate and people’s lives? Try our business and real estate education. Try our commission plan. Try our available community of services. Ready to get started being a part of the entrepreneurial world? Click on over to www.nouveauriche.com and click on every page and every link so you get a better understanding of what Nouveau Riche is about. Then email us.


While you’re at the library, dodger, check out a Judo book and then go enter a Judo competition. Read all the chapters and study all the pictures first. You still won’t own a single piece of real estate and you will place last in the Judo competition. So what, you didn’t have to even pay a dime to get yourself pummeled and the book was free.

Anonymous said...

I have read both your posts and I am not paying any of my money to this Nouveau rich.

It just sounds wrong!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making a decision. Get started doing something. Get a business of your own up and running for the tax benefits and part-time income.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Our NRU salesman makes a false claim regarding REO properties. He claims that the REO properties are problematic properties that no one wants. Hmmm, has our NRU sales boy read a newspaper this year. There are millions of REO's on the market today. There are various economic factors that have contributed to the increase in REO property. To suggest that all of those millions of REOs are problematic properties is simply ignorant thinking. And that is what we should expect from NRU. Idiotic thinking.

I met a wanna be NRU investor last year who bought three properties from the NRU investor concierge. The properties are located in Flint ,Michigan. Flint is probably the worst place in the world to buy investment property but NRU pushed the junk declining property on this poor smuck. He lost the down payment money, lost the property, and his twenty thousand for the quality UNACCREDITED NRU education.
And he had to pay $2500 to file for bankruptcy!

I would say if you want to be successful avoid NRU at all costs.

Does anyone ever wonder how the real estate investor world existed before NRU? They always seem to claim that any other way doing business that isn't NRU leads to failure. Why do they do this? Because they are salesman and they will do and say anything to get your money.

Notice the knuckle head above claims that he is successful, yet he doesn't even have a website. He uses free gmail.

He is a newby NRU salesman who has just drank the kool-aid. Once he goes through all of his family and friends he will quietly fade away.

This NRU salesman is an embarrassment of a human being...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back dodger. We would NEVER post our business website or email address on a site like this. Can you imagine the issues we would have to filter through with people like you? That truly would be a stupid decision and it’s strange you would even think someone would do that. What’s your email address and business website? Do you even have a business website? Why do you always have to resort to name calling? Do you have no intelligent way of expressing yourself? You did use grown-up words in an earlier post so we know you can.

You totally missed the point on REOs? We are currently researching many REOs. Three of them are properties listed on the very BOFA site you posted; two houses in Georgia and a residential lot in Florida. People, purchasing REOs can be a great investment. What we stated is that you need to do very careful research on these REO properties before you purchase them. We quote from our entry above, “There might be good deals as well. You have to do your due diligence well.”

Please stop telling us about your third party sob stories dodger. Give us documentable facts. You’ve given none so far and you’ve failed to follow through on anything you’ve stated. You still lack creditability. Please have some of your many Nouveau Riche acquaintances post blog entries about their miserable failures and wasted money. Give us facts – facts that clearly show they are not make believe stories.

Why do you scream so loud that this isn’t about you but you attack anyone who reports success? Would you prefer everyone to fail as you seem to have?

You seem to have avoided everything except negativism dodger. Is there anything you don’t belittle and complain about? It must be terrible to live such a negative and failure filled life as you do.

This blog is all about Nouveau Riche dodger. For sake of our reader’s enlightenment what do you think of Robert Kiyosaki’s real estate education program? Hey, why do we even ask, you dodge everything. What is your perspective on learning to successfully invest in real estate? Surely it isn’t your “just go to the library” comment. Do you even own any real estate investments – we don’t even care if you made or lost money – just tell us if you’ve ever ventured out of your box and actually invested in real estate. What have you done dodger?

We think you sponsor this blog and simply rant to provoke people and improve your site’s ranking on search engines. We see that you sell advertisements on this site as well. We are about finished helping you perpetrate this fraud.

No one has claimed Nouveau Riche is the only way. Only you’ve made that statement. We have also participated in the Rich Dad real estate education. We’ve read many of the free books from the library on real estate investing. We have bookshelves full of real estate investing books, CDs, and DVDs that we’ve purchased. We’ve never bought from the investor concierge, yet, and we’ve never lost money on any real estate. It’s about education and knowledge. It’s about taking educated action. It’s about accepting risk of loss and minimizing that risk through education and experience.

People; don’t just buy something because someone tells you to. Do your own research and then make an educated decision. Conversely, don’t disregard something just because someone tell you to. Do your own research and then make an educated decision.

We’ve provided plenty of facts and resources for anyone reading this to do their own research and make their own decision about Nouveau Riche. You want to get started on our team let us know. You have some serious questions you need answered let us know.


You want to do something besides Nouveau Riche – get after it! Do something! Don’t sit around like dodger and complain about everything and then wonder why nothing good ever happens to you.

Anonymous said...

All I can say after reading this NRU salesman post is that you are the real dodger. You never answer any questions that are brought up.

And by the way if you read through this blog or any other of the thousands of anti NRU blogs you will find that the other NRU salesman leave there actual email.
You don't because you just joined this month. So we expect that you will impress us with your new email soon.

By the way the name of this blog is "Is Nouveau Riche University a Scam?"

And it is clearly a scam.

Anonymous said...

Really dodger, is that the best response you could come up with?

How about you stop posting entries until you have something to contribute to a meaningful and intelligent discussion.

Thanks for implying that we purchased all our properties and enrolled 26 other people in just one month. People, remember, it has taken us 11 months with Nouveau Riche to do this. There is no "magic bullet" solution. It takes education, time, money, and work. The rewards are excellent.

Here's our week old, free email address again for you to contact us:


We have found agreement with dodger on another point and recommend, as far as Nouveau Riche is concerned, that you do in fact "proceed with caution" and get started.

Thanks for recommending this action to everyone every time you make a post dodger. You see, we can continue to find common ground and things we agree on.

People, you should proceed with caution when making any investment. Do your own research and make your own decision. The key is to "proceed" and get something done. We agree with dodger that you should proceed with Nouveau Riche. If not Nouveau Riche, we recommend you find something you can do as a part time business and begin reaping the benefits of being a business owner as well as the additional income you can make running your own business. By all means, we too encourage you to "proceed" with Nouveau Riche.

Anonymous said...

People do not waste your money with these NRU salesman. I do not advocate any involvement with these uniformed salesman. They know very little about investing and are only interested in taking your money.

If you talk to established investment professionals that are educated from real Universities not fake Unaccredited Universities like NRU you will learn to stay away from NRU.

Again if you do your research you will learn that these NRU people do not know what they are talking about. Please save your money and take your time in this down market to learn the business for free.


Anonymous said...

I thought that you piss ant losers were going to silence me!!! What is going on? Are you scum bags too busy ripping people off to make good on your threats?

Maybe I should cash $20k out of my 401k and give it to your bogus make believe university? I bet that would get your attention.

Unaccredited scam factory!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello dodger. Silencing you for a week was very easy. We hope you had a productive week. We did.

While you were left to ponder why no one responded to your last two posts we were in Mississippi purchasing 3 duplexes. We’re keeping two and assigning one. Each duplex can be enrolled in the Mississippi Development Authority’s (MDA) Small Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) netting the owning investor $73,000 per duplex. That’s $146,000 to us by about the end of December 2008 just for having two duplexes built. We will also be able to take a 50% federal tax deduction on each duplex for 2008. WOW!!! This, of course, doesn’t include the monthly positive cash flow we will have from the rents.

We hope, dodger, you had as profitable a week as we did – of course you did, you went to the library and checked out a book on “How to Invest in Real Estate”. What properties did you acquire last week, or the week before, or ever?

You’ll be happy to know, dodger, that none of these properties or financing are through Nouveau Riche. Just the knowledge acquired through the many different classes over the past 11 months that added up to this synergistic effect.

People, we put 3 duplexes under contract. We are keeping two. That means one is available for assignment as of the date of this post. If you’d like to take our remaining duplex on assignment email us for details at:


You too, dodger, are welcome to take this great deal from us by assignment of contract. Step up to the plate dodger and take a swing. This is a soft pitch to you. Real estate investing is simple and easy anyway. You should be able to knock this one out of the park and pick up a check for $73,000 in SRAP money from the MDA – before 1 JAN 09.

Talk about a Merry Christmas for you or the investor who gets this contract. With a $73,000 cash profit right off the bat you won’t have to pull any money out of your 401k to enroll in Nouveau Riche with us. You’ve got to be quick since the MDA SRAP round 2 program closes on 15 DEC 2008. Use the money from your 401k as the down payment and for our assignment fee on this duplex, collect the upfront $73,000 to pay back your 401k, pay off some revolving credit debt, and put some in the bank as reserve for a possible rainy day, and then take the 50% depreciation on your 2008 Federal Taxes. Home Run dodger!! You’re welcome!

Now dodger, don’t think you can throw water on the fire by saying something like, “If it’s such a good deal why don’t you keep all three?” As you know from your free education and experience in real estate investing there is a thing called “debt to income ratio”. Unfortunately, keeping all three duplexes puts us at a 53% debt to income ratio and our lender will only allow us to be at 50% or less. Since the rental house we built this year is less than two years old we couldn’t count that $335 positive monthly cash flow or the $40,000 in equity it already has, towards our current income or net worth. That means we can’t keep all 3 duplexes and get the loan. So rather than let a good deal go to waste, we will assign that 3rd duplex to another investor. Just so you don’t start jumping up and down about our loan structure we’ll let you know that it is a 30 year, fixed rate. You can probably do better than us though since you’re so well educated in these matters. Whoever picks up this deal from us will have to qualify for their own financing. We’re just selling our right to the contract to the investor who wants it (dodger, that explanation was for people who aren’t as savvy at real estate investing as you).

Some facts about the area these duplexes are in – Bay St. Louis, Mississippi:

The #1 appreciating market in the country…. If there were no additional layers of benefit, that would be enough to take a look at this market and it's long-term potential.

If you earn passive income OR if your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is $100,000 or less ($25k write-off against your AGI per year!), you can reduce or eliminate your current year taxes and offset future taxes for up to 20 years with Bonus Depreciation. If you qualify as a real estate professional, you can offset your entire income PLUS you can go back 5-years and recapture taxes you already paid to the IRS!!!

For the next 50 days or so, there's a window of opportunity to apply to receive, basically, FREE MONEY from the State of Mississippi in return for placing your rental property into voluntary rent control for a period of 5 years. The reduction in rent is small compared to the amount of money the State is giving. While not critical to the underlying investment, this icing on the cake is pretty sweet for those who get in now.

People, dodger, Investors - don’t take our untrained, uneducated, “rip-off” mentality as gospel for this investment. Here are some other reputable sources opinions:

#1 Appreciating market in the country (Housing Predictor)
- Projected strong 5-10 year growth curve...we're just at the beginning!

#1 Ranked market for Employment Growth (Moody's Economic Research)
- Diverse economy provides stability and lowers risk

#9 Fastest growing small metro (Forbes)

Huge Federal Tax breaks in this area – Gulf Opportunity Zone facts

Huge Mississippi State cash incentives – Small Rental Assistance Program

We’ve done the research for you again dodger, now it’s time for you to act. We’ve paid the price in time and dollars to go there, see the construction, talk with the builders, talk with the property managers, talk with the MDA reps, look at the area and meet local people. Get this deal on assignment from us, dodger, before someone else does. Put that library book education to practical use so you can tell people in January 2009 how you made such a smart investment after reading just one “How to Invest in Real Estate” library book.

Please speak again dodger.

Anonymous said...

I think we're dealing with wacko's here. Have you read this whole blog. The only thing that makes sense to me is to NOT sign up with NR. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
Hey to the "anonymous" right above me, you frickin SCARE me....
I was thinking of signing up but then I read this blog and did my researh talked to 6 other people who were scammed by NR it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

How is it “wacko” for us to put four families into new homes AND collect $146,000 from the State of Mississippi AND huge Federal tax incentives at the same time? How is it “wacko” to invest in an area with such economic growth and real estate appreciation going on? How is it “wacko” to collect $335 a month, after all insurance, taxes, management fees, and the mortgage is paid on a new construction rental house that has already appreciated $40,000 this year? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to state that having the ability to do so and yet not doing so would be “wacko”?

You might have missed it but this past weekend’s USA Today, in the Money section, talked about how real estate is on sale all across our nation and what great buys this makes for investors and people who want to own their own home. They cite a particular home in Stockton, CA that a few years ago sold for over $600,000 that was just bought in the $200,000 range. Same house, same neighborhood, excellent purchase price. Now is the exact right time for an educated investor to be purchasing real estate.

People, the time to buy investments is when prices are down – not when they are up. Might they go down further? Yes – so buy low enough now to minimize that risk. Now is the time to position for the market rebound. This is also a great time to be buying stocks. Take a look at Caterpillar, Verizon, and several others. None of you should fall into the trap of thinking any one thing is the magic solution. Nouveau Riche is just one way, albeit a great way, to become an educated real estate investor who can set their own investment criteria, regardless of the investment, do their own research, and make their own decision.

From the previous post: please share with us the details of how these six other people you talked to were “scammed” by Nouveau Riche. Just use their first names of course and how you met them. Why do they feel they were scammed? Why do you feel they were scammed? What did each of them actually tell you?

Maybe you could convince them to write their experiences with Nouveau Riche on this blog so everyone can read about it. It would be nice to hear from people who actually did enroll with Nouveau Riche tell us about how they were “scammed” instead of just reading about people’s feelings and the “bad taste in their mouth” when they haven’t actually ever participated in any of the Nouveau Riche education or products.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry did you say "6" I meant 8 and yes these are people I know personally. I could also say I know 4 more who are acquaintances.
I have personally seen NR rape the Hawaiian Islands with this CRAP. You Idiot you think I'd give out even their first name?
Read July 23, 2008 @ 7:07pm posting. The one who file Bankruptcy, his house is now in foreclosure. This is the outcome of your SCAM OF A SCHOOL.
You know I can't even read all your BLAH BLAH BLAH BLOG It's all been said already. READ THE WHOLE BLOG AND YOU'LL SEE.
You NR people come rape & go.....well
My closest friend is starting to come around a bit more. She's been able to tell me first hand that she believes she was SCAMMED!!!


What do I have to lose?

N O T H I N G !!!!!!!

What do you have to lose?



I'm to the point of saying "JUMP OFF A FRICKEN BRIDGE"

A hui hou..

Anonymous said...

You still didn’t tell us how 8 of your friends were scammed by NR. In case you hadn’t heard, there are record numbers of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and economic challenges all across America. Many people are working 2 and even 3 jobs in today’s economy. Most Americans have bought zero properties. Many people rent out rooms to make extra money. What is any different about your 8 friends and the rest of America that’s in trouble?

Will you also be blaming Nouveau Riche for the entire mortgage, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and employment situation going on in America or do you just apply that to these people you know? Then what’s causing these exact same problems for so many Americans that have never even heard of NR?

Your story is emotionally touching but there has to be more to it than NR when one looks around at everything going on in America right now. We wonder if there is any level of personal responsibility in there anywhere. Again, what was the scam? Just how was NR able to ruin all of your friends’ lives and your relationship with them? Is that possible? Really, everything was going along just fine until 8 of your friends enrolled with NR and then everything went bad. No, you said two of them had no issues. Now we’re down to 6. Please, get 1 of these 6 people or one of the 4 acquaintances you know to get on here and explain how they were scammed by NR.

The only way you could have lost your friendship with any of these people is if YOU stopped being their friend. Sounds like your friendship may have been conditional. That is not something we, NR, or your friends had any control over. That was a choice you made. We’ve had family and friends say no to NR but we’re all still friends.

What was the scam? What is the scam? How many times do we have to ask what the scam is before someone will tell us what the scam is?

While you figure out what the scam is here are some more facts for you to consider BEFORE anyone else claims that NR ruins people’s lives:

1. “More than 4 million US homeowners with a mortgage were at least one payment behind on their loans at the end of June, and 500,000 had started the foreclosure process, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.” http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2008/10/30/us_may_act_on_foreclosures/

2. 266,767 non-business bankruptcies filed during the three month period ending 30 June 2008. http://www.uscourts.gov/Press_Releases/2008/bankrupt_newstat_f23mos_jun2008.xls

3. Want to take a look at all the bankruptcy statistics available from the US Courts? Go to:

4. More then 5% of Americans are working 2 jobs according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the number may be higher than that. http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2008/09/24/pm_ip_working_poor# Click on the “Listen to this Story” link for the public radio story.

NR people live in their communities. Unlike many other companies who fly in salesmen for an evening or weekend of recruiting and then head off to the next city. NR does fly in it’s instructors for a day of free training but the people live in their community everyday. Did your 8 friends fly in, “rape & go”, or do they live there still? Please don’t make exaggerated statements like that.

We don’t have anything to lose by the way. The majority of the money we make is in real estate deals. Commissions for bringing other people to this awesome opportunity to improve their financial situation and knowledge of business and real estate is secondary and amounts to less than 1/10th of the money we’ve made working this real estate business part time. Oh yeah, all of us still have our day jobs. Just like we tell everyone we enroll, this takes time and work. There is no “magic get rich plan”. Don’t quit your job until you can afford to. What other opportunity do you have to offer where you can make a minimum of $1,000 per commission legally? That is a great boost to almost any American's monthly income. To have that opportunity costs you only $75.00.


So, what is the scam?

nru monopoly said...

anonymous may i say its funny to see so many uneducated idiots!!! harp and complain, and touch on some parts of what we do! if you would care to learn outside the box teddy call or come see +

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster I am sorry to hear about how your 8 friends were ripped off by these scam artists.

You can see from the recent postings that they are back to making up all their claims about buying property and making money. It is really entertaining reading.

They talk about how you can make a $1000 per deal in commission like that is some huge achievement. If $1000 is big money to them than they don't have much of a compensation history to speak of.

Also don't be impressed by all the statistics and claims that they rattle on about here. The claims about foreclosures, people working two jobs, people in debt; ignore this information. Although it is mostly true information what does it have to do with giving these thieves $20,000? These bits of information can be found by opening a newspaper or using google. IS THIS EVERYDAY INFORMATION WHAT YOU LEARN FOR $20,000? There is a lot of foreclosures today!!! Thats brilliant NRU let me get my check book out and pay you $20,000 for that very hard to find data!

As far as the claims to making money on the triplexes that they claim they purchased; its most likely false. This is typical for the NRU salesman. They are all BIG TIME INVESTORS when you talk to them. Its all a lie. Sometimes you can catch several NRU sales scum all claiming that they purchased the same property. They are not even clever enough to make up their own lies.

As far as the actual claim it is very unsophisticated. They are predicating their research on magazines and free websites. Extremely uneducated and typical of a fake unacredited university. People from a business school would never consider using these research tools.

There are many gulf coast like development programs out there. Actually there are thousands of economic and real estate development plans across the United States this is nothing new. And all you have to do to learn about them is contact the local county government with a phone call or HUD.

None of this information that NRU salesboy has presented is remarkable. It is historic and highly inaccurate information. Don't buy information based on a free website, articles in Forbes Magazine and the advice of a novice NRU salesman. Use your brain and stay away from these people. Plus you can do anything that he has presented here on your own.

Please keep your money and don't give it to these hacks.

Anonymous said...

Can the NRU salesman using the post name "NRU Monopoly" please take a high school grammar class before posting again?

NRU should be teaching literacy to these guys. They would probably be more successful if they had basic grammar skills.

Also, saying things like,"think out of the box" is so ridiculous. I mean really are you that green?

Anonymous said...

Hey, dodger! Welcome back. It’s been a couple of days. We’ve missed your input. You have to keep up with the blog our friend before you post something.

They’re duplexes, not triplexes (but whatever, facts don’t matter).

The minimum $1,000 commission isn’t on a real estate deal. Pay attention now, it’s on marketing – you know, the only thing “NR salesmen” do (but whatever, facts don’t matter). Are you now going to tell us that a $1,000 commission, per sale, is chump change? We think you’d offend many a blog reader if you claimed that. We suppose if you’ve made over $31,000 in a single month that maybe $1,000 is on the low end. Pretty good when $1,000 extra is a bad month.

By the way, what’s wrong with a $1,000 profit on a real estate deal? You’re not suggesting losing money is more appropriate are you? If you are, head back to the library and check out a book about running a “for profit” business and the concepts of money that go with that.

So, when are you going to pick up the duplex purchase contract we have for assignment for you? Real estate is easy as you know. We’ve got the assignment contract ready to go – just need you to contact us for your details and to send us the assignment fee. When we know the check didn’t bounce the purchase contract is yours.


How about you enlighten our readers on what a great deal you’re picking up from us. Wait – how’s that possible? “NR salesmen” don’t do real estate yet here we are offering you the opportunity to pick up a great property, in a great growth area, with great tax benefits, with a potential $73,000 SRAP payment to the owner, and it’s got nothing to do with Nouveau Riche. Save $20,000 and look up all the data on-line for free, at your local city library’s internet connection. Or, skip the facts since facts don’t matter to you.

Time to pull the trigger dodger – do a deal. It’ll probably be your first investment property so we’ve made it a great one for you. By the way, despite all the economic growth, employment facts, vacancy facts, building codes, projected appreciation, etc you could still lose money – but it would be hard with this one. No investment is risk free. We’ve minimized it as much as possible for you though (but whatever, facts don’t matter).

Now, as you know from your library book, “Wholesale For Dummies” (strange how that title seems to fit so well for you), you do realize that after we assign you the contract you will still have to qualify to get a loan for the purchase – we’re not doing that part for you. There is a “no return” policy that goes with assignment of the contract. You can’t come crying back to us that you can’t get a loan because your credit is bad, you don’t make enough at your jobs, you got scared because you read slow and didn’t finish your library book, “Understanding Mortgages For Dummies”. No worries though, dodger. We’ve set this up as good as possible for you. With your wealth and business and real estate knowledge closing the deal should be easy.

Hey, any word back from Arizona yet about the NR scam you reported? We didn’t forget that you said you were going to make those reports. What – did they ask you for some facts (maybe facts do matter for some things)?

By the way – we’re still waiting for any of you to tell us what the “NR scam” actually is (but whatever, facts don’ matter – especially when you have none to offer).

proceed with caution! said...

I'm converted! Nouveau Riche is awesome. I actually looked at some facts and realized I'd been wrong for a long time.

I'm so sorry for having steered so many people wrong about this awesome opportunity called Nouveau Riche. Please, take a look at the facts, like I did tonight. Then find your nearest NR Salesman and sign up.

I don't advise "proceeding with caution". I advise you "Enroll Now!" so you can make it to the December 2008 college and so you can start making some of those huge commission checks!! Even the small $1,000 checks will help a lot of American families live a better quality of life.

See you all there in December. Thanks for not giving up on me NRenroll@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

The above post is another NRU lie. It is typical for the NRU salesman to make fake posts and sign someone else's name on it. The post is FAKE just like their FAKE university.

This is another example of how these scumbags will do anything to get your money.

I was considering making a fake post as a NRU salesman but I just can't bring myself down to the disgusting level of the typical NRU salesman.

The above FAKE post is more proof of the criminal mentality of these scam artists. They will make up stories and lie to get your money.


PS- I will never advocate NRU. If anyone ever reads a post signed "Proceed with Caution" that advocates NRU please realize it is another dishonest scam being perpetrated by the NRU salesman.

Anonymous said...

Disregard that last post by dodger. He has posted so much crap on here it is incredible. He says he’s thought about posting bogus entries on here but just can’t bring himself to do it – yeah right! You think someone actually typed that entry by “nru monopoly” and dodger just happened to be able to comment about it?

Who would put such an obvious “fake” post on here on Halloween night just to scare the crap out of dodger when he read it and sign it with a ;-)? Ok, we did that one because despite dodger’s continual crap load of emotion we can still have a life. By the way, it was quite obviously a “fake”. Glad dodger showed some of his true colors in his response to it.

Note that the heading isn’t how dodger types his “Proceed With Caution!” crap. It did cause dodger to tell all of you that he has “thought” about posting fake crap on here but fortunately for all of us he hasn’t been able to “bring (him)self down to that disgusting level”. Seriously dodger, cut the crap.

Hey, dodger, you didn’t have any problem ripping people off on their mortgages the past 20 years. How many sub-prime mortgage loans are you responsible for dodger? How many of those people are broke now and have been foreclosed on? How many interest only, 3 year ARMs did you scam people into? How many zero down, stated income, cash back at closing mortgages are you responsible for? How many $500 credit reports did you bilk people for? Your scam mortgages are full of profit centers for people like you to scam people out of their money. Talk about making your money scamming people dodger. You didn’t give a crap as long as you got your cut.

Sucks to be in the mortgage business right now doesn’t it. No wonder you have to work so long and hard now – not as easy to rip people off now is it? Maybe you won’t end up in jail for mortgage fraud.

You’re a huge part of the problem dodger. You work in an industry that has zero barriers to entrance and you put more money in your pocket the better you gouge a person and rip them off on the mortgage you have them sign. What type of spread are you making now days on your rip off mortgages? Do you even tell the buyers you scam about your broker’s spread?

Hey dodger, how is that genius advice you gave about foreclosure sales being bundled up and sold by banks to Wall Street working out now?

From dodger, “The bank salvages what it can from the depreciating asset and moves the remaining funds into something that Wall Street wants. The bank uses the funds to invest in something that appreciates and will earn them a return!”

You’re so full of crappy advice it’s amazing. Your line of thinking and action is what has caused so many banks and financial businesses to collapse just this year. What an awesome return and appreciation all those financial institutions got. You’re a genius, dodger. Your untrained and uneducated self-serving thinking is just the place for fools to be parted from their money.

You and your unregulated, out of control, uncertified, untrained, uneducated, just hang a sign on your door and “poof, I’m a mortgage broker” industry have wreaked havoc on people’s lives, finances, and that crap you sold got bundle up and sent to Wall Street. Now look where we are. You dodger, are the one ripping people off and destroying lives.

Oh wait; maybe you’re one of those mortgage guys who paid $500.00 for a DVD about how to become a mortgage broker. Is that you dodger? Is that how you got into the mortgage business? Probably not. They didn’t have DVDs when you started. Maybe you ordered the tape set?

You’ve had no accountability on this blog dodger. You spout off about whatever you feel like and back it up with no facts. You slander Nouveau Riche and people who are involved with Nouveau Riche. You back it up with nothing but your own, self-professed crap. Half the entries on here since February 2008 are yours dodger – ones you claim and ones you faked. You are full of crap and have nothing to contribute.

Hey, dodger – you still haven’t told anyone what “the scam” is. That’s why you’re dodger. You dodge any statement that doesn’t fit into your make believe world.

Hey, dodger – any word back from Maricopa County on the NR “scam” you said you were going to report?

Hey, dodger – why do you insist on publishing your own stupidity? We’ve told you numerous times now that there is no NRU. There is NR and there is NU. Oh, wait; we forgot – facts are irrelevant to you.

Hey, dodger – why have you gone back to saying it’s a “fake” university? Even you previously acknowledge it is a real university. We all agreed that it just isn’t finished with the accreditation yet. Perhaps you slipped back into your make believe world?

Don’t concern yourself dodger. Like you said – disregard the facts. Let’s just sensationalize emotion on here.

Hey, dodger, if you don’t have to be accountable for anything you say on here why would anyone else? Besides, you’re the one who tells readers to ignore or disregard all the facts provided. We might as well just all start playing make believe on here like you do.

Posted by the “piss ant loser idiots” – for real!

Anonymous said...

Robert Kiyosaki talks about "The Perfect Business"; direct sales.

Copy & Paste this link into your web browser and watch the 11 minute YouTube video by him.


Dodge this dodger! Maybe you'll just say Robert Kiyosaki is a "piss ant loser" who has only "fake" business experience. Whatever - you're so much more knowledgable and successful.

As we've stated, Nouveau Riche allows people to build a business in direct sales and to learn to acquire real estate as well. Nouveau Riche is a direct sales opportunity - exactly what Robert Kiyosaki talks about as "The Perfect Business".


We've said it before; this will take work, time, and dedication. There is no guarantee you'll ever make a dime of profit. At least with Nouveau Riche you have the opportunity to become financially free. If not Nouveau Riche, do something. There are many choices available in home based business direct sales. Everyone of them has a "scam" page you can find on line. Everyone of them also has some very successful and wealthy people. PICK ONE AND DO IT! Don't quick - learn, adapt, and make it work.

We invite you to enroll with us and get started changing your life. So what if it takes 5 years to reach the level of success you want. At least you reached it. What's your option doing what you're doing now?


Hey dodger, we aren't going to hold that duplex for you much longer. Make a decission and let us know.

Oh yeah, what is the "scam" exactly?

Anonymous said...

Our NRU salesman is again displaying his ignorance. He babbles on about sub-prime loans and $500 credit reports. First of all, these are activities associated with mortgage brokers not capital markets. My experience was in Capital Markets/Mortgage banking not a mortgage broker. Capital markets only deals in closed mortgages or the associated collateral securities and do not deal with the public. And yes the system in still alive and well with GSE business.

The glaring proof that these NRU idiots have no experience in this business is the claim about the $500 credit report. That claim is to me proof that this NRU saleman has never been involved with any, NOT ONE, real estate transaction.

As bad as mortgage brokers were with excessive fees $500 credit reports did not exist. Loan management software would not allow a loan to move to funding status with such a blatant error. Lender and investor QC would not allow such a blatant error. A HUD or FHA audit would catch this and put any lending licensure in jeopardy. Secondary markets would trigger a buy back status for any loan containing such a blatant error.

Also HUD closing protocol requires that all 3rd party vendor fees are backed up with a matching receipt. No receipt no fee can be charged on the final HUD. Escrow would not release funds or even request funds for closing with such a blatant error. There is no such thing as a $500 credit report. I could go on.

It is amazing to me that a loan processor with a week of experience would know this but our supposed NRU salesman expert doesn't know this. This is because they are fake professionals from a fake UNACCREDITED university.

More proof that these guys are only experienced in getting your money. Plus they post fake posts and lie about it until they are caught.

NRU salesmen are pathetic thieves!!

Anonymous said...

Hey dodger, you didn’t address anything about Nouveau Riche except your emotional beliefs again. Why can’t you just state what the NR “scam” is?

All you did was confirm that you are part of an unregulated, uneducated, uncertified profession with zero barriers to entrance. No wonder your profession’s greed and scamming contributed so heavily to the current collapse of the housing and financial markets. You sound proud your role in destroying American family dreams and finances; after all, you got paid on all your deals didn’t you! The more you gouged the price, the more you made. Mortgage banking is working out oh so fine right now isn’t it dodger. You said your experience “was” in capital markets/mortgage banking. What happened, lose your job in the meltdown your industry helped create or did you scam and gouge so much money out of the system you were able to comfortably retire while the rest of America melts down at your expense?

Really, stop lying about all the pathetic “checks and balances” and software programs that would stop such scam loans from being written. Clearly, that crap didn’t happen and now our nation is suffering because of greedy scammers like you who wrote and sold bad mortgages, knowing you were screwing the uneducated people accepting them. We suppose your defense of these indefensible scamming activities is due to your selective wishing away of facts. Steve, turn on the news or pick up a newspaper. Your checks and balances failed because they were overridden by your greed.

It wasn’t so much the educated investors getting caught paying all those scam charges on a mortgage, but non-investor, owner buyers and their families. Your industry preyed on the uneducated, owner occupied, purchasers. Your industry even encouraged and pushed them in to borrowing more than they could afford with your scam loans, zero down, interest only, 3 year ARMs because it meant more money in your pockets. Your industry’s scam would have continued working if real estate prices had kept going up but the bubble burst and so did your scam industry practices.

Nouveau Riche doesn’t focus on making a person a mortgage broker. Nouveau Riche teaches what to watch for so you don’t get caught when dealing with a lying, cheating, scamming mortgage broker. You have no idea what Nouveau Riche teaches because you’ve never been there. This is just you making up your fantasyland of speculation. We’re sure there are honest, reputable, mortgage people out there. In fact, we know there are because we’ve used them to purchase great investment properties. We’ve also seen and dealt with the “less than reputable” brokers. Once identified as greedy scammers, trying to gouge us, we go somewhere else. Too many people didn’t know the difference and that’s why your industry has so financially screwed America and the world.

Did you think that attending a few classes would make someone an expert? Knowledge, Action, and Experience lead to the title of “expert”. We’re obviously back to your lottery mentality of over-night success and riches. An educated person can ask the “hard questions” about their loan products. Surprisingly, when they do, those fees and charges usually get eliminated or significantly reduced. Knowing that you can negotiate these expenses on a mortgage document is just one of the few things Nouveau Riche teaches. Wasn’t it you who said, “Negotiate Everything”? Your industry preyed on people who didn’t know any better and took your untrained, uneducated, uncertified, greedy, scam artist, “professional” recommendations when they got into loans they knew in their hearts they couldn’t afford.

All those well educated financial gurus, who came from top notch, fully accredited, “real” universities that you advocate so heavily brought this huge financial meltdown on us. You’re just proud to be one of them. Why wouldn’t you. After all, you yourself claim to have made a lot of money from your scam deals. Maybe all you geniuses should have read a few more library books before scamming and screwing so many people and the “system”. Whatever, you made your money!

Talk about an organization of lying, cheating, greedy, scamming people – let’s talk about your industry and profession. Your industry’s crimes are on the nightly news and in all the newspapers around the world. How dare you cast stones at Nouveau Riche to try and divert attention from the responsibility and shattered glass house you and your industry find yourself in!
You and your kind are dream stealers and dream destroyers. You seek to deny people a legitimate path to financial freedom. You destroy their shot at prosperity in order to line your own pockets. You seek to deny them the opportunity to get on a road to success. You counsel to ignore facts. Your ignorance of facts is what got us where we are today!

Why do you continually dodge even the simplest of questions; what is the Nouveau Riche scam? Why can’t you just state what the scam is so we can address it?

No counter to what Robert Kiyosaki says about direct sale businesses? Can’t handle a “piss ant loser idiot” of his stature and success in your fantasyland of no facts?

No word back on the status of the “crimes” of Nouveau Riche you reported to Maricopa County authorities?

You can’t even state what the “scam” is. That’s because there is no “scam” and try as hard as you can you can’t invent one.

How about you stop posting until you can at least state what you think the “scam” is that you throw a tantrum about every time you get on here?

Anonymous said...

Hey NR DUMBS#@T!!!

If you are getting people to pay money for your FAKE University.




If they were paying with fake money then I'm wrong.

You NR guys are almost at the edge of the plank.......


Anonymous said...

How is paying for education and information a scam? People pay for all kinds of education and information. Some, but not nearly all, of the education and information people pay for are:

Private Schools, Colleges, Universities, research information, professional licensing, trade school, personal information, business information, marketing information, newspapers, books, magazines, real estate investing, stock investing, you name it – people pay for all kinds of education and information.

Information is for sale everywhere. Paying for an education and information is not a scam.

We’ve already established Nouveau University is not a “fake” university. However, because you are somewhat uninformed we believe you are not referring to Nouveau University. We believe you are referring to Nouveau Riche and the classes taught there. Please clarify which entity you are in fact talking about so we can better address your erroneous education “scam” statement.

By the way, we non-concur with your “DUMBS#@T” statement. Our speculation (that’s a fancy word for guess) is we are each individually and collectively much better educated than you and hold much more productive and responsible professional positions in our careers than you do. We do appreciate the fact that you were at least willing to make a statement about what you thought the scam was. For some people that has proved impossible for them to do. Thank you for stepping up and we look forward to your refined statement.

Ken said...

You're right, there's nothing wrong with paying for information and an education. The problem is that you call NR a University. That's an insult to those of us who actually went to a university.

I've actually seen people list NRU under "college attended" on LinkedIn and FaceBook. That's a joke.

NRU is a vocational school at best. It has as much educational validity as a Tony Robbins seminar.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input Ken. We’ve attended multiple “real” universities and have been awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees. None of us have yet had the opportunity to attend a Tony Robbins seminar so we really can’t compare what one learns there with what one learns at a Nouveau Riche class. We suspect though, that the education and information is different since it is our understanding that Tony Robbins’ focus is on personal development and Nouveau Riche’s focus is on real estate and other business information. We therefore would not attempt to draw a comparison between the two.

Although none of us have attended a vocational school, we’d like to think that there is a lot of educational validity there and that a lot of people get a good or new start at life through the education and skills they receive there.

Here’s where there still seems to be a lot of confusion – There is no Nouveau Riche University.

We keep posting here that there is no Nouveau Riche University but no one seems to grasp this information. There is Nouveau Riche, which is what we assume most people are thinking about when making comments on this blog, and there is Nouveau University. These are different entities, with different instructors, with different endstates. We must all come to a clear understanding of this in order to properly move forward addressing “scam” concerns about this education and information.

Nouveau Riche classes are half day (3 credit), full day (6 credit), or two day (12 credit) in length. These are the classes that one can physically attend in Phoenix, Arizona and is what many of you are thinking about when you comment on the education, information, and “university” status. These class sessions are held for a 6 day period, anywhere from 4 to 6 times a year. These 6 day class sessions are referred to as “college”. This Nouveau Riche entity DOES NOT award any degree. It does not have “professors” or other academics teaching the classes. These classes are taught by instructors who do what they teach for a daily living. For example, the instructor who teaches the real estate Wholesaling class owns a real estate wholesaling business and make his living doing wholesale deals right now, in today’s market. The instructor who teaches the Basic Tax and Legal classes is a practicing attorney and CPA who makes his daily living doing law and accounting. The instructor who teaches about Retirement Plans owns a self-directed retirement plan company and makes his money doing that business every day, in today’s market.

The list of Nouveau Riche instructors and their biography’s are available at: http://www.nouveauriche.com/education/instructors.htm.

The list of available classes taught at Nouveau Riche is at: http://www.nouveauriche.com/education/curriculum.htm.

Many of the classes taught at the Nouveau Riche “college” week are also available on-line, if a person purchases the top tuition education and information package from Nouveau Riche. These on-line classes are available to those students 24/7 and do not count against their in-class credits. In other words, this student can view the on-line classes as often as desired and still use their full allotment of purchased tuition credits attending the physical classes.

Now let’s address Nouveau University. This is the entity that dodger and we had earlier discussed. Nouveau University does award Associate and Bachelor degrees. Nouveau University is run by academics and has professors who teach classes. These classes are conducted on-line, through distance education learning. Nouveau University currently is not an accredited university, but is, nevertheless, authorized to award legitimate degrees. Nouveau University is working through completing the accreditation process and will be an accredited University. If you would like more details about Nouveau University those links are provided below.

You can find out about Nouveau University at: http://www.nouveauuniversity.com.

You can find out about the degree programs at: http://nouveauu.com/programs.html.

You can find the university contact information at: http://nouveauu.com/Contact.html.

Nouveau Riche also sells education and information about real estate and business through a 15 volume CD & DVD set. This is called the “R2E2” which is short for Residential Real Estate Encyclopedia. This is intended to be a standalone home reference library. You can find out more about this education and information product at: http://www.nouveauriche.com/education/r2e2.htm.

Nouveau Riche also sells an on-line education and information package referred to as “SEEK” which is short for Super Entrepreneurial Encyclopedia of Knowledge. This is also a standalone product. You can find out about this business education and information package at: http://www.nouveauriche.com/education/seek.htm.

There is no “scam” going on with Nouveau Riche or Nouveau University education and information products. The products deliver. The education and information contained in them will not in and of themselves make you wealthy or make you an entrepreneur or successful business person. You will still have to apply what you learned to make the information anything other than “good to know stuff”. It’s what you do with the information that will determine if you get “paid” from what you learned.

We invite all of you to enroll with Nouveau Riche on our team. To get started or for more information email us at:


Hopefully this has cleared up the education “scam” misconceptions. Please share with us other misconceptions out there about the Nouveau Riche “scam” so we can properly address those as well.

Anonymous said...

If you check on the internet there are millions of websites and blogs referring to these guys as scam artists. I don't know anything about this but is really looks like a scam to me.

ken said...

I stand corrected about the difference between NRU and NU.

However, I do have a close friend of mine who only attended NRU (of course he no longer does anything and he's out 20k), but he's one of the one's who lists NRU as his college attended.

I've seen other people do that too.

Anonymous said...

There are not “millions” of websites that refer to Nouveau Riche as a “scam”. There are some, but there are not millions. Let’s put this in context though; there are websites that say the Holocaust never occurred, websites that say America is a “scam”, websites that say Social Security is a “scam”, websites that say the stock market is a “scam”, there are websites that say religion is a “scam”, and so on. If you want to find a “scam” just do an internet search and you will probably be able find someone who thinks what you’re researching is a “scam”. Many of the “scam” websites simply direct you to their non-scam site, belief, opportunity, event, etc. Of course, someone else thinks that’s a “scam” too.

The internet is a great way to share valuable information. It is also a great way to disseminate completely worthless information. In both cases, you get information. It’s up to you to figure out that information’s value.

If you feel Nouveau Riche is a “scam” we probably can’t convince you otherwise so drop your “looking at it” excuse and move on to something else that does feel right for you. We’ve stated all along that if Nouveau Riche isn’t the opportunity for you then find another that is.

If you think Nouveau Riche has something to offer that will help you become financially better off than you are now you are also right so drop your “looking at it” excuse and get started.


If you have questions about Nouveau Riche we’ll answer them. If you want to keep posting entries that say Nouveau Riche is a “scam” do so but at least state why you think it is a “scam” so we can address those issues unlike the ridiculous entry just recently posted: “I don't know anything about this but it really looks like a scam to me”.

If you don’t know anything about something how valid can your opinion be taken one way or the other? Come on, really? You don’t know anything about something yet you think it is a scam? One can’t appropriately respond to statements like because there really is nothing to say other than go find out something about it, then form your opinion or belief, and then make your statement. Statements like this are like someone who lives in the Sahara Desert saying, “I’ve heard of snow but I’ve never seen it so I don’t believe it’s real.”

We have absolutely no control over what anyone posts on their websites, blog entries, facebook, myspace, in the newspaper, or wherever. If someone is proud of the fact that they attended a Nouveau Riche college week, and learned a lot of valuable information, and wants to post that somewhere we don’t have a problem with it and we also have no control over it. If you want to discredit an entire program because someone posted it on their facebook entry – that’s up to you. We would not recommend basing a decision that could dramatically improve your financial situation on someone’s facebook entry. Take that information, along with the totality of information available, and make your decision.

In Ken's last post he states that his friend no longer does anything (with NR) and is just out $20K. That does not make NR a "scam". Ken's friend made a couple of choices: first to get started with Nouveau Riche and second to stop doing anything. Nouveau Riche had no control over either of those choices made by Ken's friend. Nouveau Riche did not "scam" him into starting or stopping. Ken's friend could easily start doing Nouveau Riche again. When someone never puts any effort into something, whether it be Nouveau Riche or any other project, that does not make that "thing" a "scam". It just means the person put no effort into it. When a person stops putting effort into something, that does not make that "thing" a "scam". It just means the person stopped putting effort into it. When one puts no effort or stops their effort in an endeavor, it is very predictable that the endeavor will produce no results. This does not make the "thing", in this case Nouveau Riche, a "scam" unless one wants to say that the person themself "scammed" themselves out of their money by not putting or continuing their effort.

We look forward to being able to address the next “scam” thought.

ken said...

The "scam" comments come from the fact that there are many NR people (you may not be one of them)who go around telling people that they are real estate investors and NR has changed their life, but they haven't really done anything.

Of course they say this because they have a vested interest in others joining. That's the problem.

If NR wants to lose the "scam" reputation, it needs to dump the tuition referral system. That's created a lot of foot soldiers who lie and mislead the public in order to make money.

Of course I understand that's their bread and butter so it won't go away, but if you are going to associate yourself with a business (that may have legit elements to it) but encourages it's people to behave this way, then you'll have to deal with the "scam" comments.

Anonymous said...

Ken, your comments are refreshing. Thank you for finally saying what we suspected the main “scam” argument is – the commission money. Thank you also for acknowledging the possibility that Nouveau Riche may not be a “scam”. Someone will now say you are just a NR salesman “faking” to be something else.

First, we completely agree that to be or say you are a real estate investor you should at least own one investment real estate property. If they own no investment properties they should say they are working on becoming real estate investors. There are a lot of people in Nouveau Riche who don’t own real estate. We think, and agree with you, that people who make money on the commission side of Nouveau Riche should invest some of that money into real estate. After all, the intent behind Nouveau Riche is to teach and assist a person in learning to invest in, and thereby generate passive income from, real estate.

So, here are a few of our thoughts on this, “they don’t own any real estate themselves; they just market for the money” “scam” issue:

1. Nouveau Riche does not force anyone to buy real estate. A person can do whatever they want with their commission money. NR has no control over what they do with that money. Most people probably take their first few commissions and use it to pay off their outstanding debts. We chose to carry that debt for a while in order to use our commission money to invest in real estate deals that will or are generating even bigger returns than the commission money, will pay off all our debt, leave money left over, and we will still own the income generating assets. This is exactly what Robert Kiyosaki writes about in his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. It wasn’t our job moneys that let us do this; it was our NR commission money. Don’t let your future be determined solely by what someone else does or doesn’t do. Apply the principles of wealth building however you think they will best serve you.

2. Many people in NR do not make huge commission checks. That’s just a fact, as it is for many direct sales and marketing opportunities. It’s not because these programs are “scams” – see our comments below. Many NR people don’t have the cash or credit to actually purchase real estate yet, even after attending a NR class. You of course, will rightly state, “Use what they learn to do no money down deals or partner with someone who does have money and credit”. NR is not some “magical overnight” solution to money and real estate investing. The education and information are great, but a person still has to get out and take action to apply what they learned.

3. Many of you are thinking right now, “of course they have no money to invest; they paid NR $20,000 when they could have used that to buy a house.” Again, you’re right. They could have done that. But, with no knowledge or experience in real estate investing doing that is simply gambling that they will get a good property, at a good price, with good financing, with good property management. Might as well just take that $20,000 to a Biloxi, Mississippi casino and bet it all on red. You might say, “Well they will manage the property themselves.” That is another possibility of course but again, with no knowledge just how well will they do? How will they screen tenants, evict tenants (some people don’t pay rent), comply with fair housing laws, comply with ADA laws, keep rent rolls, and everything else that goes into running a successful rental property? Learning how to do this and then getting into real estate investments, we think, is a much wiser and secure method, for becoming a real estate investor. Learn how to do it right and turn that $20,000 into multiple investments rather than just one property you took a gamble on.

4. Even though NR teaches how to do many types of real estate deals and provides a community of supporting companies to assist their investors, people are still people. Some, perhaps many, are still not going to take action or won’t be able to afford to take action. That does not make NR a “scam”. NR delivers a tremendous education and provides great services to assist investors but if the person takes no action on what they learn, they will not acquire real estate investments or deals.

5. Just because a person takes one or two real estate investing classes does not mean they will go out and build or buy the next Trump Towers. It doesn’t matter whose education they take. The opportunity is there, the knowledge is available, but generally speaking, after you walk out of your first week of classes you still won’t have the experience required to do that. Most people, if they start at all, will start small, gain experience, and progressively move into bigger and more profitable (and riskier) investment opportunities. That doesn’t make NR a “scam”.

6. How long does it take for a brain surgeon to actually become an “operating room qualified” brain surgeon? First of all, we don’t know. The analogy here though is you just don’t walk in off the street, read a brain surgery book, take a couple “brain surgery classes”, and then open up your own “brain surgery clinic”. The same logic can be applied to real estate investors. It may take some time before someone gets everything lined up, including conquering their own fear, before they actually buy an investment property regardless of how many books they’ve read, classes they attended, coaching sessions they’ve been to, or money they’ve made.

7. Don’t let someone else’s success or failure be the sole determinant of what you’re going to do. Does it really matter how much money, properties, or success they’ve had? NO. What matters is how this will work for you. Do you believe you can be successful with NR is the question you have to answer. Some people make over a million a year with NR. Some people make zero dollars and own zero properties and there is a full range of success in between. None of this makes NR a success or a “scam” for you. What makes NR a success or “scam” for you is what you put into it and what you get out of it. Can you be successful, will you stick with it, and will you take the required action are the only questions you have to answer. If you see the opportunities then get involved. If you don’t, don’t.


Dropping to commission money will not drop the “scam” comments about Nouveau Riche. There are many real estate education companies that offer real estate education and pay no commission for referrals. They too are referred to by many as “scams”. We’ve taken courses and programs from these, as well as bought and read $19.95 books from the bookstore. They are still called “scams” by many. We disagree and have experienced only quality education and information from all of them. We’ve spent more on these other programs BEFORE we got into NR than we spent for everything offered by NR. We’ve referred people to these other programs BEFORE we knew about NR and received no commission for doing it. In our experiences, NR is the best thing going for learning to invest in real estate and learning how to become an entrepreneur and we like receiving commissions for our referrals to NR. It’s these very commissions that allowed us to start applying everything we’d learned at all these classes, seminars, and read in the books. It’s the commissions to the NR students that gives them the opportunity, or choice, to break free and invest! It’s one of the many things that makes NR so different. All those other real estate education companies keep all the money and give none to the student.

What the “scam” really boils down to is people pay money for something expecting it to make them wealthy with little effort. When they find out it takes time, money, knowledge, work, etc they quite. Then they say the opportunity was a “scam”. It wasn’t a “scam” and the opportunity will work. People just have to commit the time, effort, money, etc to learning how to succeed in their opportunity or business and then take the action required to become successful.

We often expect to go from zero experience in something – such as direct sales marketing – and overnight become a millionaire. It almost never works that way. It can take years and several opportunities before one finds themselves becoming successful. That does not mean it was a “scam”. It means we have to learn a new way of doing things, a new mindset, all of that corny self-development and seminar crap that is so hokey. What people rarely see is that the successful, wealthy, “scam” artist on stage, hyping everyone up with good music and pictures of fast cars, big houses, and grand yachts, took several years of failure, multiple part-time jobs for cash just to by half a tank of gas to get to his next meeting, spent thousands of dollars on personal development books, CDs, seminars, and personal coaching BEFORE they became successful.

NR is not a “scam”.








NR ISN'T A SCAM!!! said...







Anonymous said...

I spit on my hand before I shook the hand of Jim Piccolo..........

He's a crook !

We all know......(all the smart one's)

Anonymous said...

It is great to see that this blog accomplishes its goal of showing potential victims that nouveau riche is a scam. The more our nr salesman writes the better. He does our job for us by sounding like a novice salesman trying to get your money.

Ken above has made some good points about the victims out there trying to salvage the money they wasted on the unaccredited fake university by putting nouveau riche on their resumes. Imagine being in that desperate position. Having the rest of the world laugh at your worthless nouveau riche university education. The fake NRU diploma is of no more value than toilet paper.

I have spent countless hours fighting with these nru sales cheats regarding the lack of accreditation. Only after you have proven your point dozens of times will they finally admit that the school is a sham.

This is only part of the scam. Being vague about the real non accredited status of the Nouveau Riche University is only the beginning. Once you get them to admit that it is not recognized as an accredited university by the US dept of education or anyone else in the world they will shift to the "its in process" argument. What a joke.

Doesn't anyone wonder how all the traditional schools and universities that NRU criticizes that teach finance degrees with concentrations in real estate are recognized by the US department of education? How these same legitimate education institutions cost less than NR? Do you ever wonder why the accredited universities in the US don't sell real estate? Do you ever wonder why the instructor or fellow student at the legitimate university doesn't get paid $8000 every time he invites a new student to attend?

Those institutions are not real estate brokers trying to make their money off selling you bunk properties in a down market. Those schools are there to teach you an education thats it. What you do with it is your business. But they are accredited and you can use that degree to further your education with a graduate degree or be recognized by an employer as having attended a real university.

NRU will say that people with jobs are losers and people that read books at the library are losers and people that go to traditional universities are losers.

Nouveau Riche is the loser!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back dodger. Glad you got through your latest round of mortgage fraud indictments and are still out walking free – unless of course the reason your posts are so infrequent now is because that’s all the time you’re allocated on the internet from your cell.

You obviously forgot about the huge money making business and research activities of traditional colleges and universities – like their sports programs – and the overall fact that they are “for profit” organizations. Convenient you left that tidbit of information out. By the way – there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s not a “scam”. We won’t delve into that though since this blog is about Nouveau Riche.

You are apparently too dense to communicate with. Hopefully other people reading this blog are getting the point. How many times must we tell you, there is no NRU. Nouveau Riche does not offer a diploma or certificate or piece of paper for its classes. Stop dodging that fact for the convenience of your make believe posts.

Will you be enrolling in NR or NU through us as soon as Nouveau University is accredited? What will your flimsy argument be then? Start planning now because Nouveau University accreditation is coming. They already are licensed to award Associate and Bachelor degrees – which carry exactly the same worth as any other Associate or Bachelor degree.

We have not been vague about anything. You are the one who has dodged issue after issue and who provides no facts about Nouveau Riche. You still have not and obviously will not or cannot even express what the “scam” is. At least Ken was able to state his thoughts on the matter so we could address them. You can’t because there is no “scam” so you are compelled to carry on your argument based on fantasy, emotion, and unsubstantiated 3rd party sob stories.

Neither we, nor anyone we know who is associated with Nouveau Riche, made any of the false statements you posted in your last blog and have attempted to associate with NR. As far as we know, you are the only person here saying that people with jobs are losers, traditional education is for losers, or that people who read books are losers. We have posted, several times, KEEP YOUR JOB until you can leave your job. We still have our jobs. We read books constantly and own many bookshelves full of them. We have undergraduate and graduate degrees from traditional universities. We are not losers and neither are other people who do or do not have these things. Stop writing things that you have no creditability to say.

There are great people in NR and there are not so great people in NR. There are highly educated people in NR and there are people who are not so well educated in NR. None of that makes NR a “scam” just as none of that makes a business or corporation or traditional university a “scam” simply because of the people involved with them. The only thing, dodger, which makes a person a loser, is how they feel about themselves. If you feel like a loser do not try and pawn that off as the fault of Nouveau Riche.

Again, dodger, NR does not force anyone to buy real estate. They do not force anyone to purchase from the Investor Concierge. They do not force anyone to use their mortgage service or any of their other companies. That is totally up to each individual. Your call. Want to use? Do so. Want to do it on your own? Do so.

Hey dodger, why don’t you report Nouveau Riche to the SEC and FTC about the Investor Concierge. Oh wait – you haven’t even reported anything to Maricopa County yet – because there’s nothing for you to report! How about you go ahead and let us know what the SEC and FTC tells you about the Investor Concierge. How much time do you need to get back to all of us here with what you find out? Let us know so when you fail to follow through again we’ll do it for you.

People, if you think NR or NU is a “scam” you’re right! It is a “scam” for you. Get started doing something else in the entrepreneurial world but realize that too will take time, money, effort, education, and commitment on your part. If you’re not willing to do or get those things, whatever you do will become a “scam”. You will “scam” yourself out of a chance for success. It’s not the legitimate business or opportunity that’s the “scam”; it’s the amount of effort you do or do not put into it that determines “scam” or “no scam”. If you lack confidence in yourself, like perhaps dodger does, then do not start an entrepreneurial business. If you are confident in yourself, if you can motivate yourself, if you can commit to stick with something, then get involved in a business opportunity that involves direct sales and marketing. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, and others, state that direct sales & marketing is the highest paying and most profitable business model around – if you commit to it, stick with it, and get educated how to be successful doing it. See one of our posts above for the link to the video where Robert Kiyosaki explains this – you know, the one dodger dodged because he has no creditability or facts to attack such a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur as Robert Kiyosaki .

If you see opportunity for growth and financial freedom with NR or NU you’re right! Get started with us today. We all know dodger can’t beat “the facts” about where American’s are today financially. He offers you no hope, no options, and no opportunity. He advises you to quietly tiptoe through life and arrive safely at your grave. That is where we are America – financially broken. Look up our own government’s statistics on where we stand – don’t take someone else’s word for it. Watch this online video:


Obviously something isn’t working out like it should if we’re all broke, in credit card debt, working 2 jobs to not even make ends meet despite our wonderful college and university degrees. So, get started with us today. No promise of success or wealth – that depends on you. For us, it’s working exactly as advertised. That’s no “scam”.


Anonymous said...

People this guy is mentally unstable. He says that his NR scam factory is licensed to award Associate or Bachelor degrees that carry the same worth as any other degree. So here he is lying again. The worthless piece of paper from this fake unaccredited university is not the same value as a degree from UCLA or Yale. I mean come on these guys are so stupid that they cannot understand how a university degree program works in the US. How could these mindless idiots understand real estate investing if they can't understand how a legitimate degree works? It is unbelievable how stupid and dishonest these guys are.

This tactic of making obvious observations that mortgage brokers ripped off the public or the economy is in the toilet doesn't mean that NR is legitimate. The truth is that mortgage brokers and lenders abused the public. The economy is in the toilet. AND NOUVEAU RICHE IS STILL A SCAM!!! There are many other problems in the world and all of them and NR are mutually exclusive. None of it adds any legitimacy to Nouveau Riche.

And why can't these guys think for themselves? Since they can't defend their scam factory on its own merits they have to confuse the argument by talking about Rich Dad Poor Dad or The Secret.

I would love to see a Nouveau Riche salesman be able to say some thing original. They need to stop the plagurizing every time they open their mouths. The reason they all say the same cliches over and over is that they are MLM recruiting machines. Their business plan is primarily focuses on recruiting. They only want your money, plain and simple.

Your scam factory is NOT ACCREDITED so stop claiming it is. When and if it becomes a real university then send us the link to the United States Department of Education.

Until then stop wasting our time you ignorant moron salesman scumbag!!!!

This idiot also doesn't understand what capital markets are? And he is a professional? He keeps accusing me of being a mortgage broker! Trading bonds and securities for a bank has nothing to do with being a mortgage broker you IDIOT! Why don't you do us a favor and go to a community college and take a real estate principles class so that you can catch up with the conversation on this blog. We are tired of your uneducated, historic, mindless memorization of NR propaganda. Go and get an education and learn how to think for yourself before posting here again you stupid flunky rip off artist!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey dodger, you asked for something original. We're happy to oblige you. Here it is. Your emotional whining about accreditation and degrees is about to come to an end. So you don’t think this is a “scam” this is a forward looking announcement. The facts are piling up on you. You better start figuring something else out to call a “scam”.

Announced today, 10 NOV 2008 by Jim Piccolo. Nouveau University has acquired the Institute of Construction Management and Technology. Website: http://www.icmt.org/

Read about ICMT’s licensing and accreditation status. You can find it clearly spelled out at this webpage: http://www.icmt.org/aboutICMT.htm

IMCT is licensed to award Bachelors and Masters degrees. They must be a scam also. Do some research dodger and let us all know. ICMT is eligible to apply for their accreditation in March 2009. That means Nouveau University will be eligible then as well, since IMCT will fall under Nouveau University, instead of having to wait the two year period. As you are well aware, the accreditation process is not a lockstep time table so application does not mean instantaneous accreditation. Anyway, your whining about accreditation days are numbered so start figuring out something else to whine about. People, more to follow about this incredible announcement.

Laura Palmer Noone, former, 6 year President of the University of Phoenix, is the President of Nouveau University. She took the University of Phoenix from around 72,000 students to 283,000 students in her tenure. Please attack her academic creditability and reputation dodger. Please also attack the University of Phoenix dodger. Yes, her creditability and experience are tied directly to Nouveau University since she is the NU President and therefore 100% belongs in this discussion.

Nouveau Riche college classes will also be brought under Nouveau University. The current curriculum will be modified so that the Nouveau Riche college classes you are thinking of will become certificate programs.

No one really cares about your job dodger. It’s unimportant and irrelevant to the issue of Nouveau Riche. This blog is about Nouveau Riche and whether it is a “scam” or not. The only relevance of your job was to establish if you had any creditability to comment on this blog in such an authoritative and emotional manner as you do. We’ve all determined you don’t have that creditability.

This blog is about Nouveau Riche and the entrepreneurial education and opportunity it offers people. The facts continue to mount against you dodger. WILL YOU ENROLL THROUGH US THE SAME DAY NOUVEAU UNIVERSITY IS ACCREDITED? What is the “scam” dodger?


People, we are not and have not been vague about Nouveau Riche. Ask a fact based question and you will get a fact based answer. We are the leadership team you are looking for. We will work with you and train you but your success in the direct sales & marketing, the education, the real estate, and/or the many other business strategies you will learn, will be entirely dependent on your work and effort. There is nothing at all vague about this. We cannot however, address your emotions. You will feel how you do. Just because you may not see the value or opportunity inherent in Nouveau Riche does NOT make it a “scam”. Facts are facts, emotions are emotions, and dodger is simply full of emotions. He is entitled to his emotions. Just don’t confuse his emotions as your facts.

Again we ask, what is the “scam”? If you did know what the “scam” was dodger, what would you say here?


Anonymous said...

The fact that NR is a fake UNACCREDITED University is not an emotion you idiot!!!

Stop flooding the blog with your dreams of NR someday becoming a real school. And stop talking about my job or the University of Phoenix?

Do you have an attention deficit disorder in addition to being uneducated?

Anonymous said...

We will no longer address your emotional outbursts dodger. Clearly they are emotional when you send them with “!!!” and when you have to resort to childish name calling and insults constantly. You have demonstrated you are incapable of having an intelligent, fact based, conversation and you have no intent of discussing Nouveau Riche. You have made yourself irrelevant to people’s decision making process.

When you can address facts dodger, and have an intelligent conversation, we will be glad to converse with you. When you can at least state what you think the “scam” is, we will address that.

We have acknowledged constantly that NU is not accredited at this time. That does not make NU a “fake” university and it does not make the degrees “fake”. Those too are facts.


People, again, NR and NU are currently two different entities. NR awards no certificates or degrees at this time. They provide real estate and business education classes in Phoenix. These classes are referred to as "college". There is no promise of a degree or certificate made for attending these classes. There is no “scam” in this and it does not make the education or information obtained in those classes “fake”.

NU is a university. It is licensed to award Associate and Bachelor degrees. NU is pursuing the requirements for accreditation. A school must wait two years before it can apply for accreditation. In the interim, if they are licensed to do so, they can award degrees. NU is licensed to award degrees. These are not “dreams”. These are facts. This process is imbedded in the NR and NU business plans, models, and vision. Most all businesses have these visions and plans for their future growth. As that growth is achieved new plans, models, and visions are developed.

NU has acquired ICMT in order to shorten NU's two year waiting period and because ICMT's curriculum matches well with NU's and NR's education objectives in the field of real estate. ICMT is licensed to award certificates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees. Their two year window for accreditation opens in March 2009. Because ICMT is now a part of NU, NU can apply for accreditation in March 2009 as well. There is nothing "fake" or dream related about this; it is a fact.

There is no vagary in this. There is no "scam" in this. NU's President, Laura Palmer Noone, will continue to build NU. Her academic credentials and leadership in the field of education are impeccable. She, her education credentials, and her record in the field of education are not "fake". Laura Palmer Noone, and her record at the University of Phoenix, is directly relevant to NU and this discussion since she is now the President of NU.

We look forward to addressing comments and concerns that may move everyone closer to deciding for themselves if NR or NU is a "scam". When asking "scam" related questions or making "scam" related comments please address something factual that we can reply to. Emotion, one way or the other, is fine. We can't, however, address what you feel or "the bad taste in your mouth" comments if you include no statement or question of fact.

By the way, those considering enrolling with NR should make that decision soon. NR tuition prices are scheduled to increase 1 JAN 2009. Yes, we said increase. New NR class tuition prices are scheduled to be $8,000, $13,000, or $19,990 starting 1 JAN 2009. Get the same NR class tuition packages between today and 31 DEC 2008 for $6,000, $10,000, or $16,000. Tuition is for two students. Only the top tuition package includes on-line class access 24/7.


Anonymous said...

Again the repeated promise or lie that the school will be accredited. Anyone can award unaccredited degrees.

Please stop blogging about fantasy accreditation. We don't want to hear about your accreditation lies. Everyone knows that this is not a real school.

$20,000 to learn how to buy a house and line the pockets of MLM marketing scam artists!

Please avoid these scam artists.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on the title of this blog..........





S C A M ! ! !

Martha Mendenhall said...

For those of you who have further suspisions about Neuvo Riche University. Just today I had to break the news to a young Russian man who has a wife and two kids, that the house he acquired from his trusted "up-line" investment expert and poured $40,000 plus into will be auctioned off in 20 days! He was advised by these bafoons about a home sitting in an area they are NOT familiar with and roped this poor guy in to making the payments on this property to the tune of $2,300 a month!!! Someone needs to get fricken nailed.

Anonymous said...

Who are you Martha?

What do you do Martha?

How about the first “fricken” things we nail down be some “fricken” facts to go along with your story?

What is your relationship to this sad, yet very incomplete, story you just laid out for us?

How did this Russian man and his wife and two children “acquire” this house from his “up-line investment expert”? Perhaps you meant that the “expert” is a “buffoon.”

Did this young Russian man purchase the house outright? Did he finance the house? If he financed, was it with a mortgage from a bank or lender or was it through seller financing? Did he sign a lease option contract? Again, how did this young Russian man, his wife, and two children “acquire” this house from this “bafoon”? How do you know he "put $40,000 plus into this house? What was that $40k for?

What is Neuvo Riche? Are you referring Nouveau Riche? There are no “up lines” in Nouveau Riche.

You said this young Russian man had a “trusted investment expert”, that is singular. Then you said “these bafoons”, which is plural. Even if the original, singular, person you referred to was in Nouveau Riche it would be a stretch to then imply that over 22,000 people who are enrolled with Nouveau Riche are “bafoons”. That would be like saying one American is in jail so all Americans are criminals (there are, of course, websites and blogs that do claim all Americans are criminals).

Martha, houses don’t all of a sudden get auctioned off in 20 days. What’s the whole story?

In many areas of America a $2,300 a month payment is on the low end. We need you to tell everyone where this poor little old house is located and some details about the house so we can get some idea of what the “tune” of the payment should be. For all we know this poor young Russian man is paying a “tune” well below what he should be paying.

Really, “they” tied this guy up with rope and forced him to “acquire” this property and they did it long distance since they knew nothing about the area the house is in? Exactly how did this or these “bafoons” do this? Good thing they left his writing hand free so he could sign the documents.

What is the whole story before we all jump to any “fricken” conclusions?

Please, Martha, also let us know how you got involved and just how you happened upon this blog with such horrendous news to share because your current lack of facts, inaccurate statements, and possible confusion with some other organization really leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

Once you can clear all this up and make your story more factual then we can move forward. By the way, you do know about all the other homes that were foreclosed on in October 2008. Were those all caused by “these bafoons” from “Neuvo Riche University” or just this young Russian’s house?

Maybe you could connect with dodger on here. He should be able to help this family out during the 20 days they have left in their house – he’s a real estate guru. If he can’t save the house he probably owns investment properties around the country he could move this poor, young, Russian family into.

We really can’t do or say anything else about this because you’ve given us nothing to work with other than another heart wrenching, emotional, and factless story of woe and despair.

Anonymous said...

Martha didn't claim that houses get auctioned off in 20 days you NRU idiots!! Can't you fools read! She said that it was getting auctioned off IN 20 days. The property could have received a notice of default several months ago.

These complete fools don't even understand how a foreclosure takes place.

Every time I read a NRU post I cannot believe the ignorance of these MLM scam artists!

These guys have the market cornered on ignorance. Attention all NRU students who participate on this blog; please take a basic real estate class at your local ACCREDITED community college so that you can participate intelligently.

And to our above NRU salesman; keep posting. Every time you put your greasy thieving rat claws to the keyboard several potential victims realize that your Nouveau Ripp Off school is a scam. You are a one man consumer protection machine.

Please keep writing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your confidence in us dodger. We appreciate that you believe we are helping people make decisions. After all, that is the supposed purpose of this blog – to determine if Nouveau Riche is a “scam” or not and help people to decide to proceed with caution.

We, unfortunately, still don’t believe you are contributing in any productive way and it is our contention that this blog of yours is a scam in that there is no discussion going on about Nouveau Riche. There is simply emotional babbling and NR bashing. It makes no difference what we write here as you and yours will simply dodge and bash with no verifiable supporting facts, figures, or comments.

We are glad that you picked up on the fact that properties don’t suddenly go to auction. You highlight our statement to Martha above on this very matter. Thank you. We hope Martha comes back on here and explains why she let this get to the point of only 20, now 19, days left before telling this family of their impending housing doom.

As we stated dodger, there is not nearly enough information provided in Martha’s gut wrenching account to allow anyone to make an educated statement. Perhaps this young Russian’s house is one of her three listings and she wasn’t able to sell it for him so now we have to blame someone. We have no idea at this point.

Perhaps the $40,000+ the young Russian and his family put into this home was their monthly mortgage payments. If that $2,300 a month, which is on the low end of Martha’s three listed properties according to the mortgage calculator on her website, was what totaled up to the $40,000+ the young Russian put into this property that would mean he’d been paying on the house for around 18 months now. Clearly, their situation is someone else’s fault after that amount of time.

Of course, dodger, we don’t really know any of this since Martha didn’t provide anything other than another horrendous, emotional, condemnation of everything “Neuvo Riche”.

We did notice that you, dodger, made no offer to help Martha figure out a way to help this poor young Russian man, his wife, and two children keep their house. Why didn’t you offer to help? You are a self-professed real estate guru. You allegedly have both the knowledge and skills to help these people that clearly we do not since we don’t even have a rudimentary understanding of how a foreclosure works.

This young family isn’t “out of their property” until the auctioneer’s gavel strikes the table. Even then, as we understand in our ignorance, they may not be out of the house depending on if they have any right of redemption period. We also understand, in our ignorance, that if they own the house, and it sells at auction for more than they owe, they could be entitled to getting the difference in the auction price and the mortgage price if they claim it. You know so much more though you must have forgot to mention that to Martha while you were consumed in your NR bashing rage. Calm down dodger and do something to help these people.

You’ve got 19 days to help them dodger. Step up and do it! Display your superior understanding and knowledge and abilities to execute all things real estate. Help these people dodger! Why didn’t you offer Martha a single thing to help.

What is the NR “scam” dodger? By the way, any word back from Maricopa County officials? Anything from the FTC or SEC yet dodger? You never did tell us how long you needed to get your complaint into them.

Help Martha and the young Russian family first though. That’s most important right now. Save their house with your knowledge and skills so they have a place to have Christmas. Do it dodger. School us all on how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Nice way of avoiding the readers disgust with your Nouveau Rip Off school. Is challenging me to fix the mess that some poor victim got into by trusting a bunch of idiot multi level marketing idiots a logical solution?

You crazies are suggesting that I step in and help the victims of the Nouveau rip off scam?

Not only are you guys ignorant you are mentally ill? You rip off tens of thousands of people and I am supposed to step in and clean up your mess while you cash these poor people's checks?!?!?!

So here is my suggestion to help Martha. Tell Nouveau Riche to refund the $20,000 that the NRU salesman stole from her friend. Also refund him his fees charged for buying this obviously poorly structured purchase. Then compensate him additional funds for the misinformation that you shoved down his throat.

If you scumbags are so bent on helping people than post a plan on how to compensate Martha's friend for ripping him off with your scam.

I can't compensate him because I didn't rip him off or lie to him by telling him I was an investment professional.

Get it you lying scum bag???

Anonymous said...

Hey dodger, calm down and stop throwing out so many adjectives. There’s no challenge. It’s a plea for your enlightened help. It is an opportunity for you to apply the vast knowledge and skills you have and help Martha help this family. Come on our friend, it’s the holiday season.

Yes dodger, we are asking, for the sake of this poor, young, family, that you step in and help your fellow human beings. Come on dodger, it’s Sunday even. Haven’t you heard about the parable of the Good Samaritan? The Good Samaritan didn’t rob or beat the man he found on the road yet he cleaned him up and saw that he was cared for. This is the same situation dodger. Be the Good Samaritan. You didn’t cause this mess but you can put all that vast real estate knowledge you have to great use now and at least try and save this family’s house for them. Give them something to be truly thankful for and merry about. Do it dodger. Help Martha help this family save their house for Christmas.

Yes dodger, you stepping in and helping with your knowledge is a logical solution based on everything you’ve told us on this blog. You are the man who can do it. The rest of us “crazy, ignorant, idiot, mentally ill, lying scum bags don’t even know the basics”. Those were your words dodger. Do it dodger, be human and show compassion towards this unfortunate family. Help Martha help this family. Be a Good Samaritan dodger.

Yes dodger, step in and clean up this mess for this poor family. You imply you are a real estate guru. Real estate is simple. You can figure it all out from library books and community college classes. You are the Jedi Master of real estate. Do it dodger, help Martha help this poor family. It does not matter why they are in this situation dodger, just as it didn’t matter to the Good Samaritan how that man had come to be robbed and beaten. You know about this terrible situation now and you should step up to the plate and help them. Be a Good Samaritan, dodger.

No one asked you to compensate this family dodger. We just asked you to take advantage of the remaining 19, nearly only 18, days left now and help them keep their home.

Unfortunately, like many of your other prior statements, your current recommendation is of no value. Martha and the family need some good real estate advice right now. Help this family keep their home and then we can all work on turning in the lying, cheating, scumbags who ripped them off – whoever they may turn out to be – and if there are any.

Crime is crime no matter who commits it dodger. If there was a crime it needs to be documented and punished. By helping Martha help this family you may get the evidence you’ve been lacking for so long. You might even be able to define what you think the NR “scam” is after this.

This is your chance, dodger, to help a family keep their home, using your real estate expertise, and gather evidence against possible criminals at the same time. This is your chance to demonstrate to all us “idiots” and to all of those who want to get into real estate just how easy everything is for a guru like you. How can you just sit there and choose not to help? Do you have no compassion or do you have no practicable knowledge? Which is it dodger?

All we know right now, dodger, is Martha has a family in need and you are apparently in a position to help them. It’s up to you dodger; help the poor family. Be a Good Samaritan. Don’t let this young family end up on the streets or in a shelter for Christmas dodger just because you are angry at someone else. Release your anger and have some compassion on this poor family. Save their home. You can do it.

School us all here as you do it.

Thank you dodger. Thank you for your compassion and understanding. Thank you for stepping up and being a modern day Good Samaritan. Please, for the sake of our young Russian father, his wife, and their two children do not just say no and turn your back on them in this time of desperation. Do not contribute through your anger and apathy to turning them out into the cold at Christmas now that you are aware of their need and possess the knowledge to help. Do it, dodger. Help Martha help this family by giving them sage real estate advice. Be a modern day Good Samaritan.

Anonymous said...

Martha the above post from our Nouveau Ripoff University salesman is all you or your friend will get from them. Lip service is all they have to offer to get you into their scam. Once you realize that you have been given the worst investment advice they will again give you meaningless lip service like they do above.

What you and your friend need to do Martha is make sure that you share this experience with other potential Nouveau Rip Off University victims. Tell as many people as you can about how ignorant, uncaring and unethical they are.

I am truly sorry that Nouveau Ripoff University stole your friends money. Part of their scam is to push people to buy property, any property. Most of the properties that they push are in terrible declining markets. They also claim that the properties are positive cash flow when they are not. They don't factor in vacancies or maintenance. The positive cash flow they claim is really a shell game of having the buyer pay for a portion of the rent from the proceeds of the sale. When the buyer pays the rent from the sale or loan proceeds that is not true positive income. After a certain amount of time the subsidies for the rent run out. The buyer is left with an investment that is negative cash flow and has lost 20 or 30 percent of its value. Situations like your friend where the Nouveau Ripoff victim loses their down payment and destroys their credit are typical. The road leaving Nouveau Riche is littered with the financial corpses of people like your friend.

Don't even get me started on their lies about "Instant Equity"! Jump up and down shouting "instant equity" while clapping your hands with a big empty cow eyed look on your face. There you have just passed the NRU instant equity class!!! An exaggeration but that is just about how stupid these people are.

Just remember that these people have no level of responsibility. They don't care about you. The proof is in the post above. Instead of them realizing that they have ruined another person's life with their lies they try to blame it on me.

Shame, shame, shame, shame NRU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Martha, email us at NRenroll@gmail.com and we’ll see if there is any action we can help this young family take at this late stage in the game that might help them keep their house. We will need the details. Please don’t delay as there is very little time left for any action to be initiated.

Right now it doesn’t matter how they got where they are dodger. Martha, what matters is that we try and assist them in stopping or delaying the process. If we can’t do that then we need to see about minimizing their potential tax liabilities, any right of redemption possibilities, and any opportunity they may have in claiming excess proceeds if we can’t stop or delay the action.

Thanks for nothing dodger. You aren’t even willing to try and help. No one blamed anything on you dodger. All we did was ask you to be a part of the solution. You chose to declined and withhold your assistance. That makes you a part of the problem now. You could have helped but you simply chose not to. Is that because you have no knowledge of how to help or simply because you are selfish and lack compassion?

You have no information on this particular subject and yet you have jumped so far overboard with you accusations and slander that it is laughable. Every time you are called upon dodger, you dodge and make outlandish and unsubstantiated accusations.

Martha, NRenroll@gmail.com and lets see if there is anything that can be done to help this family.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are the real dodger. Your Nouveau Ripp Off University made a lot of money off Martha's friend as I have pointed out and you avoid the responsibility that comes from ruining someones financial life.

Most of the damage is done. Your uneducated feeble attempt to extend the time that this NRU victim stays in their house won't undue the damage that NRU has done to this person or the thousands of other victims out there.

So you go ahead and put your cheap predatory loss mitigation skills to use. Don't be surprised if these people don't trust you.

You don't help anyone. You scam people by tricking them into thinking that if they learn about real estate investing from Nouveau Rip Off they will become wealthy. Truth is the historic, incomplete and basic information that you dispense during your seminars is only designed to fuel your MLM machine. You don't want to help people you want them to join and pay your 50% MLM commission. You make $8000 when someone joins. That is your motivation you Jim Jones wanna be. Your primary concern is to recapture the money that you got suckered into paying.

Also can you again tell me how libraries and the internet are terrible places to learn information. Can you tell me again how someone can't learn this information on their own? Can you again tell me about how I couldn't have possibly learned this information with out Nouveau Rip Off Unaccredited University? Also tell us again how real Universities are worthless. Also tell us how having a job making an honest income is bad? And again please provide us a list of your crutch books that help close your scam sale so that we can read them and become mindless Nouveau Idiots like you?

You have drank the Nouveau kool-aid!

I am not a religious man but if I was you I would revisit the bible because if there is a hell you Nouveau Rip Off con artists will have front row seats!

PS- Martha is probably a NR shill. Our Nouveau Rip off con artist will start posting remarkable claims on how he is saving her friends house. I don't put anything past these thugs.

Anonymous said...

The statement, "two fools arguing is two fools arguing" comes to mind concerning our conversations with you dodger.

You sucked us back into trying to have an intelligent conversation with you. Obviously it is still not possible for you to participate in an intelligent manner.

Thanks again for nothing dodger. We've offered Martha whatever help she is willing to accept for this family.

By the way dodger, NR Salesmen make $10,750 when they bring someone to this awesome opportunity and that person gets started with the top education package - just to keep the "rip off" amount current and accurate.

You might as well start using current dollars, dodger, when you bash beause the top package now comes in at $21,195. Starting 1 JAN 09 the tuition packages are going up: $8,000, $13,500, and $19,990 respectively. That will make our top package commission $12,745. No shame here dodger. We offer an excellent product, with excellent service, and we don't leave our people "hanging". No scam and nothing hidden here. It takes work to succeed at this. No magic riches offered.


You definitely don't need to get involved dodger because you would just blame your lack of success on your "lying, cheating, scamming, idiot, mentally ill, attention deficit, up-line". You take no responsibility for anything and are only happy when bringing people down to your level of misery and dispair.

We've already made our money back and more; both in commissions and in real estate. Thanks for your concern for our financial well being though. Too bad you weren't willing or able to step up and help the young Russian family.

You do what you want dodger and you blog all about it. Won't change a thing for us and our people. We'll let you know when NU is accredited and NR is a certificate program under NU.

Good luck to you dodger. You are back on the ignore list.


People, we look forward to answering your questions about Nouveau Riche.

Anonymous said...

Martha, People,

Here is the Frequently Asked Questions website link for the "HOPE NOW" program for homeowners in danger of losing their homes.


Here is some information from their website:

Worried about foreclosure?

Call now!

The HOPE NOW Hotline,

888-995-HOPE (4673)

is a counseling service provided by the Homeownership Preservation Foundation. A counselor will work with you to find a solution. The sooner you call, the sooner you can regain your peace of mind. The service is free and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can help.

We are an independent nonprofit that provides a platform for HUD-approved counselors to work with servicers. We bring loan servicers to you, please visit our Homeowner Events Calendar for the latest information on our free outreach events.

The help we offer is free.

Our counselors are experts in foreclosure prevention and trained to set up a plan of action designed just for you and your situation. When you talk to the counselor, you won't be judged and you won't pay a dime. Counselors will arm you with education and support that assists you in communicating your unique circumstances to your loan servicer. For a list of all HUD approved counseling agencies across the country visit HUD.

Martha - if you don't want to work with us have your Russian family contact the HOPE NOW counselors.

Anyone having mortgage problems or knowing someone who has mortgage problems can provide the above contact information to their friends, family, and associates.


Looking forward to NR questions.

Anonymous said...

The general idea beyond wealth building at Nouveau Riche University is based on an Australian 2up MLM program.
While they claim it's about making money through real estate transactions, all of the people I spoke to who have particpated ended up broke after their initial investement and had to turn to "recruiting people" in order to make money to purchase their first property, which never happened.

Certainly, the founding team for NRU weren't legal dummies and with that in mind, they setup what I refer to, paradoxically, as a "Legitimate Scam"

That only means they have managed to create an entity which effectively tows the line between legitimate business and fraudlent enterprise.

Dr. Jon Taylor, PhD, MBA has written extensively about scam based businessess. He has placed Nouveau Riche University on his list of programs that should be avoided.

Do your due diligence at:


Anonymous said...

The website in the last post is more of what we need on this blog; www.mlm-thetruth.com. Thanks for posting it. Finally, intelligent information for us to work with and evaluate.

The website does offer a couple of disclaimers as well:

1. Don't write to ask us to justify our evaluation. You have every right to your opinion, as we do to ours. The responsibility for your decision is on your shoulders, nor[sic] ours. However, we believe that with the amount of research that has gone into this analysis, you would be wise to seriously consider what we and others offer to guide and warn against exploitive chain selling programs - where you are almost certain to lose money.

2. DISCLAIMER: These evaluations are intended purely as a communication of information in accordance with the right of free speech. They do not constitute legal or tax advice. Anyone seeking such advice should consult a competent professional who has some expertise on endless chain or pyramid selling schemes. Readers are specifically advised to obey all applicable laws, whether or not enforced in their area. Neither the Consumer Awareness Institute nor the authors assume any responsibility for the consequences of anyone acting according to the information in these reports.

This is an interesting website. Amazing how many “opportunities” are out there. We wrote the author and ask him to give us some of his recommended “legitimate” direct sales companies.

We also ask him how he accounts for the “no product purchase required” factor on the marketing Nouveau Riche side as well as how he factors in the ability to make money from only applying the real estate education.

We also ask him to clarify how Nouveau Riche is an “Australian 2-up” system when there is no continuing up or down line on the marketing side of Nouveau Riche. We think it will have something to do with what he refers to in his material as a break-away system but we’ll have to see what he says. All very interesting.

People, go check out the website. It looks like intelligently researched information and offers several definitions of what a scam, pyramid, ponzi, chain letter, scheme looks like. This should go a long way to helping you firm up in your minds if you think Nouveau Riche is a scam or not. We contend it is not but as we’ve stated before and is noted in the disclaimer, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”.

We’ve also said this before; it will take work and time on your part to be successful in any endeavor, whether it is Nouveau Riche or your job. Is there a paying job out there that you can get to the top by doing nothing? Not being an overnight success at something does not make it a scam. Quitting after six months does not make it a scam.

There are many people in the corporate world who work long, hard, diligently, and are experts at what they do who do not make it to be CEO, President, or even a Vice President. That doesn’t mean their company organization ladder is a pyramid scam. Most shoe salesmen do not become the President of Nike or Addidas for example. Most McDonald’s cashiers don’t go on to own a McDonalds franchise themselves. That does not mean being a shoe salesman or working at McDonalds is a scam. Nouveau Riche takes work to succeed on the real estate side and on the marketing side, whether you purchase any product yourself or not.

Another interesting though in the post above; a “legitimate scam”. Wouldn’t that make it legal and therefore not a scam? We do understand what you are saying though. It is an interesting approach in what has so far been only a cut & dry, black & white, condemnation of Nouveau Riche on this blog.

Some other things about Nouveau Riche is there are no monthly required purchases, no minimum required sales, nothing to stack up in your garage, nothing to purchase or auto-ship every month, etc. There are additional things you can purchase if you choose to do so but none of your commissions or real estate deals depend on them and there are no commissions earned on them. We’re not sure how those factor into the www.mlm-thetruth.com decision cycle either. It seems to us after looking at that huge list of “opportunities” what Nouveau Riche offers is considerably different in its products and business model than the vast majority of others listed.

Let’s keep having a real discussion.

Anonymous said...

I ask our Nouveau Rip Off con artists to help Martha's friend by refunding the money that they scammed from him and they decide to masquerade as HOPE now counselors.

Not even I thought that our Nouveau Riche University salesman could stoop so low. NOUVEAU RICHE is not affiliated with HOPE NOW!

All our fake professional has done is copy and past material from the HOPE NOW web site. Apparently, plagiarism is a another quality of the NRU rip off artist.

Here is another blog site from a past victim of the Nouveau sucker school. He does a great job at describing the scam.


Also, thank you to the blogger that posted the link to the site describing Nouveau Riche as a legal scam.

PS- No need for the Nouveau Riche Salesman scum to respond to my post. Keep me on your ignore list.

Anonymous said...

This is bad business practices! They have nothing whatsoever to do with real estate besides getting you to join their education courses from $10-$30k... below is a blog I found on this malicious "university" that is NOT even accredited! They will take everything from you, even your own equity from your home!!!!!!!


The Company

1. Piccolo and Bob "the General" Snyder, the founders of NRU, have MARKETING backgrounds. Look it up. They have no prior experience with real estate investing before NRU.

2. As a consequence of Number 1, NRU is primarily a MARKETING business. You can call it whatever you want, direct marketing, MLM, a pyramid scheme, a ponzi scheme, there may not be a perfect term, but it contains aspects of all of these concepts.

3. Real estate investing and education is an ancillary part of NRU. It is the "product" that they sell, but it might as well be long-distance phone plans, an internet web-based business, vitamins, or make-up.

4. NRU's success is a direct product of the real estate mania this country has experienced over the past 7 years, not anything inherently great about the company’s products or services.

The “Education”

5. For $16,000, you really don’t get very much. You receive a certain number of “college” credits that expire after two years, but the catch is that you have to fly to Arizona to use them and you can only do that four times a year for a one-week period each time. There is an on-line option, but it is sub-par for a variety of reasons.

6. The courses are amateur hour and taught in seminar-fashion. They may dazzle people who don’t have a college degree, but will offer little to those who are generally versed in basic real estate and financial concepts. The educational materials are photocopied, hand-bound booklets, sometimes just an outline of the power point presentation. The instructors appear to be knowledgeable in their field, but they are mainly interested in consulting fees and fees for other services that they offer to NRU members (not altruism as many NRU shills would like you to believe).

7. NRU does not “teach” you anything you can’t learn by spending a few dollars on Amazon.com. There are no secret tips to learn that haven’t been published in the hundreds of real estate books you can buy on your own.

8. The “education” is primarily a vehicle for the direct marketing aspect of NRU, just as Investor’s Concierge is there to give members credibility when they market the course. The Concierge, however, is also another mechanism by which NRU extracts additional money from its students. More on this later.

Real Estate as an Investment Class

9. In marketing the tuition, a great deal of emphasis is placed on how real estate can make you rich. There is little or no information on how risky investing in real estate can be. At the “briefings” (the 2-hour presentation designed to lure new members), the presenter will talk a lot about how great real estate is because of the availability of leverage and certain tax benefits. At several briefings I went to, the presenter would literally make the representation that real estate prices only go up. Finally, the presenter will talk about how terrible it is to work for a corporation and how useless a college education is (ala Robert Kiyosaki). This usually manifests itself in the form of derisive acronyms, such as JOB, which stands for “Just Over Broke”, or how only NRU can give you an MBA that’s worth anything, a “Massive Bank Account” (crowd usually goes wild here).

10. NRU never mentions the special risks inherent in residential real estate investing, such as problem tenants, financing and interest rate risk, structural and environmental risks associated with housing, the cost of maintenance, the prospect of asset depreciation or declining rents, and the risk of litigation including from eviction and foreclosure. Bottom line, investing in residential real estate is very risky and comes with a host of hazards you would not find in other asset classes. NRU discounts all of this and presents real estate as a perpetual money tree.

11. We will likely never experience again in our lifetimes the type of appreciation in residential real estate that we have seen these past few years. There are several reasons that this is very likely to be the case: reversion to the mean, unsustainable public/private debt burdens, massive transfer of wealth to developing nations, slowing economic growth, an aging population, greater regulation in the financial sector, etc.

12. Historically, residential real estate prices have appreciated at the rate of inflation.

13. Real estate, like any other asset class, carries risks that are commensurate with the returns you are likely to generate. For example, leverage is great in good times, but people are quickly learning how easy it is for your equity to get wiped out a result of relatively small declines in home prices.

14. Investor Concierge deals are generally market-rate deals, but they are advertised to NRU students as amazing deals that generate positive cash flow. There are other sites that break this down, but generally speaking, the appraisals are usually 2-3 pages long and contain nothing more than a broker's opinion of value, the financing is almost always interest only or neg-am, the rents are inflated, and the only way you get "positive cash flow" is if you include certain seller incentives like pre-paid HOA or guaranteed rent, most of which will expire within 2 years. Additionally, maintenance and vacancy will almost immediately eat away at the $100 of positive cash-flow a month you get. NRU members hate talking about the details of the Investor Concierge deals.

15. Typically, there are only 15-20 available properties on the Concierge at any given time, so the pickins are slim. NRU encourages you to “reserve” a property you like as soon as you see it online, because it could get snatched up by someone else unless you do. The non-refundable fee for reserving a property is $350.

16. Investor Concierge deals are mainly located in historically depressed or undeveloped, sub-urban or rural real estate markets, you will generally not find properties on the system in established, urban markets. These properties are likely to experience declines in this market and will not likely appreciate much at all when the economy recovers.

17. Anyone who has purchased a deal off of Investor’s Concierge over the last two years has either lost all of their equity or is underwater. This is a terrifying prospect for many people in NRU because at the briefings, many of them go up to the front and brag about how they have bought 5, 10, 15 or even 20 properties over the past few months. Many of these people are going to have to walk away from their homes in the coming years, which will destroy their credit and eat up any ponzi money they made from the marketing.

The Marketing

18. The real estate investing component of NRU is used mainly to support the primary business of the company which is selling tuition packages. There are three options which cost different amounts, but most people are pressured to purchase the “Regent’s” packing together with the “Encyclopedia”, which total almost $20,000. There are certain commission and tuition-related perks you get for buying the most expensive package.

19. The commission system is what really drives NRU. NRU members can get a 50% commission for each package they sell, so sometimes that amounts to nearly $10,000 a pop, and there is an added wrinkle that causes that number to multiply very quickly if people you sign up also, in turn, sign up additional students. The mathematics make the commission structure extremely lucrative IF YOU ARE GOOD AT SALES. This is hook that gets most people to fork over the money.

20. Most people are unsuccessful at selling tuition packages. It’s akin to trying to sell a used car, except you would probably get more value from a junker than the “education” that NRU offers. It’s obvious why the “education” NRU offers is not worth $20,000, most of that needs to go subsidize the commission system, which is needed to lubricate the entire NRU machinery.

21. The commission system places a lot of pressure on NRU members to sell, sell, sell. This is how all the top “producers” have made most of their money. This also creates a massive conflict of interest. More on this later.

22. The direct marketing aspect of NRU preys on the greed and naiveté of all sorts of people, but mainly lower-middle class individuals, young people just starting out, and real estate agents/brokers, many of whom don’t have a lot of education and work crappy jobs that they aren’t happy with.

23. NRU is tied in with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and “The Secret”. I’m not going to bore you with the analysis, but try Google and you will find plenty of critiques.

Conflicts of Interest

24. NRU generates tremendous income directly from its students. They make money not only from the tuition, but also from marketing materials and services, credit services, mortgage brokerage services, accounting and legal services, special seminars, Investor Concierge transactions, all of which cost extra, and they’re not cheap. You also have to pay for lodging and the plane ticket to get to the college. All of the NRU instructors also offer consulting deals and other professional services, which also cost extra. The $16,000 for the Regent’s tuition only buys you “college” credits, you get NOTHING ELSE. You even have to buy the forms and brochures you need to sign up people for NRU. I take that back, you do get a tote bag, but it looks ridiculous.

25. NRU members are supposed to be “mentors” to the new members who they sign up, but what they really want from you is for you to sell the tuition to others, because they will get a cut of the first few sales you make. There is a huge conflict of interest here because there is a big incentive for NRU members to sell the tuition, irrespective of the quality of the product or the unique situation of people to whom they are marketing.

26. NRU encourages you to sell to friends and family, which destroys relationships when people are dissatisfied or feel cheated, which is often the case.

27. The most distasteful defense of NRU to me is that “it’s not for everyone, but it worked for me”. It may be that there are some people who are successful and make lots of money in NRU, but the system cannot support a situation where most of the people in NRU make tons of money. This is the inherent, mathematical limitations of these types of marketing structures. I’m sure someone smarter than me can prove this. Likewise, the real estate market cannot support most people in NRU making money in residential real estate investing. Case in point is the short sale strategy, which NRU shills tout as the way to make money in a down market. Well, there is so much competition in short sales right now, and even more with each “college” I suppose, that short sale investors are bidding up pre-foreclosures pretty much to market. These fundamental concepts virtually guaranty that only a small minority of 28. NRU members will make any money either from the marketing or the real estate investing, and REQUIRE everyone else to fail in order for the system to sustain itself. This is the biggest conflict of interest of them all and lends to NRU’s reputation as a “scam”.


NRU is a marketing business that encourages and monetarily incentivizes its members to use high-pressure sales tactics to sell a highly expensive real estate “education” package with questionable value to unsophisticated people with the lure of quick money and unlimited riches in real estate. Success in NRU is highly dependent on (1) a booming real estate market and/or (2) a unique talent in sales and marketing. What makes NRU so insidious is that it plays on the fear and greed of ordinary people, often friends and family, most of whom will go bankrupt by following NRU investment strategies during a severe and sustained real estate down turn such as the one we are experiencing now, and most of whom will fail in selling the tuition package because they lack the sales and marketing expertise, which is further exacerbated by a declining real estate market. Taken as whole, NRU may be perfectly legal, but many people will feel like they were cheated out of thousands of dollars by someone they trusted. If after reading this, you are still interested then by all means sign up. But just be prepared to live with it if at some point you find yourself either financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt, or even worse, both.


Finally, you’re not going to see a whole lot of posts like this from people who have joined NRU. Most are very disillusioned at the loss of thousands of dollars and don’t even want to give it another thought. The rest are out searching for marks. I can only hope that NRU won’t survive this bear market in housing, and if this post can hasten its demise, so much the better. I don’t blame the person who signed me up, he incidentally has had to find a full-time job now since NRU is apparently not doing it for him. I walked into this with my eyes wide open, which shows you how greed can overcome any good judgment you may think you have. But I am thankful that I didn’t end up dragging anyone else into this apart from a good friend as my partner in this scheme, but with whom, as a result of NRU, am no longer on speaking terms. So for all of you NRU shills out there who still think you are doing God’s work, why don’t you try calling each and every person you have signed up and ask them exactly what they think about NRU. I think you will find that my experience is not so unique. If you can keep on selling after that, well then, good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

The show biz aspect of the razzle really showed up one night when a bunch of their stars roared up in their Ferraris to impress the suckers. According to Fortune, the cars were rented for the evening, and these high rollers owned no investment real estate themselves.

Along about now I hope you are asking the classic question, "If these guys are so good at making money in real estate, what do they need me for?" Well, I’m going to tell you.

They need you to suck all the equity out of your home and any other trove of money you might have and put into their real estate deals and pay them their fees. They need you to sign mortgages so properties can be bought at your risk. And mostly, they need you to sell the deal to other students.

Note that you pay all the costs, you put up all the money, you bear all the risks. They collect non-refundable fees and commissions. The "university" assumes none of the risk. Now when this house of cards collapses, and it will as sure as the Lord made little green apples, you can be certain it will not be the owners of the institution who file for personal bankruptcy. You’ll have plenty of time then to read that 15-volume encyclopedia which you are unlikely to complete before then.

The school. Is it accredited? No. Seven of its courses have been certified for transfer of credits by the American Council on Education, which itself is not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Is this really the way to get rich quick in real estate? For the owners of the school it is. For you, probably not. As they continue to dazzle you, as they get you to throw good money after bad, just keep asking yourself, What do they need me for? You will soon see. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Nouveau Riche is a Scam

Most MLM programs are legitimate businesses, however consumers must be aware of MLM scams. A true MLM program will sell products to the general public without requiring them to pay anything extra or any hidden costs. They will not force consumers to join the MLM system to be a distributor themselves. These types of systems pay commissions to distributors based on actual product sales, not for recruiting. However, there is a danger that any program that concentrates more on new members rather than product sales could be a MLM scam.

Nouveau Riche walks a fine line in this regard. They offer low cost marketing only memberships and education only memberships but this is mostly a ploy to disguise the true business of recruiting.

An example of a MLM scam is Nouveau Riche. The compensation that the member gets is derived 100% from the people he/she recruits. This is where the company promises huge profits from investments into their program. The program itself only offers limited income and huge risk and investment to the new member.
The promise of $30k a month is derived from recruiting new members not from the real estate training. This MLM plan is common and is dependent on information as the product. Information is inexpensive to manufacture and many new members are desperate for change in their lives and become easy targets for recruitment. The information itself could be anything, vitamins, relationship counseling, investments, etc. With this type of dangerous MLM it doesn't matter what they sell as long as the recruiting process is strong. The recruiting process is the lions share of the income for the organization. There are always tapes and other ancillary information for sale but that is usually designed to help spread the message and strengthen the recruiting process. Once the market is saturated and the recruiting process slows the organization ceases to exist. The informational portion of the organization is not enough to stay in business.

This is the business of recruiting for profit. Don't be fooled into thinking that you will be turned into a real estate investment professional.

Anonymous said...

I posted the link to www.mlm-thetruth.com because real justice resides in the house of impartial judgement.

NRU's program is about recruiting.
If we could sneak a peak at an indepedent audit of their 5yr finances, that point would be obvious. But since we can't, there is the endless back and forth.

The school is the sham. Or to put it in more appropriate context for this blog, the shill. It exists to support the real objective. Making money from recruiting people to attend the "school". This sentiment has been echoed by other bloggers.

To illustrate why I am branding NRU so harshly, I will reveal a bit about myself.

When I was younger and between research assignments, I taught at an accredited post secondary institution. The students were 1/2 work disability cases and 1/2 international students. The curriculum was not particularly challenging, but after speaking with close friends who relayed their experience to me after having spent hard earned money to repeatedly fly to Arizona to attend NRU's classes, I feel as if the program I taught was a Harvard extension program instead of just your run of the mill "accredited" post secondary institution. I had to grade tests and give assignments and assess and evaluate student progress.
Conversely, NRU's class room curriculum and it's advancement requirements more closely match those of a "corporate sexual harrasment seminar".

Anonymous said...

To the above blogger. Your input is greatly appreciated. You are helping save the people that are on the fence from wasting their time and money with Nouveau Riche.

Thank you again...

Anonymous said...

The last several post have been well written. Now we are getting into the arena of intelligent discussion.

Clearly we are in the minority on this blog that find Nouveau Riche to be exactly what we were told it would be. Many of the recent posts have in fact outlined a lot of what Nouveau Riche does or says, although with a decidedly differing opinion than we have. Some of the statements have also been not so accurate.

A review:

Nouveau Riche does have a marketing plan that pays people to recruit others to the education offered. Many companies and education institutions pay people to recruit business and students for their companies and schools. This is not illegal and is not a scam.

Nouveau Riche offers education products. In the Nouveau Riche briefing we show and tell people that information about real estate investing can be obtained elsewhere and even for free. That is not illegal or a scam.

In the Nouveau Riche presentation, we tell people that Nouveau Riche is not an overnight rags to riches program on either the marketing or real estate sides. The leadership of Nouveau Riche continually tells people not to quit their jobs to do Nouveau Riche until they can afford to and only if they choose to. This is not illegal or a scam.

In the Nouveau Riche presentation we tell people that investing in real estate carries risks, like any investment. This is not illegal or a scam.

No one is forced or required to make any purchases from the investor concierge. That is a personal decision made by each individual investor. If a person does not like the deal they do not have to purchase. Nouveau Riche constantly tells people to do their own due diligence and run their own numbers. This is not illegal or a scam.

In the Nouveau Riche presentation, we tell people that it will take time, work, education, effort, commitment, etc to become successful at the real estate and/or marketing businesses. This is not illegal or a scam.

There is no requirement to purchase any Nouveau Riche product in order to market and earn commissions. This is not illegal or a scam.

There is no requirement to market Nouveau Riche. A person can choose to only purchase and participate in the education and invest in real estate and real estate related fields. This is not illegal or a scam.

Nouveau Riche is a for profit company. They are “out to make a buck”. This is not illegal or a scam. All for profit companies are “out to make a buck”. That does not make them illegal or a scam either, even when their products break or we can not make them perform as advertised. Take a look at the pictures of burgers on you local burger restaurant and then look at your burger when it’s delivered – often the two do not look quite the same. No one is calling, say McDonalds, a scam once they get their hamburger (perhaps an over simplification but valid nonetheless).

Nouveau Riche does emphasize marketing to its students. The top levels of the company sum it up like this; we paraphrase now, “it makes sense to build up your cash reserves before jumping out into real estate investing because we don’t want you to be investing at your financial red-line. Real estate deals can lose money and we want our students to be in a financial position to weather a down turn in markets.” Of course that makes sales and income go up for the corporate HQ people. It also makes good sense, especially for people just getting started and it makes money for them. This is not illegal or a scam.

Nouveau Riche does conduct a lot of marketing training for it’s marketers when not in education classes. That’s what a lot of people see when they peer in at Nouveau Riche. Again, it is a for profit company and that is how marketers make money also. Nouveau Riche does not control what the marketers do with their commission money. That marketer can save it all, invest it all, pay off debt, travel, buy a car, whatever – it’s their money. Nouveau Riche would prefer, once they are financially secure, to see them invest that money in profitable, long-term, passive income generating real estate. Totally up to the individual though. This is not illegal or a scam.

Here is what we think makes many of you say Nouveau Riche is a scam:

1. A new person attends one of Nouveau Riche’s presentations. Although the negatives are stated, the presenters present Nouveau Riche in a positive manner (that’s what companies do –watch or read an advertisement – “this drug could save you, but it could kill you too, but it will probably just save you).
2. During the presentation, people who are having success get up and tell the audience about their successes – you don’t hear from people not doing well and generally speaking, those people aren’t at the presentation anyway.
3. Eventually, someone signs up and pays their money to be a marketer and for the education. Lets say they go “all in” for $21k.
4. That new person tells a couple friends about this great opportunity thing the next day – that they still don’t even really understand. Their friend or family members tell them they were scammed and must be an idiot.
5. That scenario happens several times over the next month or two.
6. The new person now goes to his first “college” week (more money out of pocket now). He learns about wholesaling in one of his classes and gets all fired up about making money in wholesaling.
7. The new person comes back home, back to work, back to family commitments, and can’t get any wholesale deals going. More friends tell him he was a fool – look at the proof even – he took a week off from work (didn’t get paid) and now, a month later, still owns no real estate.
8. The new person quits. This doesn’t work. It’s a scam. Everyone pats him on the back and says, “We told you so. Dude, you got scammed.”

Now this is what happens, or a version thereof, for many people. That does not make Nouveau Riche illegal or a scam.

First, it takes time to get good at selling anything (except that something is a scam – that can be mastered in just minutes). Most of us have no sales or marketing experience when we get “suckered” into some MLM or marketing company. We just see the dollar signs and all the happy, successful people. What we don’t see is the months or years those people spent perfecting their sales and marketing abilities, and being dirt poor broke from all the other “scams” they got “suckered” into, before they became the happy, successful, presentation givers.

Most people do not take the time to learn their product, learn their company, learn their compensation plan, learn to advertise, learn to market, learn to present, or stick with it long enough to see positive results. Doing one or two of these but not the rest won’t work either. If you become a product and company expert but never learn how to market guess what: no sales = no commissions = I quit, it was a scam.

We live in a “microwave society” that expects results right now, today, immediately or we lose interest or quit. That does not mean the “opportunity” was a scam in and of itself. Maybe it was a scam. Scams do exist. But most likely, it wasn’t a scam. Most likely the person “scammed” themselves by quitting way to soon and never studied or even attempted to master sales and marketing strategies and techniques. They expected to “get rich” just because they signed up.

On to the real estate “scam” argument: Really, going to one class is not going to make hardly anyone a real estate tycoon. It could happen, and has happened, but really, come on, probably not for most of us. A brand new, still broke, Nouveau Riche student isn’t going to go to a week of classes and then walk out and purchase Trump Tower for no money down. Why would he or his friends or family expect that? It takes time and effort to master the business of real estate investing. When a doctor finishes med school he doesn’t head straight to the Operating Room and start performing brain surgery – even though he’s a “doctor” now. No, he interns, studies, learns, and gains experience. Same for most real estate investors. Even several weeks of class doesn’t mean they’ll head out and start buying up all the real estate in town. If real estate were that simple then real estate agents would buy up all the deals themselves.

Stop approaching Nouveau Riche as some kind of overnight, real estate tycoon, magic powder dust to be sprinkled on all class attendees. Approach it with a, “I’m going to learn and gain experience and slowly get into real estate investing. Once I gain some knowledge and experience then I will begin investing more and in perhaps riskier, with higher payoff, properties” attitude and you will probably find it less “scammy”.

Now, here’s a neat Nouveau Riche perspective on marketing and real estate. Let’s say a person’s goal is to make $10,000 a month. If that person has rental properties that have a $200 a month positive cash flow he would need 50 properties to make $10,000. Fifty properties is a lot of work and takes a lot of time and money to acquire for most investors. On the other hand, if that person were to market the Nouveau Riche education to one person a month, he’d make a$10,000 commission. Which is the quicker route to building your bank account when getting started? The marketing of course. After a year or two of learning about real estate, perhaps partnering on some deals with more experienced investors, and building a cash reserve from marketing, then the Nouveau Riche student could start acquiring significantly more properties and more profitable properties – say commercial apartments, that would have a greater passive cash flow than their Nouveau Riche marketing efforts. This is not illegal and does not make Nouveau Riche a scam.

Nouveau Riche does teach about business and real estate. Education is their product. You can get your education anywhere you want to for any price you’re willing to pay. That does not make Nouveau Riche’s education illegal or a scam. We have attended real universities and have undergraduate and graduate degrees from accredited universities. We have attended classes given by Nouveau Riche. Both provided good information for us to take and apply or do nothing with. Totally up to us. We’ve done nothing with say, our college biology class. That doesn’t mean it was a scam, we just didn’t use it. Just like we’ve done nothing with the information we got from our probate class. That doesn’t mean it was a scam, we just didn’t use it.

That was a lot to cover. Whatever we missed please highlight again.


Anonymous said...

I see that you didn't understand the point that I made regarding the information not being important. The information could be any information. In most cases, as the case of Nouveau Riche, it is free information that the member could obtain anywhere for a fraction of the cost. The MLM easily repackages the information with flashy keywords and creates a perception of value where there isn't value.

The income is derived from the recruiting process. With out the recruiting the company goes out of business. The sole purpose of the scam MLM is to recruit.

When I don't sign my post the Nouveau Rip Off salesman compliments my writing. So we see here the the Nouveau Rip off artist likes my message above but doesn't like me.

Thank you for the compliment and and the opportunity to help protect others from your scam.

Proceed with Caution

PS- In order to get my message across I will continue to randomly post anonymously and change my tone and bias. I look forward to you enjoying more of my future posts. I am glad that I could open your eyes and help you realize what you have gotten into with Nouveau Scam.

Anonymous said...

Hey dodger, we won’t even comment about your deceitful posting strategy you were so upset about earlier because when you post them this way they have been more intelligently prepared than when you post as dodger. Perhaps you should continue posting anonymously.

What do you want us to say about the information product that we haven’t already said? What do you want the Nouveau Riche presentation to say about the information that they don’t already say? We tell people that they can acquire this information in many places, from many people, for many different prices. There is an entire slide in the Nouveau Riche presentation dedicated to this. There is no scam in this.

People - go get the information somewhere else if that’s what you want to do. The information is not a scam. The problem with information, no matter where you get it, is it has no value only if you do not put that information to use. Most people, from most information sources, fail to take action on that information. There is value in the information but only if you apply that information. By the way, when there is perceived value, there is value.

It must be hard to say that Nouveau Riche information is of no value when you’ve never experienced it. If the information has value when you obtain it for free, it has the same value when you pay to obtain it. You can gain a PhD level of information for free but most people pay to go to a college or university to get their academic education instead. Have you, dodger, ever attended any of the Nouveau Riche classes? If you haven’t, how can you say this particular information has “no value”? Even if the information were simply “repackaged” as you claim, that does not make it valueless. There is value in simply having it all packaged up nicely in one place. There are many companies out there that collect and repackage information and then sell that information to people and companies that could also go out and get the information for free. Our US government is a huge purchaser of repackaged information as one example. Polling companies are another example. The intelligence community is rampant with information that has been repackaged for sale. Most companies buy information that is otherwise free for the getting. How about stock brokers; they sell information you could get for free also. Information selling is everywhere. There is nothing illegal about packaging or repackaging open source information and it is not a scam.

Income is derived from recruiting and sales. What else can be said? Any for profit company that doesn’t generate income will go out of business. Nouveau Riche is a for profit organization. They have to generate income. People, what for profit, private or commercial, business or school, are you aware of that does not require income? All for profit businesses and schools recruit for income. They advertise and market constantly. Their marketing and recruiting efforts bombard you daily. It is on the radio, the TV, in the newspapers, on the side of buses, on flyers stuck on your car windshield, on the clothes you purchase; everywhere. Companies and schools recruit you for your money every day. This is not illegal and there is no scam about it.

The sole purpose of Nouveau Riche is not to recruit people. Selling the education products is a key component of the business plan but it is not the sole purpose. Again, all for profit businesses require income and they recruit and market to get that income. Your grocery store and electronic stores market and recruit for your dollars every week, usually in your Wednesday mail and Sunday newspaper. Generating income through recruiting, marketing, and sales is not illegal and it is not a scam. Even churches do it.

Why are we so hung up on the money and the education making Nouveau Riche a scam? Nouveau Riche is not a scam. It works if you take the time and make the effort to allow it to work. It works if you take action on the information you obtain. There are no continuing purchases required. There is no monthly minimum required. There is no requirement to market at all. There is no requirement to participate in the education. How are these scams? Nouveau Riche, and many other things out in the world simply become scams when people quit. Just because it isn’t working for you, right now, doesn’t make it a scam and it doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else right now or you in the future. People “scam” themselves out of their money by quitting and by not taking action on the information they received.

Nouveau Riche is legal. The products, services, and education Nouveau Riche offer are real. Nouveau Riche makes money. Nouveau Riche marketers recruit people to enroll in the education packages offered and they get paid well for doing it successfully. Nouveau Riche offers a lot of marketing training for its marketers to learn to become successful marketers. All companies train their sales forces. Nouveau Riche offers opportunity and it offers supporting companies for new investors. Nouveau Riche does not compel any marketer or student to utilize any of its products, services, or education. Nouveau University is not yet accredited. Nouveau University is working towards accreditation. None of this makes Nouveau Riche a scam. Just like perceived value being value, perceived scam is scam. That is why we all have different opinions on so many things.

So, if you perceive Nouveau Riche to be a scam, it is for you. If you perceive an opportunity, it is for you. We perceived an opportunity. We acted upon our perceived opportunity and the information that was conveniently packaged and provided to us. It has worked exactly as we were told during our recruitment process.

If you perceive opportunity let’s get started. Start small if you’re still skeptical. $1,695 gets you the first education product and two classes in Arizona. Want to market also, throw in another $75.00. Sell two more of the $1,695 packages and then start making $1,000 in commission per sale. That must be the Australian 2-up model. Sell those first two additional ones in your first 90 days and make $100 per sale – now that isn’t entirely an Australian 2-up system or is it? So, if you only market and you make your first sale of our lowest priced package, within 90 days, you’re already ahead $25.00.


Let’s proceed with caution and get started.

Anonymous said...

The responses from the person blogging under NRenroll@gmail.com
are quite revealing and they serve the same purpose as all attempts at PR...to distact people. Especially from the extremely well written breakdown of NRU's activities from another blogger who revealed his own personal experience. Search for the blog entry which has "epliogue" and "conclusion". He/she does an excellent job of communicating the essential dishonesty of the NRU program Very well done!

Now let's review some of the NRU spin:

""Nouveau Riche does have a marketing plan that pays people to recruit others to the education offered. Many companies and education institutions pay people to recruit business and students for their companies and schools. This is not illegal and is not a scam.""

Companies and education institutions pay recruiters to attract students and employees.
NRU primarily recruits students in order to create more recruiters. If you don't undestand the difference, I suggest you are either disingenuous or fooling yourself. Probably a mixture of both, which neatly correlates with the "straddling the fence" NRU business model.

""Nouveau Riche offers education products. In the Nouveau Riche briefing we show and tell people that information about real estate investing can be obtained elsewhere and even for free. That is not illegal or a scam.
..In the Nouveau Riche presentation, we tell people that Nouveau Riche is not an overnight rags to riches program on either the marketing or real estate sides. The leadership of Nouveau Riche continually tells people not to quit their jobs to do Nouveau Riche until they can afford to and only if they choose to. This is not illegal or a scam
..In the Nouveau Riche presentation we tell people that investing in real estate carries risks, like any investment. This is not illegal or a scam.""

I'm guessing that the disclaimers you offer were at the insistence of the NRU legal team, but you present them as validation of the systems legitimacy and altruism.

""First, it takes time to get good at selling anything (except that something is a scam – that can be mastered in just minutes). Most of us have no sales or marketing experience when we get “suckered” into some MLM or marketing company.""

You're wrong about scams being easy to learn. The sophisicated one's are successful because they are somewhat complex. See NRU for more details on this.

"Nouveau Riche is a for profit company. They are “out to make a buck”. This is not illegal or a scam. All for profit companies are “out to make a buck”. That does not make them illegal or a scam either, even when their products break or we can not make them perform as advertised. Take a look at the pictures of burgers on you local burger restaurant and then look at your burger when it’s delivered – often the two do not look quite the same. No one is calling, say McDonalds, a scam once they get their hamburger (perhaps an over simplification but valid nonetheless)."

That was a really weak example. If I don't like my cheeseburer, McDonalds will gladly give me another one or a refund if I ask.
NRU, on the other hand, I classify as a legimate scam because of the circular logic of the NRU business model. It isn't illegal but it is essentially dishonest. I would equate it with the Navy recruiters who would have you believe you will be on the SEAL team instead of swabbing decks.

NRU exists as an entity for the sole purpose of recruiting recruiters. A weird and strangely elegant deception, Like some MLM version of those infinity mirrors ...or those russian dolls nestled inside of other russian dolls..

"Stop approaching Nouveau Riche as some kind of overnight, real estate tycoon, magic powder dust to be sprinkled on all class attendees. Approach it with a, “I’m going to learn and gain experience and slowly get into real estate investing. Once I gain some knowledge and experience then I will begin investing more and in perhaps riskier, with higher payoff, properties” attitude and you will probably find it less “scammy”."

Most people know that money is earned through hard work and dedication to specific objectives. That luck is actually planning meeting opportunity. But your above statement is a straw man arugment that clouds the real reason people get disillusioned with your program. Yours is the standard knee jerk NRU reponse.. these people weren't successful because they didn't try hard enough or were impatient with the results. Wrong.

Many of these people quit because they didn't want to be involved in propagating the circular business model of recruiting recruiters.

I'm glad that the PR people at NRU have convinced themeselves of their own righteousness, it is an endless source of amusement to watch them fall all over themselves in defense of their "obsession"

Anonymous said...

And there we have it - two differing opinions on one topic.


People - your move.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I feel that it is a strong indicator of how the blogger nrenroll@gmail, and NR saleman in general, cannot deal with the most basic of facts.

I posted anonymously in an attempt to get my message across. Then our NR salesman accuses me of using a deceitful posting strategy. Whoa!

Again all I did is post anonymously which is not deceitful.

What the dishonest Nouveau Rip Off salesman did was craft a post and sign the post "Proceed with Caution" as if it was my post.

Signing someone else's name to your post is lying. This is proof of the NR salesman's inability to be ethical and his cognitive impairment relating to the differences between anonymous and dishonest postings.

The more these NR salesman post the more and more desperate their tactics become. Fortunately for us all we have to do is watch them become corrupt in front of our eyes. I have seen it happen over and over again. Their true dishonest colors are always revealed. It is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

The analogy above between a Navy recruiter and a Nouveau Riche marketer is right on target.

When a Navy recruiter finds a prospect he tells that prospect all the good things about the Navy. If asked, he probably shares some of the negatives as well but he will mitigate those experiences with the greater weight of the good. He offers the prospect the dream of becoming a Navy SEAL and enjoying the Navy lifestyle. The prospect decides to join the Navy and pursue the dream.

Now, it is not the responsibility of the recruiter to turn that new recruit into a Navy SEAL. Whether that new recruit, with his vision of being a Navy SEAL, becomes a Navy SEAL is totally up to the new recruit and depends on the personal actions he takes. If he pursues becoming a Navy Seal, works hard, gets educated, and follows the path to becoming a Navy SEAL he has the opportunity to do so. Even if the new recruit does everything right he might not become a SEAL on his first attempt. The attrition rate is very high. If that new recruit becomes discouraged or for some other reason does not apply himself to becoming a Navy SEAL that is not the fault of the Navy or the Navy recruiter. The Navy recruiter did not “scam” the new recruit into joining the Navy. He held out the opportunity and the prospect recognized and seized it. Then, the new prospect had to start learning about being in the Navy and how to succeed in the Navy. If the recruit later decides he does not like the Navy he can’t just decide to quit and “get a refund”. He signed a valid contract and has to serve out the term of his service.

The same is the case with a Nouveau Riche marketer. They find a prospect and offer them the dream, vision, and opportunity. When that prospect signs up their success is dependent on their effort. It is not dependent on Nouveau Riche or the marketer that recruited them. It takes work and education. It takes time to achieve the dream. Even if the new prospect does everything right he might not make any money. The attrition rate is very high. If the new marketer becomes discouraged or for some other reason does not apply himself to becoming a real estate investor or wealthy marketer that is not the fault of the Nouveau Riche or the Nouveau Riche marketer. The Nouveau Riche marketer did not “scam” the new enrollee into joining. He held out the opportunity and the prospect recognized and seized it. Then, the new prospect had to start learning about being a real estate investor and Nouveau Riche marketer and how to succeed doing one or both. If that new enrollee later decides to quit he can’t just “get a refund”. He signed a valid contract and has to abide by those terms.

Excellent analogy. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

Who wants to be a SEAL?


Anonymous said...

nrenroll@gmail you are the biggest idiot to ever post on this blog. I mean I could not ever imagine that anybody could be so F#$#cken Stupid! It is obvious to anybody with a fraction of a brain and a measurable amount of ethics that the comparison between the Nouveau Riche Thief and the unscrupulous Navy recruiter wasn't a compliment. It was an insult meant to highlight Nouveau Riches lack of integrity. Can't you see that you thick headed idiot?

The United States Navy is not designed to scam people into paying $20,000 from their life savings with a false promise of a becoming a millionaire. Service men from all branches enlist to serve our country. How dare you compare your disgusting den of street thugs to the United States military. YOU ARE SCUM! Prostituting the soldiers of this country to try and scam more people so that you can get paid is beyond disgusting. These people are dying to protect fat stupid criminals like you! I didn't think that even you were capable of this level of depravity!!! You are the most vile disgusting human being that I have ever come across in my life.

Maybe you should get a list of all the soldiers families that have been affected by this war and tele-market your scam to them and see if you can rip them off!

Those who believe NR's a SCAM said...

You Stupid Nouveau Richer......
How LOW can you GO...
Just keep talking.
You're doing all the work for us.

Anonymous said...

I am not any of the insults you throw out. Because I grow tired of your insults and because my time to communicate on this blog will soon be intermittent for many months, I leave you and future readers the following to ponder on my personal integrity, character, and commitment that you so arduously continue to attack. Granted, none of this means I am perfect. None of this means I couldn’t be scammed by someone. It’s just a look into some of what makes up my personal character since this is about personal attacks.

None of the below means you should run out and sign up for Nouveau Riche. That’s your call and your decision to make as we’ve said all along. We made our decision to get started and it has worked out well. That does not guarantee it will work out well for you. So, a little about this part-time NR Salesman:

First, you are all entitled to your opinion, your freedom of speech, and your freedom of choice.

I have defended your right to that since 1985 when I first enlisted in the US Army through the efforts of an ethical and honest US Army recruiter. Everything he told me could happen did happen because I took responsibility for my actions and made them happen.

I am now a commissioned officer with over 22 years of service to this nation. I have been deployed to Kosovo, Egypt, Kuwait, and Iraq. I have spent many hungry, cold, wet, nights out in the mud, rain, or snow, or in the incredibly hot deserts during the day and amazingly cold nights, training to or defending America. I enjoyed most all of them and liked my training and bond with soldiers.

I requested retirement from the Army so that I could pursue my work with Nouveau Riche and real estate investing full time and was approved for retirement from the US Army on 1 March 2009. However, the Army needed someone with my specific qualifications to fill another combat tour so I voluntarily revoked my retirement and volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan. That is where I will be for Christmas this year.

I am Airborne, Air Assault, and Ranger qualified. I have a chest full of medals and both an Expert Infantryman’s and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. I have led or commanded platoons, companies, battalions, and am now a Deputy Brigade Commander. I have done this in both peace and/or combat. I have and continue to be entrusted with defending America. I have and continue to be responsible for the lives of our servicemen and women.

I don’t have to get a list of families that have been effected by these wars – I live in one of them. I am surrounded by these soldiers every day I go to work and by their families at every unit social activity, deployment ceremony, redeployment ceremony, and funeral service. My second son is currently serving in Kuwait and Iraq.

I was the Executive Officer and temporary Commander of an Infantry Battalion of US Infantrymen in Iraq. I have sent soldiers home to their families in body bags for your freedom and right to express your opinion on anything. I have seen them die for your right to express your opinion on any topic you choose and to call people anything you want. I have sent soldiers home both physically and/or mentally scared so that all Americans can live free and decide for themselves what they will do each day of their life.

I have personally made plans and given the orders that brought our soldiers, sailors, and airmen in harms way. Men and women have died on both sides of this war on terror because of my decisions. Men and women have lived on both sides because of my decisions. We have fought and bled for you so you can live unhindered by cares for your right to say what you want to say and do what you want to do. I and we have done this so you can call me “SCUM” without ever knowing who I am and without fear of reprisal.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from major Universities. I am not an idiot, stupid, or uneducated. Not only have I achieved these levels of civilian education I have excelled in my military education. I am a graduate of the Infantry Officer Basic and Advance Courses, the Field Artillery Officer Advance Course, Bradley Leader’s Course, TOW Leader’s Course, Joint Firepower Control Course, Northern Warfare Course, Maintenance Officer Course, the Marine Corps Amphibious Warfare Course, Basic and Advanced Individual Training (OSUT), and the United States Army Command and General Staff College. I have excelled at education. I have excelled at analyzing and deciding.

I personally have used the “worthless information” I received from Nouveau Riche to stop the foreclosure on one of my soldier’s homes. His family lives in that home today while he is serving his second tour in Kuwait & Iraq.

No matter what you say, type, think, or feel it will not change what I have done for his family nor will it be able to change what I will continue to be able to do for my family and others through what Nouveau Riche offers and teaches.

How fortunate that I was able to spend a mere $21,000, which I could afford to do, to keep my soldier and his family in their home. They could not afford the knowledge because we pay our military so well for their service, sacrifice, and loss. I could. I did.

How fortunate because while one of our largest and most grateful for his service lenders was foreclosing on my soldier and his family, I was training him for his second deployment to Kuwait and Iraq.

I believe there was and is great value in the information Nouveau Riche provides. If nothing else it saved one soldier and his family’s home. His family, affected twice now by this war, kept their home when all the other advice they had received from professional attorneys and a foreclosure specialist company was to declare bankruptcy in order to delay the impending foreclosure. They were also not able to acquire this information for free it would seem, unless you consider me their free source. I shared it with them. I worked with them. I learned it all from Nouveau Riche.

I have personally observed Nouveau Riche bring additional income to many families, my own included. I have personally been able to acquire a single family home and two duplexes because of what I learned at Nouveau Riche. That provides housing for 5 families that otherwise might not have a place to live.

I was able to submit my retirement from the Army because of what I learned and can do with Nouveau Riche and real estate investing now. I made that choice after “running the numbers”. I also chose to delay my personal desires and time with my family to voluntarily take another combat tour because the Army, our nation, and you, needed me to.

It is my personal opinion that you get out of Nouveau Riche what you put into it. Sometimes, you put a lot in and get nothing back. That does not make it a scam.

People are free and have the right to keep blogging about Nouveau Riche being a scam. People are free and have the right to keep looking for all the people who didn’t achieve results. People are also free to be successful at this and tell others about their success.

I will continue to look for ways to help people become successful and achieve their dreams while I accomplish mine along with them. I am responsible for what I do and what I achieve. I am responsible for my success and my failure. None of this is on anyone else’s shoulders to achieve or lose for me. The same is the case for anyone who gets started with Nouveau Riche, another business endeavor, or anything else in his or her life.

I will not accept defeat. I will not quit. I will not surrender. I will fight on to the objective. I offer hope and freedom to our nation and the nations we fight in to free them from oppression, despotism, and tyranny. I offer hope to people who want to be free in America. I do not offer a free ride. I will carry my bricks but you must carry yours.

I am 100% entitled to believe and express that Nouveau Riche can and does provide the opportunity for our families to become free from the oppression of debt and despair. I am free to believe and express that I personally have applied this information and watched it work. I am free to believe and express that there are many opportunities that offer the same possibility for financial freedom. I am free to invite and encourage others to get involved. Pick one and make it work.

Others are just as free to continue to focus on and express pain, despair, failure, and no hope.

None of those freedoms of expression that I have fought for makes either side “SCUM”. We have a multi-party system of government because we do not agree on everything. We have leaders because someone eventually has to make a decision and move forward. You all will have to make your own decision on this and then move forward.

I market Nouveau Riche because I have personally experienced it and see it working. I live it working. I do not lie, cheat, or steal from anyone I tell about Nouveau Riche. I see it exactly as I have stated and experienced. I am entitled to my opinion, my perspective, and my freedom of speech on this matter, and many others, just as you are.

I will discuss with anyone who desires more information about Nouveau Riche. I will not participate in any further “he said, she said” name-calling and personal insults.

I deploy to Afghanistan for my third combat tour deployment in the middle of December. I expect to have access to the internet while I am there. I have so much free time to chat on here right now because I am on a pass period to spend time with my family before leaving again. Now we’re heading to the beach and if someone asks us, we’ll tell them about Nouveau Riche.

If you live on Oahu, Hawaii and have attended a Nouveau Riche presentation, you know me. You see me in my BMW Z4 convertible that is not rented. You know my story and my success. You know I am sincere in my efforts to help others and that I do help others. You know that we are not any of the insults that have been tossed our way.

The only time Nouveau Riche becomes a scam is when you decide to quit or take no action. If you saw the Nouveau Riche opportunity, joined, and are not experiencing success, talk to, call, or email me. Support is all around for you. Many people are willing and able to help. You have to carry your own bricks though. Don't want to market, fine - Just do real estate.

It is not hard to get my phone number or business email. I’m sure the unhappy Hawaii blogger can easily get it and post it here for everyone to call or write and curse me or thank me. My phone won’t work in Afghanistan so call soon.

We’ll be at our Nouveau Riche Thursday evening presentations. 1298 Kukila Street, in Foster Village, at the Oahu Veteran’s Center. 7-9pm. Come meet me. Ask for Jeff. I am real.

We’ll be at the Cashflow game presentation Friday nights as well. Same location, the Oahu Veteran’s Center. 6:30-9:30pm.

Successful, Part-time, NOUVEAU RICHE MARKETER & Real Estate Investor


Anonymous said...

Because you are associated with the inherently dishonest Nouveau Riche organization I cannot believe anything that you say. You have lost all elements of credibility. You of all people would continue to spin stories about the military in order get others money.

It is so sad that you will go this extent in the attempt to gain credibility.

You remind me of the Nouveau Riche presenter that I listened to at one of their presentations. He talked about how he was unable to care for is permanently hospitalized son until he found Nouvea Riche. He even cried during the presentation. Later I heard that he didn't even have children. It was a lie.

A lie just like yours. You are not an honorable man. You make money scheming other poor unsophisticated Americans.

You are the shame of this country.

Anonymous said...

I forgot - I seek neither your approval or endorsement. I have an abundance of creditability with those whom I serve in and out of the military.

I will continue to market Nouveau Riche and pursue my real estate investing as well. When I do retire I will pursue it full time. You can not change my reality or curse it away. I will carry my bricks. You must carry yours.


Anonymous said...

Just get off this blog you scam artist.

Anonymous said...

None will wish or curse me away. My freedom to express myself here is inalienable and I chose to do so with facts and first hand experience rather than cursing and third party rumor and hearsay. I will continue to exercise my right to express myself, here, when, and how I choose to do so. Nouveau Riche is not a scam. I am living it. I see people living it.

The Constitution states that we are able to pursue the pursuit of happiness. Upon my return I will continue to offer financial hope and the opportunity for financial freedom to my fellow Americans so they can have an opportunity to live free from the pain and suffering associated with the daily pressures and concerns of our debt ridden and debt controlled society. I will do this, for them, so they may pursue happiness with me and my family. They, and many others, may not succeed but I will offer them that hope, ability, support, and opportunity through Nouveau Riche. It is only the pursuit we are guaranteed, not the achievement.

We have a brand new Nouveau Riche presentation that was just released this afternoon. Find your nearest Nouveau Riche presentation and drop in to see it.

I am real. My statements stand as factual. Many people know me. My accomplishments are real. You cannot change that.

Successful, Part-Time, NOUVEAU RICHE MARKETER and real estate investor


Anonymous said...

As a veteran I was suprised by the ridiculous diatribe from the NRenroll@gmail poster. and it certainly didn't ring true with me.

...I didn't enlist so that I could brandish my service as a tribute to my integrity. Or use my sense of honor as a means to justify my particapation in a faux investment program that most CO's I used to serve under would try and steer their subordinates away from...

The seemingly fabricated story about the NR shill's lifelong commitment to integrity is what is called a "tell"....which is sort of like prefacing your story with "this is the truth", or "honestly.."

it is almost always a segue to a work of fiction

Anonymous said...

Interesting...the NR shill mentioned the idiotic cashflow game being hosted at the Oahu Veterans Center..

However the website for the Oahu Veterans Center doesn't list anything going on for Thursdays?
Aerobics is important enough to post, but not Investement Advice Seminars? Curious..

When I called I was told that any group could rent the hall for any reason..no need to be a connected to teh military.



Anonymous said...

We appreciate your due diligence. Thank you for researching the Oahu Veteran's Center for everyone and posting their website. We posted the phone number and names of the two ladies at the Center to talk to. Anyone can confirm the number by visiting their website posted above.

I do not control what is posted on their on-line calendar. I had not visited their website until you posted it today. I will ask them why it isn't posted when I see them and ask if they will post it. Thank you for pointing out another way that I can inform people about our presentations.

NR Brief last night, 20 NOV 08, Oahu Veteran's Center:

Oahu Veterans Center OVC.
1298 Kukila Street
Honolulu, HI 96818

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm HT

Cashflow game & presentation tonight, 21 NOV 08:

Oahu Veterans Center, OVC
1298 Kukila St
Honolulu , HI 96818
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm HT

Nothing Scheuled during the four day Thanksgiving Weekend.

Next Scheduled Briefing:

Oahu Veterans Center OVC.
1298 Kukila Street
Honolulu, HI 96818
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm HT

Anyone can and does schedule use of the Oahu Veteran's Center. It puts money in their account.

Confirm our schedule with Sandy or Doris (808) 422-4000 at the Center. I do not recall meeting Barbara yet.

I also do not schedule our Nouveau Riche meetings. If they change, do not lash out at me. I am always happy to provide current meeting and activity locations. Just ask.

The more of my facts you research the more you will find them accurate. Keep looking and posting.

My military service has nothing to do with Nouveau Riche. The two are not related. My education, service record, and accomplishments serve only to discredit your continual cursings, personal insults, and hearsay speculations with facts. This information, in total, serves to establish creditability you claim I lack. I am real. You can not change my facts.

You will eventually verify my statements and post that verification here. The resources exist to do this easily now.

I am glad to see you qualified your "fabricated story" comment with the word "seemingly". It is not fabricated. That one word will allow you to save some face here for your personal insults towards me.

I market Nouveau Riche on it's own merits. Many do not see the value and do not start. Many may start and not make a dime. Many may start and never purchase real estate. We tell them that. I tell them that. That does not make Nouveau Riche a scam.


You still have not defined "the scam". You have only attacked me and others who have had success.

I'm off to meet my guests at the Cashflow game at the Oahu Veterans Center.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great link that displays the lack of integrity that is typical of NR. Pay special attention to the section that deals with the question of whether or not NR is a MLM.

The Nouveau Riche script at this link is a guide on how to lie to friends and family. Disgusting!


PS- I can't take credit for the above posts. I didn't make them. There are other people that don't buy what you are selling.

And everyone else here sees the scam except you. Later I will dummy it down further so that you can understand it.

Anonymous said...

I just talked with Sandy at the Oahu Veteran's Center. Nouveau Riche events are now posted on the Oahu Veteran's Center on-line calendar. Again, thanks for pointing out the earlier absence. Now more people will be aware of our events. You just helped market Nouveau Riche. Thank you.

I am real. I do what I say I will do. You can not change the facts. Keep looking and posting. Continue to prove me right in all my posted facts. You will never disprove my opinion. It is mine and I share it happily.


Anyone can write anything and post it on-line. The above link just posted is to a sales and marketing script - whoever wrote it.

Is there a lie in what is written that you would like to highlight? I told you Nouveau Riche trains their marketers on how to market Nouveau Riche. What company does not train it's sales force? Even churches train their missionaries and preachers on how to approach people and handle objections.

Nouveau Riche marketers can and do invite guests to these sales and marketing training events. Nothing is hidden. They are generally held once a month; sometimes more.

If guests come to a marketing training event they see and hear it as presented. How is that a scam? If this is in fact a training script from Steve Clegg it has helped make him wealthy and has brought a lot of people into Nouveau Riche. By the way, this script could be used to market or sell almost any entrepreneurial opportunity or product.

NR marketers and those interested - the posted script could be real. You should look at it and perhaps print a copy for your own use. As noted in any sales training, know and understand your scripts. Do not just read them like a robot. They are guidelines for your conversation.

Thank you for making this script available to anyone who wants to market any business opportunity they are pursuing. You have again helped market Nouveau Riche. Are you really just a "shill" Nouveau Richer giving me a hard time?

I saw at the very end of the posted script there are a lot of names and results from whenever this document was published. I also noted that several had what appeared to be phone numbers. Call them and get their input. You will have to call them yourselves - you can trust nothing on this or any blog; not even my posts. That is why verifiable facts are so critical.

My opinion, or the opinion of others, should not be the sole basis for a decision you make about Nouveau Riche or for using or not using any associated Nouveau Riche product.

Back to our Cashflow game....

Anonymous said...

Playing a cash flow board games is not what investment professionals do.

Although this is a great idea for a game that has a nice little message it is rudimentary information for so called professionals. Do they have class at the UNACREDITED fake university that teaches board games?

My NYU certified financial planner is getting recertified in FOREX. Maybe I should call him and tell him that he should be playing board games!

Gosh that is neato playing Mr. Dress Up professional and playing Mr. Kiyoski's board games. Who needs to go to a real University when you can play Mr. Dressup and play games???????

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that the only thing that the Nouveau Riche people can do to defend themselves is attack the attackers.

Their standard response is that the attacker is negative, unsuccessful and has a job!

This is all you ever hear from these people. A standard, "I drank the Kool-Aid" response. Not once do you hear anything of substance. Not once will you ever see one of them document anything that they say.

I am not negative, unsucessful nor do I work a 9-5 job. I already have the real estate knowledge and I didn't have to pay $20,000 to get it. I am simply smarter than the Nouveau Riche people because I can see from a professional perpsective that your organization is designed specifically to recruit.

The NRU fake unacredited university delivers sub standard, incomplete information. Nouveau Riche people are unprofessional, unlicensed MLM salepeople who are tragically unqualified to disperse investment advice.

The sad thing is they know this but don't care because their primary motivation is to market the MLM education and get paid from their recruits.

Truly a sad and dishonest existance.

Anonymous said...

You did exactly the same thing.

1. You attacked "Nouveau Riche people"
2. You didn't say anything of substance or document your position.


You commit the logical fallacy of a Hasty Generalization. Even if every Nouveau Riche person on this board, or that you have personally met, really is in some way mentally deficient or unethical, you can't logically conclude that the organization itself shares those traits.

Anonymous said...

If you read the pasts posts there have been many facts presented that support the argument that Nouveau Riche is a scam.

The fact that NR presents itself as a University and is unacredited is a fact. If you read this blog from the beginning you will see many of the salesman claiming that it is accredited. Either they don't understand the concept of regional accreditation or they are not telling the truth.

It is a fact that NR sells an education that can be obtained anywhere else for a fraction of the cost. For instance the library. It is true that NR attacks libraries and other educational venues that offer the same information for free.

It is true that NR education is dangerously incomplete. Ignoring blatant facts regarding the dangers of negative leverage and declining markets is a strong indicator of NR's limited and rudimentary approach to investing.

It is a fact that the independent student advisors are in the field dispensing investement advise without any recognized government licensing.

It is a fact that NR doesn't deal with facts they instead push the ideas of Kiyoski, the Secret movie, and many more. These other authors are mutually exclusive from NRU. Any company can start up and copy the messages of these authors. It is a disguise, NR plagiarizes these authors to mitigate the lack of substance of the NR organization.

It is a fact that NR consistantly manufactures fake statistics to support their cause.

It is a fact that the claims that NR salesman make cannot be verified and are for the most part simply sales pitches. Asking a NR salesman to verify his income claims is always a point of contention. This is because the claims of high income is for the most part a lie.

It is true that NR is a recruiting MLM. The income is primarily generated from recruiting new victims.

The truth is the real estate investing in the US at this time is on the decline. The NR slogan "The best time to buy real estate is when it is on sale" is irresponsible investing advice dispensed by uninformed, uneducated and unlicensed non-professionals who attended a fake UNACREDITED University.

The truth is that NR is a real estate broker or real estate seller that makes fees from the students. The students are really customers who pay $20,000 to be brain washed into learning dangerously incomplete information designed to direct them into buying properties in declining markets so that NR can charge more fees to the fake students who are really revenue generating customers.

It is true that NR sells properties in terribly distressed markets and creates the false appearance of positive income by susidizing the renter for a short period of time. These subsidies are generated from proceeds of the sale. The subsidy funds are originated from either the down payment or are financed into the buyer's mortgage. Either way subsidy is a fee paid by the buyer and not the renter. This proposition of positive income is false economics.

Anyone considering paying these sharks $20,000 to learn how to buy properties in a declining market needs to realize that you are not going to be a student. You will be a fake student attending a fake unacredited university. You will be there to increase THEIR profits not yours. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!


Anonymous said...

deduI responded to an ad on Craig's List; text seemed as if some developer/investor needed an on-site or local sales/leasing agent or something of that nature.

Some guy sent me an e-mail asking me
to watch some half-hour video on the
Web. I opened it up and watched a few minutes, realizing the thing was a scam.
It showed a mansion with a pool and
then a grapic saying Nouveau Riche

I have also read many arguments on this blog and

The one person who keeps calling Proceed With
Caution "Dodger" came off as very immature
and incapable of presenting any substantive

FACT: NRU and/or any of its sister entities are
NOT accredited by the North Central Association
of Colleges and Universities.

Having a former University of Phoenix president
does not make the institution any more valid.
According to United States Department of Education graduation standards the University of Phoenix rate is only 16%. Compared to the national average of 55% it is among the nation's lowest.

The University of Phoenix is often regarded as
a diploma mill by professors at state and
accredited private college and universities.

FACT: The American Council on Education is
a lobbying group, not an accreditation body.
Their main function outside of lobbying
is adminstering the GED test.

Now, people have claimed it is licensed by the
state of Arizona. Many schools are.
Schools that prepare one for state
licensing-contracting, cosmetology and real estate. What license or state issued
certificate will NRU or NU prepare a person
for? For $20,000, a person should be able
to get some industry or state designation
or license.

Also, the question people arguing FOR NR
kept dancing around: Actual number of
students (not percentages; those can be
manipulated) that are earning positive income
from actual real estate investment versus
recruiting new members and getting
50 percent of the base tuition. Again, actual
number of bodies, not percentages. I will
ask again as simple as possible: How many
people currently involved with NR are
actually deriving income from strictly
and solely investing in real estate; no
recruiting activities WHATSOEVER?

On the flipside, how many are making their
earnings strictly or mainly from selling
education packages and have yet to
consummate a real estate investment

It is the recruiting aspect that leads many to
call it a scam. When people are paid
50 percent of base tuition for recruiting people
and then the recruits are then paid to
recruit their friends, with a percentage
going upwards.

As a real estate agent, educator and
former commercial mortgage broker,
I know that unless one owns
more than one positively cash flowing
rental property at one time, being
a residential investor does not
make a person JR Ewing or
Tripp Darling. Just using some numbers
from my home city of Albuquerque,
using a hypothetical price of $125,000 with
20 percent down and a $100k mortgage;
6.25 percent rate, with $1,200 in insurance
and $2,000 in property taxes, plus
vacancy, advertising and listing costs, an
investor has an outflow of $12,000.
In order to meet ALL costs, owner would have
to rent for nearly $1,000. To cover just
mortgage and interest, he/she would have
to rent for between $700 and $800.

Plus, $16,000 for 4 weeks. Gee,
I think $16,000 plus $3,500 in books
might be able to get a person
a full 4 year degree at some state
schools and can cover a year at some
grad and law schools.

Instead of selling NRU or giving
them money to learn to invest,
people should, if they want to
get into real estate investing,
find other people and pool their
money at $20k each; determine
their objective and type of
property they are interested in and
hire a local agent/broker to
guide the process and locate
a suitable property.

The more I read about this organization, the more I am astonished. The founder/CEO is
a convicted felon with ties to past
questionable businesses (TruDynamics); one of the other
players, Bob Snyder, learned his trade at Amway.

My opinion: SCAM!

Anonymous said...

Than is an excellent post. Don't expect any kind of honest answer regarding how many NRU students are earning income from real estate investments. These questions just open the door for the NRU salesman to start making up facts and stories.
And none of it is verifiable.

That is some great information on University of Phoenix. I have never heard of anyone that takes that organization seriously.

Anonymous said...

Well, the reason I asked for actual numbers
instead of percentages is because
percentages are easier to fudge.

But, to address your concerns, I'll up the ante:
Anyone from NR or NRU deriving positive income from real estate investments, feel free to
post tax returns, lease agreements, Hud-1
closing documents, etc.

A true real estate school like Kaplan/Dearborn
or any number of locally owned real estate
schools are certified or approved by a state
licensing agency such as a real estate
commission or appraisal commission. They
offer classes to help a person obtain a license
and also classes that are classified as
continuing education.

I doubt NRU classes or NU classes (I'm getting
confused here) are even counted by the
Arizona Division of Real Estate (DRE)
for continuing education for licensees.

I also see they do not have any commercial
real estate offerings. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Those who yammer CNN is not a reliable source
have two faults in reasoning:

1: The article was initially written by Fortune
Small Business, a publication of Fortune.

2: What are reliable sources? If CNN is not
a reliable source, please tell me what is
a reliable source. While the media is wrong
at times, the wonderful thing is a little
something called Chain of Liability. If
a major media outlet (CNN, Time, Newsweek,
New York Times) makes a major error, there
usually is a correction or retraction because
of the chain of liability, in which an outlet
can be sued or, in the case of Valerie Plame,
a journalist can be held accountable under
criminal law.

That said, what constitutes a reliable, IMPARTIAL
third pary source. Success Magazine was bought
and reconstituted by Stan Van Etten, the CEO
of International Heritage Inc, an illegal
pyramid scheme hit by the SEC.

On November 21, 2006, Van Etten was
sentenced to 2 five year prison terms
and ordered to pay restitution to investors
he bilked. The magazine is now under the
leadership of Darren Hardy.

However, Pyramid Scheme Alert has listed
the publication as the flagship magazine for
MLMs and pyramid schemes.

A hotel manager in Arizona says the NR
students hoard the complimentary breakfast
buffets his hotel offers. Any rebuttal?

Lastly, the poster called Adam needs to stop
addressing people as "son." First of all,
a couple of the critics here seem quite a bit
older than him. Second, maybe one
of the critics is female. Lastly, it's just
bad form. As Proceed WIth Caution would say,
do you hear that kind of garbage from
Warren Buffet, Henry Kravis, Sam Zell or
Eddie Lampert? NO!

That's that.

Anonymous said...

"The truth is that NR is a real estate broker or real estate seller that makes fees from the students. The students are really customers who pay $20,000 to be brain washed into learning dangerously incomplete information designed to direct them into buying properties in declining markets so that NR can charge more fees to the fake students who are really revenue generating customers."

If this is the case, this sounds like the movie
BOILER ROOM in steroids. In the film,
the stockbrokers were pushing stocks that
really were shares of the firm's owner and
his buddies, who set up front companies or
false flags (Farrow Tech for example). When
they sold all the shares at inflated prices, there
was no more need to maintain the price
because the owner and his cohorts already
absorbed the profits; therefore, the stock

It seems here that NR buys up inventory, knowing
aggregate U.S real estate investment is in
decline. They then sell their "university,"
promising to teach people how to invest in
real estate. In all reality, they sell their
inventory to their students under the
guise of helping them to "find" properties
suitable for investment; just so happens that
the properties are the company's
internal inventory.

Once a student buys and the new mortgage is
issued, the concludes both NR's interest in
the property and their responsibility for
it. The lien is now against the new owner
and it will be the new owner who will be
liable for any mortgage payments, property
taxes, etc.

The reason that states have not stepped up
to the plate is because of loopholes in
license laws across the country. A developer
or owner does not have to be licensed as
a real estate broker(age) unless they deal in
a large amount of lots or properties.

Furthermore, like many con artists, they likely
set up as different corporations or LLCs in
different states. In Arizona, a scam can
be listed as Smith Webb, LLC and in
Michigan, the same group calls itself
Mazen Blue LLC. In Ohio, it would call itself
BuckNuts LLC. By setting up different
companies under different names in
various states, it is harder and harder
for regulators to crack down unless
there are enough complaints in a state
that forces regulators to investigate.
And even then, a state can only prosecute
on state charges, ifthere is sufficient
evidence to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

it looks like they are changing their web site
if you type in
you will be redirected

any information on why the change?

Handsome said...

Anonymous said...

it looks like they are changing their web site
if you type in
you will be redirected

any information on why the change? QUOTE

Most likely an attempt to
throw off regulators or
investigators. Referring again
to the film BOILER ROOM, there
is a scene in which the company's
owner and the so-called SEC
compliance officer are walking
inside an empty space next to
their offices. Why? The owner
has already taken out a lease
on this space where he can
jump to in case things get
too hot e.g. SEC or FBI

The way scams of this nature
work is by using a fictitious
business name or Doing
Business As.

Example: A company wants to use
a franchise name or a corporation
name but since they will be the
Agent or Company of Record
for a state, they file as:

Emmerson Lake and Palmer LLC
Doing Business As Sterling
Real Estate Services.

A scam takes it one step further:
The main company, Sterling,
has one of its associates file
as a separate LLC or corp,
then "sells" them the right
to use the Sterling name.

If the heat gets too hot, what
will usually happen is a two-step

1: Emmerson Lake and Palmer will
dissolve itself as an independent

2: Sterling may try and pin
the blame on "rogue" LLC
franchisee but in many
cases would dissolve itself
before any indictments or
charges can be made. The
leaders will usually
resurface or reconstitute
as another company, most
likely in another state
and will hire a new set
of faces for the public (usually
from within the MLM industry;
people who are experts at

Handsome said...

The name change is that they are
now calling themselves Piccolo
International University; offering
degrees in construction management
and real estate investing.

However, they are not accredited
by the North Central Association
of Colleges and Universities. The
site says they are accredited by
the state to offer degrees but state approval is not the same
thing as true academic accreditation, recognized by
the U.S. Education Department.

This means that, by most employer
evaluations, the material learned
there would be equivalent to
professional development; similar
to taking real estate classes at
Kaplan/Dearborn or a local
real estate school.

If people are truly interested
in getting a degree with a focus
in real estate, I recommend finding
real colleges or universities that
offer programs in real estate.
Arizona State has a degree program
in real estate. The University
of Arizona has a finance program,
which has a real estate component.
North Texas University has a BBA
degree program in real estate.

While buying foreclosures is not
a topic normally taught in a
true degree program, the
paradigm, as Proceed With Caution
says, comes down to financial
planning: Consult with an expert
on the future value of money.
If buying real estate in today's
market, understand that the
profits are not going to be
from rental income but rather
having the resources to hold
for the long term. While
this is usually the case in
a normal market (Sorry, I never
met someone who made millions
from investing in residential
rentals save owners who
formed partnerships and
bought upscale multi-family
properties and even then,
they made most of their money upon final disposal of asset; or, they
condo converted and sold off units
in parts). Take stock of
property's total costs: Not just
asking price to clear asset from
books but repairs, restoration
and any retooling you have to do.
What will it cost to market?
Do you list with broker or
FRBO (For Rent By Owner)? Who manages? Any way you slice it,
property management costs approx.
3-5 percent of effective rental
income. Do you have resources to
pay mortgage, taxes, insurance
during a protracted vacancy? Do
you have replacement reserves
in case of emergency? I used
to be an analyst for a commercial
mortgage company and these are
issues any underwriter asks,
whether it is commercial investment
or residential income.

What are the state or municipalities rules on evictions,
deposits and landlord obligations?

$16,000 could buy:

A meeting or two with a financial
planner to evaluate your
money situation and estimate
the future value of money

A meeting with an attorney to
draw up any incorporation forms
and explain landlord/tenant
rules and obligations

A deposit or consulting fee with
a local real estate expert who
deals or specializes in such
issues and who can get a list
of properties.

Education towards real estate
licensing; hang your shield
with a broker and pair up
with an agent who does these
types of things.

But to give $16,000 to
Piccolo International Unversity?
Someone must need a bilateral

Anonymous said...

this seems almost like a mlm pyramid scam...

Handsome said...

I have read that they also have
posted signs on cars saying "Want to Make $10k a month? Ask me how."
(note: I learned from an NRU alum that the $10,000/month ad refers to selling the tuition packages and the commission off of each package sold).

Well, having a commercial
real estate background, I did some
cash flow analysis on a shopping center that has as two of its tenants Starbucks and Keva Juice; asking price is $2,666,000.

None of my calculations added up to
$10k per month. Here they are, using 3 tiers: A full price offer with 20% down; a 90% offer with 20% down and an 85% offer with 20% down.

I used a fairly low interest rate, the 10 year Treasury plus 2 percent and the standard 20 year amortization period of a commercial loan.

Full price offer
Loan: $2,132,800: 80% LTV
Rate: 5 percent: 10 year Treasury +200 basis points or 2 percent: margin: percentage lender adds to
Index rate in order to set effective interest rate; creates lender’s profit from loan: 1 basis point =1/100 of 1%
Amortization: 20 years
Monthly Payment: $14,075.54
Monthly Net Operating Income (income after operating costs-taxes, insurance, etc, but before
Mortgage debt payment): 15,086
Monthly Cash flow: $1,011: Money left over after paying monthly mortgage payment

90% offer
Loan: $1,919,520: 80% LTV
Rate: 5%: see above
Amortization: 20 years
Monthly payment: $12,668
Monthly Cash flow: $2,418

85% offer
Loan: $1,812,880: 80% LTV
Rate: 5%: See above
Amortization: 20 years
Monthly mortgage: $11,964
Monthly cash flow: $3,122

The highest monthly cash flow is
just over $3,000. This is on a shopping center with two name brand
tenants and where the landlord can
pass through quite a few costs
to the renters in the form of the
net lease, in which a tenant pays
a portion of taxes, insurance,
management and utilities in addition to the base rent.

A retail landlord also often charges tenants a percentage of their gross revenues-percentage lease.

Plus, commercial leases tend to be
longer term; 3-5 years generally.

With that said, how can one make
$10k a month in residential investments? The rents are considerably lower and often, the
landlord is responsible for upkeep,
water/heating/cooling, the taxes
and insurance. The tenant pays
only a flat rental amount. Any
eviction action must conform to
owner-resident acts of each state,
which often includes legal costs.
I did a general calculation of a
residential rental property of
$125,000; 100 percent financing;5.75% rate; 30 year amortization. The total
annual payments would be, just
on the mortgage, $8,052.

Just using the numbers from my own city, property taxes are generally (varies by subdivision and area) $2,000 per year or $167 per month. Insurance,just using $100 per month and the utility bills and water bills come out to $200 per month.

So, to cover a $671 mortgage per month, owner would have to rent
out at $871 at least, which is
$10,452 total income. Then subtract water/utilities of $2,400 per year; taxes of $2,000 per year and insurance of $1200 per year: This adds up to $4,852 cash flow for the YEAR; $404 per month.

Unless one owns multiple rentals
free and clear or very little debt
or owns a large retail/shopping center anchored by a Raley's or Target or a regional mall a la the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills, it is possible but highly unlikely to clear $10k of cash flow per month doing real estate investing.

Plus, having a convict for a founder (CEO, founder Jim Piccolo was convicted of felony insurance fraud in 1991-92; later reduced to a misdemeanor; was reportedly involved in another MLM scheme, TruDynamics) and a co-founder who came from Amway (Bob Snyder) and one can smell a scam like a fart in a car.

Anonymous said...

yes, and if you do a google on the address
7077 E. Marilyn Road, Building #130
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

you'll get a bunch of "associated" companies that heir students must use to build their business. many pockets but one coat...

Anonymous said...

all the companies referred to on this page:

is owned by Nouveau Riche. You can do a "whois" on the domain names and check to see that it's all registered to NR.

Veda said...

I’ve read through this post a couple of times. In the November and December posts, a couple of real estate schools were mentioned; will those schools teach me how to be a real estate investor or to be a real estate agent? I do not want to be an agent. I want to learn how to invest and make money from real estate. Where do I go to learn that? Just putting this out there, I used a mortgage broker to buy the house I’m in now – I got screwed. I will never use a mortgage broker again because I do not trust them. Sorry, I digressed – Where can I go to learn to be a real estate investor not a real estate agent?

PS: I'm not afraid to use my REAL name.

Anonymous said...

I always recommend that you go directly to a bank and negotiate with them and not use a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers used to get preferred wholesale rates that justified using their services. That environment doesn't exist anymore. You are better off going directly to a bank and using the fees that the broker would make to buy down the rate on the bank loan. Plus there is higher business ethics at a bank than with a mortgage broker. You are on the right track.

As far as the real estate license is concerned, go and get it right away. If you truly want to learn about real estate investing a license can do nothing but help you. That doesn't require being an agent. Although working part-time for a couple years as an agent assistant for someone who owns or knows a lot about rental property would be a great learning experience. There are many other uses for the license, in some states they require it to manage your own properties. You can start your own property management company or hang your license with a broker and earn the commission on the properties that you purchase and sell for your own portfolio.

The only thing that you will really learn at Nouveau Riche is how to give them $20k that you could have used to invest. Learn the information via the library or the internet and save the money. The primary activity that you will be involved in at NRU will be recruiting people to pay tuition. You will do that by talking about real estate investing but not really doing it. You will be much better off in the long run avoiding their organization all together.

Best of luck and report back your results.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to answering questions about Nouveau Riche.

See just about everything Nouveau Riche offers as education products at www.nouveauriche.com.

Contact me at NRenroll@gmail.com if you decide you want to get started or have other questions. My access to the internet is spotty right now.

Anonymous said...

The title of this blog is "Is Nouveau Riche University a Scam?"

enroll@gmail.com please feel free to debate the topic but do not use the blog for your personal sales and marketing vehicle. This blog is not here as a Nouveau Riche sales tool.

Thank you,

Jason said...

All I know is that I am looking for a legitimate job and Craigslist has them stumbling over each other with their ads. It's pathetic. I had to put a disclaimer on my resume I submitted, "If you are associated with Nouveau Riche, do not bother replying to my resume." Doesn't matter they still do. They have taken over Craigslist. I am sick of these scam artists.

Anonymous said...

They have taken over craigslist becuase it is free! They use free advertising because they are broke!

Anonymous said...

There is no debate or discussion on this blog. There are mainly NR bashers on here. Thank you for your opinions.

I am not broke. I earn more than most American's every year at my full time job. I earn the median of what most American's earn at my part-time NR job on commissions and I own investment properties; commercial land and rental and am buying more.

NR has worked for me. If you are interested email me:


Have a wonderful day!

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